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6/5 c1 129rebecca-in-blue
Haha, what a fun, clever little story. I love that opening scene of Spot waking up all hungover and sick - it made me so curious to find out what happened the night before, and the flashback to his conversation with Sarah only made me moreso. She was always kinda bland to me in the movie, but I think I like the idea of her with Spot better than with Jack. Jack's "Last night was somethin'" line was priceless; it probably was something, but wouldn't we and Spot all just love to know!
4/22 c1 2remi lou
Ahh! What a wonderful little story! Would love it if you continued. :) There's a shortage of good Spot/Sarah fics out there and I'm desperate to read more - and this would be a wonderful start to one. ;)
4/16 c1 4The Lonely Hunter
Will follow!

I haven't yet read a Spot/Sarah that I liked, but I think this might be the one.

Thanks for sharing!
4/11 c1 Jaes-flowers
Akdkakkssj! I love this!
I hadnt really thought of spot/sarah until now, but like? I can see it? And this fic is really really cute! I love the way the story was told! :3
4/7 c1 21coveredinbees14
I love Spot and Sarah stories! This is a great beginning and I wouldn’t say no to seeing more of it :-) Thank you for sharing!

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