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8/11 c5 650mary.okeeffe.16
I'm glad Kuki and Mushi are friends again.
8/11 c1 mary.okeeffe.16

This sounds like the name of that Casablanca song.
8/11 c8 6Couchpotato 88
You know I was always wondering if anyone was going to feel if Harvey and Numbuh 10 being together in this continuity was a little odd, considering Harvey’s sister is married to Dalia’s cousin. But it works. Good to see this story’s back
7/19 c7 Couchpotato 88
Really great chapter and it’s good to see they didn’t let the fame go to their heads. Also good to see Harvey guest appears in there work.
6/13 c5 Couchpotato 88
I also wonder if you’ve made Mushi more or less annoying. I honestly can’t say. Also I enjoyed the Australian references like how they spell Mum and how they went to Melbourne
5/28 c4 Couchpotato 88
Another great chapter. I particularly liked the bit with the niece being more clingy to Hoagie then her parents.
5/28 c4 14FireFlamerx9z
These are all so cute!
5/5 c3 6Couchpotato 88
Touching chapter. I’ve always felt Rachel and Mrs Uno would get along really well. Wasn’t expecting Rachel to have a bigoted father, but it’s an interesting add on. And good job at continuing to make Harvey more likeable
4/14 c2 Couchpotato 88
Touching first chapter. I see a bright future ahead for the two of them. I was genuinely unsurprised by how their parents reacted. So great job. I’m also guessing Lydia doesn’t approve of Tommy’s lifestyle
4/13 c1 2Sunrae18
I'm excited to see someone ships Cree and Chad together as well. :)
4/8 c1 6Couchpotato 88
It’ll be interesting to see how the families in this continuity are different to your other next gen story
4/6 c1 33Sweet Kid 2020
I'm excited. Let me guess, "NJ" stands for "Nigel Junior"?

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