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for What Happens When You Summon Emiya Shirou in Chaldea

5/5 c95 SaberFan117
Another great chapter, cant wait for the next one
5/3 c95 Hosh1
Any plans on adding a UBW Shirou into the mix of this fanfic or Last Stardust chapter?
5/2 c86 Jacks-Noah
5/2 c35 ShirouxArtoria
Hey can you please summon MHX idol please
5/1 c95 ShirouxArtoria
Shirou and Arturia wedding Chapter please or more Shirou x Arturia its about freaking time they had it. They both desreved after a long time of suffering for Arturia and what Shirou endured just to see her again this two deserves a wedding
5/1 c95 Look 73
Harahan Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha . I really love your story keep up the good work
5/1 c95 Zero
If i were shirou i’d ask “Why Mom?” But still good Job to you.
5/1 c95 1Unlimited Lost Works
Shirou,... Selama ada mama Iris hidupmu gak akan tenang :v
5/1 c95 Anthony Galupo
Can you do the fgo Walts event mxh alter and shirou as the manager for her concert
5/1 c95 Dasgun
5/1 c95 Uday Sra
5/1 c57 pickljonas1337
brussel sprouts were around since 1200a.d and the arthuria legend happend 500 a.d
4/29 c94 tugratopcu57
I love this work you doing this great accelbreacker
4/27 c74 Weebtactics
Hey! Big fan of your work! I’m just curious, will we get a part 2 of Shirou missing? Or a continuation of it. Like FE girls coming to Chaldea for Shirou? Or maybe even Shirou Missing 2, Super Smash Bros edition?
4/27 c94 Mace
New Servant released.
Mysterious Idol X(Alter): a Foreigner Servant.
A Foreingner version of Arturia Berserker.
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