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10/6 c10 36RobertCop3
Wow. The only reason I'm hoping King's aunt and uncle don't catch the virus is because Gods knows what would happen to Jean in that case. And honestly, I'm glad King doesn't care how she speaks to them. After their response to the rape revelation...

And then there's that subtly trying to paint themselves as the victims while accusing their niece of trying to do the same... welcome to Gaslighting 101. Fortunately, Jean is smart enough to see through that.

And I love the way he doesn't back down, even though it ends in a stalemate. It makes me think that kid is gonna be okay, despite being in the same house with those two. But then, he's a survivor just like King.

And at the end of the day, they have no good reason for not liking her. Oh, they picked some up after the whole thing with Big, but really it's because King didn't grow up to be an obedient Christian baby factory, like the Bible says all women should be. ( ;

So, not what we usually get from these, but still great, because King and her bro are so awesome.
10/1 c10 131jojoDO
Good lord, they are TERRIBLE. Ughhhhhhhhh! Illy, please don't ever doubt your ability to write utter shitbag characters, because Maddy and Gary deserve a Shitty award. You know, like... Emmy, Grammy... Shitty. Lol.

I resonate a lot with Jean's plight here. I know what it feels like to just feel.. powerless... against authority figures. Like, you want to just stand up and SAY SOMETHING, but they just dismiss and talk down to you so much, until you feel worthless and helpless... it's a horrible, horrible feeling. Kudos to him for at least trying to stand his ground, but... he's too young. He's still just too young.

Gah, I hate those two. Which means you're doing them right. Excellent job illy.
9/29 c10 iwewia
That's an "ok boomer" moment if I've ever read one. Maddy and Gary being a conservative couple and King being a bi woman trying to channel her impulsivity to protect those she cares about are bound to clash. Family bonds are supposed to be unconditional love but they have a condition for even tolerating her. Ugh...

Now, Jean really does seem to observe how King stands up for herself despite Aunt Maddy trying to cover up their arguments with gross invalidation of trauma. Little man has had enough! I imagine that when he is able to choose he would like to live with Céc, studying and growing more into the person he wants to be.
9/25 c9 36RobertCop3
YES! I love it! I have to be honest, seeing these four interact together in your fic (and it's rare to get all four of them together at once) is one of the things that made me wanna post "Girl Talk."

I'm so glad you went ahead with this idea. And I loved watching them interact. You write each of them beautifully, and it shows here. It's so refreshing to read dialogue between these gals written by someone who gets their canon, but also has given them more depth in their ficverse in a believable vein. King's desire to be out of the limelight was established in a prior chapter, and it comes through again, but also, her opinion on the song was very on point for her. And I also love how casual each lady was in their appearance. Even Mai. Based on the art you made, I feel like Mai used makeup, but... she was still a little frumpy.

All their reactions were perfect. It doesn't fit Mary's taste in music, but as a feminist, she is on board. And I loved the moments she had with King and Yuri. And the "butt rock" comment feels like a reference to her profile. She's very much into songs you'd play while waving a cigarette lighter.

And Yuri... once again, great minds think alike. In my own head-canon, Yuri is very much a "girl next door." She's a little shy and intimidated talking about sex with other people, but when she's alone with her man... she's a freak. At least, that was the sense I got from reading her in this (and also in "Hurt," when it's suggested that a UV lamp never be used at her father's dojo).

I could go on and on about this chapter, but if I did I'd just be repeating myself. Suffice it to say, I loved seeing several of my favorite characters interact like this. And for an awesome reason. Well done!
9/22 c9 131jojoDO

It's hard to even find words for this, because I've been traumatized by this song ever since you linked it to me lol. But this is another shining example of you incorporating your fictional beauty into real life scenarios. And in that field...A PLUS!

Having four different characters, with different quirks, different personalities, different feelings, is what really brought this chapter to life, because with that much diversity you just know you're going to get a myriad of reactions to that..uh... piece of musical literature xD

And they did not disappoint! Marys laughing and King/Yuri's shock was fun and all, but Mai's indifference was by far my fav reaction. She's just like "bitch pleeease, I can be more NC 17 than that"

I can tell you had a lot of fun with this, considering you even..well... Discord knows lol. Not sure you want just anyone to lol. Seeing you have fun vicariously gives me joy! So excellent job!
9/16 c9 iwewia
Of course Mai would be a lifestyle and reaction vlogger! She would need to edit the video in order not to get copyright strikes, haha, but it reads as her signature charismatic self making trendy content for the web so 10/10.

Kingy is embodying the quarantine mood with the hoodie and no make-up. I wonder how Mai persuaded her to appear on the channel as King is struggling with the whole "public person" thing. Her reaction was so funny! She has that "stoic older sister" vibe to her so when we catch these glimpses of her being surprised by something it's amusing.

Mary and Mai seem to be unbothered. Now, Yuri... Hoo boy, she gave that answer to stick to the family image for sure. Who knew she could be a rap kinda gal?
8/26 c8 jojoDO
Could it be that you're actually... WARMING UP to Ryo Sakazaki?! You managed to write another perfectly clean slice-of-life with him that had no dire consequences or conflict? ; D

Seriously tho. This was so cute. I love this brother/sister bonding time, onset by a mere haircut. Because we all know the best conversations come from haircuts, when you're just sitting there with nothing to do. Barbershop gossip and all that lol.

