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for Have I Told You About Minnie?

10/13 c1 Hello
This is pure gold. I enjoy seeing stories that have Batman undercover, especially using a canon disguise and especially when he is like this. Sequel please!
8/22 c1 31Thinker90
Oh this was heartwarming and funny : )
7/11 c1 12IsoldeAhlstrom
I love it! Very nice, and believable.
6/13 c1 8Ashen Author
Oh my gosh this story rocks I wish it were canon and I totes see B pulling this.
5/28 c1 34thewriterstory
love this concept! you write well tooo
4/30 c1 wen.vallejos
You have to do a second part, it was magnificent !
4/13 c1 Guest
wasn't there another undercover incompetent hench was it Alfred or Bruce and the other boys
4/13 c1 Guest
Spells and Serpents

Warlocks and Warriors
4/7 c1 Flora
I loved this so much. Bruce is too emoyionally constipated to talk abput his kids I find it sdo funny that he uses there stories to be relatable. I especially love Stephanie's and how well she plays along.
4/6 c1 32Hasty
This is hilarious. My favorite part is Steph trying to figure out if Bruce is drunk, and I love the car incident. And it's cute how you worked everyone in there.
4/6 c1 12Falconress
4/6 c1 alamodie
Omg, this is absolute gold! And I can totally see Bruce doing this, too. The fact that he's currently trying to figure out how to work in Damian, even though he already HAS enough kids and stories to be relatable, just shows how much he WANTS to talk about all of his kids. Just because!

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