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for Two Waitresses

8/1 c2 Aqbatur
"He'd been smiling a lot tonight." Ah, the effect Jandi has on Jihoo.
Can't wait to see what happens next to this and Ten Dates. Thanks for updating, author.
7/29 c2 Dokidox
This is so cute!
I like how you “moved” the story around - with Jandi’s shoulder injury to grandfather’s connection to the porridge place. And it’s funny how her quirkiness seems to pique Jihoo’s interest.
I can’t wait to see how you’d be developing this. Thanks for writing it side by side with our SoEul couple.
7/24 c2 lucel18
Awwww... they’re so cute! I looooove their moments together, how JH is clearly falling for JD. I’m so happy that you wrote this too. Thank you!
7/24 c2 Maria Rosa cisi
Lindo capitulo y muy divertido tambien
6/9 c1 lucel18
I love how subtle their feelings are for their respective ladies.
Lol at WB for trying to figure things out.
4/14 c1 Aqbatur
Love this couple and it kinda sucks that there isn’t much out there about them. Please write more :)
4/9 c1 Eleoopy
Love it! Especially the ending. Oh I can’t wait for ch 4!
4/8 c1 greenmeetsgrey
Aaaahhhhhhhh i love this thank you!
4/7 c1 3lumile
I loved reading about Ji Hoo and Jan Di. If you have any more ideas on them, I would be so ready to read them :)
4/7 c1 myrslayer
Hi! I enjoyed reading this extra chapter in the Ten Dates universe. Yi Hoo's Pov is interesting. I like the couple JanHoo but of course my favorite is SoEul. Woo Bin is so curious about YJ ‘s waitress and my cold blood Casanova is denying his interest in GE. I'd like read more chapters of this “spin off” but please update Ten dates as soon as you can.
4/7 c1 Guest
This is cute to take a glimpse of the convo among boys.
I love this bonus chapter
Looking forward to the next chapter
Btw, do you have any twitter account I can follow?If you dont mind of course
4/7 c1 29Deceptive Lies
Yeah I freaking loved this. I can’t wait for an update on the ten dates!
4/6 c1 Maria Rosa cisi
Muy lindo y muy divertido. Quiero leer la converzasion tra ga eul y Jihoo. Una pregunta es possible que sera un poco tambien Jihoo y Jandi?sigue escribiendo historias de yi jong e ga eul juntos siempre grazias
4/6 c1 4angee818323
cute one shot and love how Woo Bin tease Yi Jeong about his waitress
it seem that Ji Hoo has a crush on Jan Di otherwise he would never tell her about his grandfather clinic and it bonus points for Jan Di since she know Ji Hoo grandfather already.
Yi Jeong is hiding the fact that he has a crush on Ga Eul because he doesn't want Woo Bin to know that the famous casanova is in love with his waitress

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