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6/24/2023 c10 A LITTLE TRASH
Lucy is so scary... I can imagine her gaze
6/24/2023 c8 A LITTLE TRASH
You're right loke, she's really stupid with her feelings then team jelal, meredy and ul have gone home! I can't wait for erza's reaction when she sees jelal. don't mind that asshole DoomMarin. he's just trash and spreads nasty comments on every laxus and Lucy story. Your story is great and don't mind that trash! That account will waste your energy and he's just jealous of your amazing writing. I've read stories from that asshole DoomMarin account and his stories are really bad ew. He just wants your attention! Ignore him!
6/24/2023 c7 A LITTLE TRASH
Lucy is very cool to face the Council and their dog (rune council). I'm very happy to see Meredy and Ul join the guild, but I'm sad that Natsu can't be alone with his best friend anymore (he considers her an attractive girl to date.) I hope Natsu gets a lover who is loyal to him!
6/24/2023 c6 A LITTLE TRASH
Go Lucy, kick ass sabertooth and others in grand magic. I can't wait to see!
6/24/2023 c5 A LITTLE TRASH
Okay, my heart is uncomfortable seeing this mission, Children are used as experiments. I'm glad to see that Nadiya's antics reflect her father's stubbornness.
6/24/2023 c4 A LITTLE TRASH
I wouldn't be surprised if Lucy did a prison break for a new family. I was happy to see Grandpa so happy inside Laxus and Lucy's family home, I could feel Grandpa's feelings seeing his grandson happy with the girl of his choice. Damn I almost cried when grandpa was touched by Laxus and Lucy's family. I love how Lucy and Laxus' relationship keeps moving forward, can't wait to see more of the past and want to know more of the present.
6/24/2023 c3 A LITTLE TRASH
Is this where yukino doesn't have her two keys or Lucy completes the 12 zodiac keys along with one black snake key? That means she's not in sabertooth! Wow I wonder how this story will turn out in grand magic. I hope this story gets there and I can't wait for it. Moreover, I like your writing style that you don't make Lucy quickly become strong but she keeps practicing to gain strength. Then I want to know why the council is so scared of Lucy and aries!? I can't wait for it. I'm glad Natsu and the others are back in fairy tail but I'm worried about Natsu...
6/24/2023 c2 A LITTLE TRASH
Layla and Nadiya are so cute. Nadiya became a little Laxus and made her father dizzy with her antics ahahaha
6/24/2023 c1 A LITTLE TRASH
Why did I just find your story, I should have found it a long time ago and left an encouraging comment for you. I think the characters here are not ooc. I can't wait to read the rest of the story. Thanks for sharing the story! I think I'll be addicted to reading your story because of its unique concept. I also hope Natsu and the others on tenrou island survive the acnologia dragon.
6/6/2023 c14 2Aoi Hikari kenzou
I enjoyed reading your story. The character development of Lucy and Laxus and the new fairy tail family made me happy. I couldn't stop smiling at your story. I hope you come back and continue this story because I'm really looking forward to it. I want more stories about the relationship between Laxus and Lucy, and the other members with little nadiya and layla. Thank you for creating such an interesting story!
6/6/2023 c12 Aoi Hikari kenzou
I was so sad to see Natsu. But he has to realize that Lucy is married and has a child even though it's hard to accept.
6/6/2023 c11 Aoi Hikari kenzou
Laxus and lucy hot, I mean about kiss. Extra hot sh sh sh sh
6/6/2023 c10 Aoi Hikari kenzou
Oh my god! Meredy really cute with Lucy.
6/6/2023 c9 Aoi Hikari kenzou
Lmao laxus. Poor laxus for next chapter wahahaha.
6/6/2023 c8 Aoi Hikari kenzou
Awww come on laxus, your like Lucy
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