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1/30/2021 c17 iwewia
Chizuru is so tactful with her words yet I feel for Kingy receiving a call like this where it seems like a magnifying glass is being put over your actions. The words surround her, like Chiz already has a clue about what happened and just wants to confirm it with King herself.

How many times will she need to re-open her wound for others to understand how deep it goes? Is there any amount of love and therapy that can lessen the pain of something so serious? Will Chizuru be another ally or just someone else who is "in the know"? Curious and invested in this new arc!
1/27/2021 c16 52WriterPerson78
Very nice little look into Chiz! I definitely picture her as just being...*busy.* The busy type. And of course a nice call out to having to keep Iori and Kyo from killing each other since you KNOW she totally has to do that during their Sacred Treasures moments. And otherwise.

Also cool how her intuition is working(I definitely can see her with that strong sixth sense), how she knows something is off, but she can't place what, and I know the feeling of being worried but not knowing how to approach.

Definite kudos!
1/26/2021 c16 134jojoDO

Maaaaan what a tease you are, illyrilex. Let me just say, I am overjoyed to see Chizuru enter your universe. I love her, plus she's been a member of the Women posse from time to time. I like seeing her in this position: a position of...kinda... POWER, like she knows what's up more than the average person. Because she's extraordinary. I feel like she could almost supernaturally know that somthing is amiss with King. Am I just over-speculating? Idk.

I am so happy to see Chizuru in your stories... but my crit is, I wanted to see something happen! T _ T This can't be the end, right? RIGHT? This has to be the prelude to something a lot bigger! GAAAAH!
1/26/2021 c16 iwewia
Elegant and mysterious Chizuru... I quite enjoy seeing the side of people who aren't immediately close to King noticing that she has been acting differently for a while now and it read like Chizuru was looking at a photo album, trying to find where the issues began.

Unless Miss Kingy is tipsy, I don't think she would flat out tell Chizuru what happened? But if she does, hope it won't be as harsh as it was with Athena specially since Chizuru is older and was once her teammate. Let's see...
1/16/2021 c15 46RobertCop3
Aaaw, for a short chapter, you captured that soft side to him beautifully.

But it still seemed like he almost viewed this as a fight. Just one of a much different nature. His inner thoughts were all great, and then that moment of victory at the end: 3

Very nicely done!
1/15/2021 c15 10Indy DeLarge
Thanks, you made me smile like a dumbass
1/15/2021 c15 134jojoDO
AHHH IORI SO CUTE :3 oh I love this. I love the grumpy edgelord of the series handling kitty :3

This was short, but it was like a short, insane little burst of sugar into my bloodstream. it was so sweet! Ahh I love it. I'm in such a good mood now, like a sun above my head. Good job!
1/13/2021 c15 iwewia
Although this is short, this specific chapter reminded me of someone I used to know: a wannabe musician, edgy boi on the outside, who raised cats and he played with Iori, funnily enough. So it was a nice treat to read this, nostalgic almost - Iori's flame can be soft at times.
1/13/2021 c15 51RinoaDestiny
This is the cutest, most D'AWWWW moment ever! (When it comes to Iori, that's saying something, LOL!)

Just the image of him facing this tiny kitten with a bottle of specialized formula while the cat bristles is... *melts* Big hulking guy with a perpetual scowl and this little furbaby...excuse me while I "D'awww!" again. XD I love the fact that he's taking care of the feral kittens and that he eventually wins the kitten's trust. How gentle he is with it is a huge contrast to how mean and brutal he is to everyone else while in the tournament scene - I mean, can you imagine if one of the other KoF contestants saw this? They'd probably wonder if they smoked something, haha.

That little smile of his. Yeah, super rare for Iori and totally confirmed with canon art. Besides music, cats make his world go round. I also like how you framed his tug of wills with the kitten as a fight, what with him being a professional fighter. Totally fits.

You did good with Iori, Illy. :) This was a great adorable read.
1/13/2021 c15 Gomikubi
This is sweet. I enjoy sweet things. Please forgive me for not doing this sooner!

Iori tanking a feral kitten's attempt at assault is both amusing and very accurate. He's used to KoF tournament shenanigans, never mind whatever sort of impossibly harsh pains are inflicted on him by blood riot. I love the idea that this process takes him the better part of an hour, and that he volunteers because he has the patience for it that the regular staff don't.

Whatever it happens to be, I look forward to reading your next post! ;)
1/13/2021 c15 52WriterPerson78
Omg. This is so charming!

First off as a huge Iori fan I think you did wonderfully with him here. It's short, but you managed to capture him extremely well IN that short moment! Like, you captured his grumpiness, his murderous rage, his brooding, and you can just picture him sitting there with the like, stormcloud over his head.

And then, the kittens. It makes perfect sense that the cat-loving maniac is able to be in tune with feral kittens, having a big ol' feral side himself. He knows how they tick.

And the image of him scruffing a tiny, hissing, angry kitten is too cute for words.

Kudos for making me smile! :D
1/13/2021 c15 1Ollietheturtle
I will stay safe out there, thank you. O-O

Good chapter btw.
12/17/2020 c14 iwewia
Alright, in order not to spam the review feed, I'll review three chapters in one. Let's go!

Spray My Name: gotta love how a mundane trip to the market can be a mission with Mary. People have been greedy since lockdown started, I wonder if there is news IRL of someone trying to do just as Yamazaki did here.

Betta Blow: I imagine this dream happened the day after one of the KOF matches in the illy abode, haha. This is the wildest topic from Yuri but goes so well with her series of late night calls. I read the whole thing imagining it in a comic strip of sorts - dark bedrooms for Kingy and Yuri then some really colorful illustrations during the dream explanation.

Role Reversal: here we were, poor readers, thinking that King was the only one to answer those ungodly hour calls when, in fact, it's a friendship ritual! If Yuri could understand french, would she have been upset about King's opinion? When spoken, french is so hard to understand so poor Yuri couldn't even take notes to translate in the morning and maybe confront Céc about it. That makes them even when it comes to confusing late AM topics, haha.

Apologies for the late reviews~ Quarantine has me super dysfunctional.
12/14/2020 c14 RobertCop3
AAAAAND... I accidentally pushed the button before I was ready.

I wanted to conclude by saying that this was a great random life moment between my OG gals, that also managed to be surprisingly sweet at times. Another great read!
12/14/2020 c14 46RobertCop3
Turnabout is fair play! And what makes it so much better is that King's not drinking to escape the pain of some past traumatic event. It's just because she's bored. We've all been there in this pandemic.

And she picks the best thing to call and rant about. I haven't ordered anything from Red Lobster since 2001, ever since their shrimp gave me food poisoning. But those biscuits are still the best thing about that place. Despite what King says. I have my copycat recipe, so I'm good.

I love the way it started. I know exactly what "thing" was being referenced, and alcohol makes people more honest, so... I'm taking that as a sign that all is forgiven! And I love how flustered Yuri is. Despite having done this several times in the past (as we've seen her do), she doesn't know how to react.
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