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5/14/2020 c19 Marianka
Sad its done allready !Was a wonderfull Story and fantastic written.
Thank you for sharing this ! Thank you for this amazing Story !
5/12/2020 c18 Marianka
What a lovly Chapter ! You wrote this beatiefull and touched really my Heart !
5/11/2020 c17 marymary123
Now we all know in this day and time going there was stupid. Best to take away all his rights legally. Just rack up all that proof
5/11/2020 c17 Marianka
Bella die d almost and can leave the Hospital after 1 Week and the Baby come to early and
can leave so soon to ,my Cousin come in 6 .Months to Birth and was almost 4 Months in Hospital,
but i mean this not rude ore bad ,its a Story only,but i wonder !
When she would reportet him as a Raper so he had no Chance to the Court ,but she did
nothing and have no Prove to the was never to Police !No Rape Kit !
But wohoo Edward punch him .Jake deserve to rott in the Hell and in a Cold Cell !
But still i like this and you wrote really well this !
5/11/2020 c17 Readaholic187
Considering Edward's connections, Jacob has just opened a whole can of worms that he doesn't even know exists.
5/8/2020 c16 Marianka
Why was Bella long Time not well eating and why nobody see this that she not eat anough !
But i am glad both are well !
Its a wonderfull Story and well written !Thank you so much for the fast Updade !
5/6/2020 c15 Guest
Ugh babies in NICU sometimes develop more problemd
5/6/2020 c6 marymary123
She ever admitted Jacob raped her?. Well that puts him in jail. She does not want child support but he needs that label permanently
5/6/2020 c15 Marianka
I hope both dont die !
God Job you did !
5/4/2020 c14 Marianka
I would Jacob not let see my Kid !
I would him rott in a Jail Cell !
Bella is very brave !
I would never forgive him ever never !
You wrote this good !
The only think i would hope for jake would not
be easy come here from a Rape out !He have no
trouble !
No consequences !
I like it not so much he become no trouble and
Bella is here to nice to him !
I would not speack with him !
He have no rights to see this litle cute Boy !
Is like he rape one and have no consequences
and no Trouble with Law !
This i find not okay but its my opinion !
I want not sound be rude , sorry for this !
You wrote really good but i want for Jacob the Hell !
5/3/2020 c13 Marianka
Thank you for this wonderfull Chapter !
You wrote wonderfull this !
I love this so much !
Thank you for sharing this with me/us !
4/30/2020 c12 Readaholic187
I get that Carlisle doesn't want to let Edward go after having gone so many years basically completely cut off from him. But to hold Edward and his family prisoners isn't going to work for either side. Hopefully a compromise can be reached where Edward, Bella, and E.J. go back to their previous life, but that Edward keeps better communication and has visits with Carlisle and everyone else.
4/30/2020 c12 Marianka
Good no big Fight !
Its a good Sign !
I hope there is a really happy Ending and Bella get the Married she deserve !
How will Edwards Family react when the found out that is not Edwards Son !
And i think Jacob make Trouble and want play for Ezra Daddy !
Wonderfull Chapter !
4/28/2020 c11 Marianka
Oh No ! How could you ! Lol
The forced to married can
make her run away !
But would be not that bad to
married him and become his
Child !
She loves him and he loves her !
He was there for her alltime !
They will be figured out and this
toghether i hope !
You did a wonderfull Job !
Its fantastic written !
4/28/2020 c11 Readaholic187
Just what Bella needs right now on top of healing from the gun wound: a shotgun wedding in a medical bed with guns held to both her and Edward's heads. Carlisle, you should know that vows taken under duress don't count.
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