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5/17 c11 carlbloke
Great fic. I like that Athena and Sie are a couple. But also dang how did Athena get COVID?
3/22 c3 allibrks
Yuri whyyyyyyyyyyyy? (but this is also hilarious :D )
7/24/2021 c24 AkitakUzu
The ending is so freaking hilarious
7/14/2021 c5 1blkblkblk

Awesome work as always. I did want to note that a house show is an untelevised show for local fans. So for a company do to an empty arena show, it'd have to be a TV taping.
7/6/2021 c25 46RobertCop3
So, this was short, but it felt like a cinematic ending. As you said, it was circular, which is how most movies (or series of movies) end. Back where we started, but this time it felt warmer.

I was truly happy for these two, because I know how hard the pandemic and quarantine was on King, and it was a reflection of how hard it's been for all of us. It reminded me of real life, namely my own, which I mentioned in my review of Chapter 23.

So yeah, it was a very powerful moment, like we've been building to this since last year, even though at times it seemed like we might not get there. But here we are. And... King's aunt and uncle were actually civil. I don't think there's nay hope of reconciliation, but... maybe they at least understand these two love each other. Or maybe not. Or maybe they do. Maddy and Gary seem like the sort who'd vote for Trump, so the fact that they kept Jean safe does say something.

But yeah, this was a wonderful reunion. And the best way you could have ended this. Short, but it said so much. I've enjoyed reading this throughout the pandemic, it inspired me to write my own fic, and it, along with your friendship, was one of the many things that helped keep me sane. To quote Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight: "We made it!"

Great story!
7/6/2021 c24 RobertCop3
First off, I love the image of Yuri growing her hair back, as I've mentioned in previous reviews.

Second, I love the way she and Ryo continue to interact.

Third, I love homage to GIFs of her from KOF XIII with bare thighs.

Fourth: everything else! I've always written Takuma as "old school Japanese," and honestly, just a little naive, but I like this dimension you've given him. He knows what's going on, and this passive-aggressive way of dealing with it is not what I'd expect from him, but still hilarious. Now I feel sorry for Yuri and Robert. Hell, for Ryo too. Especially since it felt like he was collateral damage. But still, it does feel like Yuri in your fic-verse: she jumped the gun and made an assumption, which led to all this.

I feel bad for them, but at the same time, this was still amusing.
7/6/2021 c25 iwewia
This series has been a showcase of your versatility and an amazing way to turn the stress of this scary disease into art. It will be a goldmine for your readers, new and regular, to see different characters, different moods and little surprises in your signature slice-of-life goodness.

No better way to end than with the hug of relief of the best siblings of the King-verse and the promise of softer times ahead. Thank you for the comfort found here!
7/6/2021 c25 50WriterPerson78
And a great, short, but sweet ending.

Not too much to take apart on this one at all; but I think it just encapsulates what we all want to do again after this mess of a pandemic: Hug our loved ones again.

While I very much enjoyed this series, I do understand all good things must come to an end and in this case it's probably best that everyone can see each other and hang out again! It was a sweet story letting Jean, whose growing well, see his big sis again and get that ice cream.

Very great little series of short stories! Hopefully everyone else is coming out of the pandemic nice and smooth. :D Big kudos on this!
7/6/2021 c25 135jojoDO
So that's it then... gaaaaaaaa illy, you know I was a vehement naysayer of you ending it just yet. There were still stories to be told post-pandemic! Ah, but it's your story and I respect the choice to quit at an even 25.

In any case, this couldn't have been a sweeter conclusion. I mean these two are... I mean... the two halves of the sibling sandwich cookie! They've been apart for so long, to finally squish back together like this must be the most satisfying feeling in the world : D

Shoutout to Maddy and Gary, for not being absolute human garbage.

It's been a fun ride! Thank you so much for letting us do Spray My Name! Until next time!
7/6/2021 c25 20SteveElOtaku
Loved this conclusion! I couldn't think of a sweeter way for it to end, honestly.
7/5/2021 c1 Kei
So, I'm here from Twitter. Been following you for a while. Finally decided to check on the stuff you write. As an avid fan of kof I like anything based on the characters. Finished reading King's bold argument with her aunt. It caught me off guard when she straight up just said "Prostitution" lol. Looking forward to see what happens next. (English isn't my first language, apologies if i made any mistakes)
7/4/2021 c24 135jojoDO
Welcome back, Kyokugens!

I love, as always, the dynamic between Ryo and Yuri here. They bounce off of each other so well, and I especially love that Yuri is not the least bit reserved about what she wants and what her relationship with Robert is. They get busy and she doesn't care who knows it ;)

...Now TAKUMA is where I sensed Dave's presence xD that sounded too much like his style, to take Takuma Sakazaki and turn him into... well... that lol. But that was by far the coolest, funniest, and most amusing Takuma has been in the illyverse to date. My favorite scene with him is still the mask incident with Blue Mary, but this is a close second. I was honestly awestruck to see him so supportive and not stifling.

Awesome stuff here. I hope to see some more post-pandemic happy chapters!
7/4/2021 c24 iwewia
Well, I did NOT see that coming! The setup for this chapter was so straightforward, I was ready for the Sakazaki siblings' banter but having Takuma steal the show was an amazing twist!

Extroverted as he is, Takuma would absolutely try to be the Cool Dad. He felt a little too prepared for the conversation though, bringing the book and all, haha. He definitely cracked the code.

The pace of this chapter was so fun! It's one of those where the reader can clearly visualize the characters, the expressions, even the voice tones!
7/3/2021 c24 50WriterPerson78
Well THIS was a fun surprise!

That had me laughing quite hard, mind you. Like I think I was as boggled as the trio there.

Takuma ''If you put a lump of coal up his ass you'll have a diamond in six minutes'' Sakazaki...loosening up? Are flying pigs accompanying the four horsemen outside while Satan enjoys a hockey match? But I'm not saying this in a bad way, I'm saying it because holy crap the old sourpuss actually found a more laid back side! It's very nice and refreshing to see the old coot actually be like ''Look, okay, my kids like people, maybe I oughta work with them instead here in more ways than just being a tight hardass.'' That said, I'm pretty sure he confused the hell out of them.

And yeah, the reactions of the trio were priceless. And very, very, believable when they start thinking of the implications therein.

Kudos for making me smile a lot! XD
6/29/2021 c23 iwewia
Ah, this chapter gives ASMR! Your detailed writing of the process of dyeing and washing hair made this pixie-cut gal miss going to a proper beauty salon...

The small talk with Dottie feels so sincere, also! We've all known those hair stylists who are gossipy but Miss Dottie isn't invasive and actually brings Nessa's attention to the tournament. ...And she did enter the tournament. But little did she know what the team name was going to be. Shatter all expectations alright!
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