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8/10 c16 Katie
I love this story, but take as much time as you need! Honestly I don’t know about chapter names! I’m good either way
8/7 c16 20Yakall
This is getting heated! And exiting, I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Totally ok about the updating thing, I do it way more than I should. And hmmmm I don’t really care either way with the chapter titles, do whatever fits your fancy
7/24 c15 Katie
You are literally so talented! I cannot wait for the next chapter! And ooh what’s Vanessa doing there? Is it the same Vanessa? I can’t wait to find out!
7/24 c15 Yakall
This is getting exiting! I love the way you tell the story and the story itself! And Vanessa? Didn’t see that coming :P
7/18 c14 Yakall
Mmmmmaaaaannnnnn, finally got the chance to read this and it was so good!
7/16 c14 Katie
Wow! Everyone is so perfect and I absolutely love the way we find all the things out!
7/11 c13 Katie
Wow! Seriously amazing! I can’t wistful to see what happens next! Like what’s up with Darin? And Terrance? You are literally so skilled!
7/11 c13 Yakall
This was amazing! seriously love the way you did Terrance and Wallace!
6/26 c12 Katie
Oh dear! Zombies, viviblixes, traitors sweet! This story just keeps on getting more awesomer!
6/26 c12 Yakall
Shoot! Didn’t see that! Excellent job! Loved it!
6/22 c10 Yakall
Well this is being stupid so I have to review this as a guest ️
Man I was really looking forward to that onsie ;) seriously great job dude. A little bit of everything, perfect
And I’m gonna be useless for another second here because I’ve never heard of Rise of the Guardians, but I say go for it!
6/22 c10 Katie
Ooh yes! Marvelous job! You should totally write that fic! Oh the little friendship moments! So good!
6/3 c10 Guest
Ya this was pretty good, although a bunch of it was like doubled and stuff. So you might want to go check that out.
6/3 c10 Katie
Wow this was a lot! And I loved every second of it!
6/4 c1 1AslansPrincess19
Sorry guys the app was glitching on me like CRAZY the other day which is also why it was so late.
I’ll publish the fixed chapter as soon as I can but my family’s moving and things are super busy. <3
Sorry about the wait.
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