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for An all powerfull Issei Hyoudou

1/10 c3 7Reichenfaust
Really interesting idea for a story. I like the combination of powers, very cool.

Even if it's a slow pace, I like the almost episodic nature, having events happen one after another is certainly a skill, but no one is doing 26 episodes a season anymore, so it's nice to see some time invested in developing character rather than just story arc story arc story arc.

I like how Issei keeps himself hidden, but couldn't he have gone to another dimension to train? Like, maybe the Dimensional Gap and somehow make friends with Big Red? I mean, all the guy wants to do is make explosions, and not look at them as he walks away, so it can be done lol.

Hope everything is going better for you, in Canada it's insane as well. Take care.
11/16/2022 c57 KingSonic
Please make more chapters if continue the story keep up the good work
10/17/2022 c57 Star-Vader Chaos Breaker
I hope you get Issei to explain to everyone about the three types of Haki when you continue again.
8/23/2022 c57 Guest
An excpectional Satory, 5 stars fin my opinion
5/9/2022 c1 kevinthegoat0304
The concept and basis for the story is solid. The execution could’ve been better. The first 15 chapters excluding the first were very unproductive and essentially useless. Issei didn’t really do much save for a few interactions. Also I don’t think you knew, but because issei has the boosted gear, Issei is part dragon albeit a small percentage. But moving on to the actual start of the story, Issei personality is questionable. So he knows he different from everyone else before entering the supernatural world, but he has a hard time believing the supernatural exist? I would think that it would clear his mind as to why he is different. Also the way issei talks about Irina makes it seems like he marked her as his mate. You made him seem lonely yet when you receives his powers and partners it feels like the light the story he doesn’t treat them as such. I don’t know you made so whiny about him being so lonely when he has multiple different people in his head. Another thing, even though issei is predominantly human, his dragon side is much more dominant. That means Issei likes his freedom more and he does what he wants. I’m still not sure why you decided to involve issei with the orc. It honestly felt like I was watching the anime with a more competent issei with significantly less perverse. I wanted you to differentiate it a little more. Maybe make their relations more hostile. If issei was written with his dragon side in mind then he wouldn’t submit to anyone. You also made generic love interest with the exception of one that isn’t not even confirmed yet (penemue). I felt like it could’ve been more unique. I guess I wanted you to experiment a little more but all this is just my opinion. I’d rate you story a 7.5. Good but could’ve been better. More unique or a different story that isn’t like the original like maybe his parents were killed or they didn’t live in kouh but Kyoto, etc. One last thing is we didn’t even get to see all his powers for more than 40 chapters. Powers that apparently weren’t even trained yet he can still use.
4/20/2022 c57 Guest
Best story ive read sad its not update but honestly this is the best english written story other than a few otherwise that where good thx for the story!
4/18/2022 c57 Guest
Thank you for the story I hope i get to read the rewrite soon i really did enjoy this story
12/13/2021 c17 Randomweeb247
I loved this story'
12/11/2021 c57 TheMasterAJ
Hope the rewrite is still coming, i enjoyed this story!
11/23/2021 c48 harshavardanraju06
Afraid of power thing doent make sense.
Because there are people who are stronger than him yet no one is afraid of them in the same circle his thoughts are like broken record.
11/23/2021 c47 harshavardanraju06
Revealing the powers is plain stupid for all the world to see
11/23/2021 c28 harshavardanraju06
He doesnt have to be wise to make avoid mistaked he has two ancient powers with wisdom to seek help from. And him apologising fot things not even his fault is ridculus
9/5/2021 c12 Azure Mane
Summary to the entire fucking story: all powerful Dumbass (And you can't tell me any different). I actually had pretty high hopes for the story but, but, but a big butt, it fucking crashed like usual...
8/31/2021 c17 lilrexx1234
It was a very good start yet it became stupider as the chapter goes on for exam. in chapter 17 ~[have to help you with your Devil contracts, the protection of Kuoh and the Devil race, along with any possible allies, and your Rating Games until you complete your Peerage]~ by that contact Issei just become a eternal slave to the Devil Race if Rias plans not to make a full Peerage.
Worst of all by that contact he will exploited till he die from the Devil Race. As long the Devil Race has a problem he will obligate voluntarily to solve the problem wither the problem is good or bad.

Conclusion to the Story: Author is a Brain Dead Idiot.
7/20/2021 c1 Ciel02DragneeL Sama
Great story enjoyed it
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