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for Pokemon Masters: Sonic Version

9/5 c9 empourer
i think blaze and flannery could learn a lot from each other. you know with blaze being socially awkward and flannery needing help in the composure department
9/5 c9 VazerX
Sweet story!
9/3 c8 VazerX
This is awesome!
8/9 c8 Supermath33
I feel that a sort of bond could form between Gladion and Shadow due to them having some similarities in how they act which could make them good allies.
8/9 c3 Supermath33
There are only 7 Chaos Emeralds.
8/9 c2 Supermath33
You put the Red Chaos Emerald in twice when there should only be one.
8/7 c7 66GuardianDragon98
A Pokemon with a long thin tail. A small body with a large head. Can turn invisible and fly at high speeds... Mew?

BTW, I've read this entire fic in one sitting and I am super excited to see where the story takes our heroes next.
7/10 c6 6SonicStreak5344
Will Ash appear in this? I really hope, so cause that would be awesome. Teaming up with Sonic in breathing Eggman's latest schemes.
6/22 c5 empourer
lets have the chaotix meet roxie that would be totally rockin
6/16 c5 10ClawedIndecisive FanGirl
Will Shadow wake up next chapter?!
6/15 c4 ClawedIndecisive FanGirl
When is Shadow going to wake up and meet Gladion? I’m really anxious to see how they respond to and interact with each other. I’m sure Shadow will be initially hostile because he doesn’t like strangers, especially humans.

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