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4/7/2020 c1 132signelchan
You know, for being someone that the game tries to make very clear to us is “not a good person”, it seems incredibly easy to humanize Lonato and make him more of a sympathetic guy when you’re writing about an older, wiser version of Ashe. I mean, of all the characters in canon he would be The One to do that sort of introspective thinking and reflecting about a guy who was a real nuisance to the church, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s just lovely that you could paint positive aspects of the man and what he’d done for Ashe, and infuse them into a situation where Ashe really had two choices—kindness or indifference. I think most people would forget that it’s natural to not be so selfless and caring about someone less fortunate than them, and just assume that because Ashe is a total sweetie, he’d immediately jump to help someone in need. He probably /would/, but with bringing in his personal connection to that same kind of event you make it 100% believable in every action he takes.

Of course, this isn’t just a fic about how Ashe is the ultimate sweetheart in all of Fódlan, but rather a fic about him and Ingrid being knights, being newlyweds, and being unsure of how they’re going to tackle their future together. You could have easily gone the cheap way and written this as completely out-of-character babyfic for one or both of them, but instead you draw on those orphan backgrounds and bring in a child character who’s old enough to be destructive, but young enough to still need gentle souls directing her in life. But you don’t just throw Jocelyn in and expect everything to immediately work around her; instead, you let her presence cause conflict that has to be solved, on multiple fronts.

Not just that, but you rely on a small cast to start, and expand it by the time of the fic’s conclusion, and you write all of the characters in such believable ways that this feels like it could be official post-canon content, not just someone’s first attempt at writing fic for the game. There wasn’t a single instance in the story where the character’s words felt forced or unlike themselves, and every ounce of motivation seemed perfectly reasonable, which is simply amazing. You are a talented writer and I am glad you chose to write this for me.

4/7/2020 c1 Guest
Nice story dude ! Luv Ashe connection with lonato n the story

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