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for Lost Between Heaven and Hell

6/3/2020 c2 9time-twilight
Will Aya grow up hating Kakashi and the third hokage for not letting her see naruto and for not saving her parents.
5/16/2020 c2 Guest
Waouh this seems good! I can't wait to see the next chapters:D!
4/23/2020 c2 7Givihe
Poor Aya! :( And this is only the beginning of what is to come. Seeing how she’s reacted to being separated from Naruto, I can only imagine how she’s going to react to the massacre and the truth behind Itachi’s actions. I really eager to see where this story goes! :)
4/9/2020 c2 Guest
I'm hooked! This is awesome.

Kris XD

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