And uh...heehehe... well I already know where Takuma is because Officer Friendly. But I don't deserve credit for that, I deserve scorn for procrastinating so long. Sorry! *bows*
8/20 c8 36RobertCop3
This one was honestly really cute. I could almost imagine the clock being set back ten years, and this story taking place when they were smaller and living on their own without their dad. Of course, the conversation likely wouldn’t have been as colorful as it was here, but it was still a nice brother/sister moment.

And I guess maybe that’s why barbers are always trying to talk to you... it helps them stay focused. And their conversation flowed nicely, and was equal parts wholesome and awkward... what we’ve come to expect from the Sakazaki siblings.

And Flowbee... I’ve never heard of that. Oh my God, someone invented the Suck-Cut in real life! You’re old enough to get that reference. ( ;

And I love how Yuri would recruit Ryo to be the straight man on Mai’s YouTube channel. No one would be straighter than him, especially when you put Mai and Yuri together as the counterpoint. And... butt cream. Hah!

And then... I know where Takuma’s gone now, but it was still a great ending! Another entertaining slice of life in the time of viruses! Hope we see Mai’s idea take off in later chapters.
8/17 c8 Kicklash
Takuma somehow wandered into the world of Street Fighter.
8/16 c8 iwewia
Nothing like a haircut to connect some of the chapters! While this started as a collection of shorts, it's starting to read like a series with every detail being added. The need for a professional haircut during this pandemic adding context to Yuri remembering the question she asked Kingy is so natural.

Also, just something I wanna point out: fanfiction and visual novels tend to have characters with flushed cheeks so often but, even though you've written some awkwardly interesting conversations before, it does not feel out of place here and I'm genuinely amused to see it being well written for the first time in a while. Some writers have this as one of their quirks, which I understand, but you have never overused it and I just realized it now. Love!
8/16 c7 48RinoaDestiny
Ah, Avengers Endgame. The final of that massive arc and a tearjerker (especially if you heart Tony, which I do). I'm loving that Vice indulges in her nerd/geek side while the pandemic is ongoing and doing so at Yagami's expense and in his apartment, lol. *Imagines Iori with a mask, 'cuz he certainly needs one, even if Vice doesn't*. I take it Mature likely doesn't wear a mask, too, right?

Probably my favorite line is the one where Vice warbles and Iori can't take it in his bedroom and Mature is like, ""*Again?*" I can hear their voices when I read that part and it always makes me laugh, haha. Warble, Vice. We've been there.

Ah, she hates and despises human emotions and yet, her favorite is Spiderman and she's wailing at the death of a hero (the irony is great). Being a nerd will do that to you, one of the Hakkeshu or not. It always amuses me to see that SNK gave her the hobby of reading American comics and that they gave it to a so-called villain, in a sense. It's great and fleshes them out.

Mature is the sweetest thing, ever. I love that she's tinkering with making an Arc Reactor at the table while Vice is sobbing non-existent tears, haha. No wonder Vice didn't realize what gift Mature had in mind for her. Hobbies, again. :) Vice is a nerdy bitch - own the nerd creds, Vice. You earned it. XD
8/13 c7 36RobertCop3
Ills does it again, giving heart and soul to KoF characters, even when said character literally has no soul! ( ;

I love the set-up, and the idea that it would take a pandemic for Iori to actually feel like putting up with these two. And I love the idea that not even though they ARE soulless, they still retain their passion for what they knew in life. Not just Vice and her nerdy hobbies, but Mature and her tech savviness. And your descriptions of Vice's past life... She's got hardcore nerd cred, but then, so does the one writing the story, so that's to be expected. ( :

And at their core, the two really are a cute couple. Shockingly, one of the cuter ones in KoF fanon, since they couldn't give a shit about anyone else. And you convey that beautifully.

And on a side, note, even though it's not said, I like to think Mature didn't ask Iori for permission to dismantle his equipment. I'd love to see his reaction to that, but honestly, it's better left to the imagination.

Another great moment of life in the time of viruses. And I'm pleased that I called who this would be about. ( :

Can't wait to see what you do next.
8/13 c7 131jojoDO
Oh. My. God. What universe could we possibly live in that Vice is so cute?! * 3 * ahhhh she's adorbz. She and her little nerdy indulgence... I mean, the Marvel bug is a contagious one. It can hit anybody. And she seems to have been bitten by a spider herself, because she gets snot nosed for ol Petey whenever he's on screen lol.

Ah but I love this. And the best part was Mature's aggressive love... because that's totally these two. Hehe. Aggressive Symbiosis, I call it: they call each other bitch, but they can't live without the other. That gift was just.. like.. D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I love. I love love love. Yeeeeeeeeeee.
8/10 c7 iwewia
The anatomy of a villain - who just so happens to be a huge nerd.

Vice's contempt finds a new angle during this pandemic. The chapter starts making sure that we remember that our protagonist for the day is not one of the "good guys". I mean, what else could signal that someone is a villain in current times if not the fact that they don't wear a mask?

I love your use of character trivia in chapters like this one where it becomes a slice-of-life scene! When we're learning the profile of a fighter and see a bunch of cool details listed we tend to imagine how it all goes together, but unless the person decides to expand upon the idea, zooming into the personality, it's something easily forgotten. With that context, of course that's how quarantine has been for this trio...haha.
8/10 c7 20SteveElOtaku
These keep getting better and better! It honestly makes all this isolation more bearable.
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