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10/8 c10 Autobot-Wolfsketch
This story as a whole is incredible I wonder what Naruto, Tayuya and Karin will do once they get out of here And I don't see any of them joining any village at all I'm really looking forward to the next chapter of this this was absolutely insane and incredible.
10/7 c10 JuanKui
What the fuck.. This is nuts. I love it.
10/7 c10 2Kriim-Sauce786
I don't see naruto joining konoha or any village for that matter.

it would be good to have it own to naruto. if him thinking about his life, his decisions. and when it comes to like he accepted his death. hagoromo, comes and talks to him. tells him about the history and then finally gives naruto the will to live and his power, allowing him to have sage chakra and the rennigan.

naruto should, when he 5comes back alive, be lost and goes to search around the elemental nations for a better understanding of the world. whilst also, trying to befriend the kyuubi which would not want to, but over time naruto would manage it
10/6 c10 Uday Sra
10/5 c10 1Warrof
Good as usual.
Looking forward to future chapters!
10/5 c3 3MGStarFire
orochimaru gives serious lucifer vibes in this chapter, i love it
tell me, what is it you trully desire
10/5 c10 Cysa
Always happy to see an update. Hopefully Naruto will wake up next chapter.
9/11 c1 Boread97
Well, for some reason I'm sympathise with orochimaru.
9/5 c9 Guest
Kushina is really smart here, I like it! Hope his parents can meet Tayuya too somehow.
9/6 c9 kaxipoptos
Things seem to finally be moving along. Seems like the gamer elements will come out of this whole mess and the seals involved in it. So we got confirmation that Karin is more stacked here than her canon counterpart? Good for her, she can give Naruto a boob pillow after this little mess is sorted out; poor guy certainly deserves some pampering after being thrown in the deep end like that. I really hope that Karin will make an appearance next chapter, missed the foul mouthed redhead and she has to save her man one way or another.
Fuinjutsu sounds incredibly hard and frustrating, random drawings giving specific results? It is a wonder how anybody managed to create a working seal, how can anybody keep trying towards a specific goal when he literally might be a crooked line away from it but have no clue about it?
On the other hand if somebody could actually find a law/principle that governs fuinjutsu they would become an extremely powerful individual whether they are shinobi or not.
9/6 c9 TenorSax93
Fuck, this is really good. I'm a huge fan of Monochrome, so when this popped up as I was looking for something new to read, I jumped on it. I cannot wait for the next chapter! :D
9/6 c9 Uday Sra
9/5 c9 I. P. Frealy
holy crap can't wait for more!
9/5 c9 dreadix
going to be honest here, 5 chapter's of going in circles involving naruto's mind scape is getting repetitive as hell.
9/5 c9 NineYetis
That was verry dramatic.
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