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4/21 c1 Dracus6
Avatar the Last Airbender and Fire Force
4/8 c1 9KeySlinger09
I think this is pretty good so far. Good pacing, laid out fairly well and has Mako in place of Matt Murdock, what more could you ask for. If you plan to include Korra in this, I'd say she'd be a great client, for the vigilante part at least. All in all, looks great and super opportunity for character development (especially Mako). If you plan to keep it up, which i recommend but the choice is entirely yours, then best of luck.
4/7 c1 Guest
There is little besides wishful thinking to suggest that that the universe is ruled by a just and all-powerful God who rewards good and punishes evil. The world is unjust and unfair, so bad things will always happen to good people for no reason at all. indicate that the human condition is that we want reasons for our suffering and create elaborate religious or metaphysical belief systems that get in the way of taking responsibility for our own lives and absolve us of the responsibility of trying to change it. However, there Anti-Nihilist message to the story saying that people can make a difference. There were a lot of bad things people are unable to prevent, but some saved people and changed lives because some had the courage to stand up to villains that no one else would oppose. Even if who recognizes that you're weak and fragile decides that by going home and fighting your own small battle you'll be able to change something.

even the smallest of your actions can have an unpredictable effect on other people, and that progress that you have spent your entire life building can be ruined if you take one reckless action without thinking of the consequences

No man is an island. Even if you think that relying on others will make you vulnerable, and that you're tough enough to take care of yourself, there will always be challenges that are too much to handle without help

"Revenge is nothing but the place where men who can't deal with sadness go." go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against in retaliation really left on that rampage because he couldn't bear to face the grief of everything he had lost. Instead, drenched himself in hatred and violence, and while The Power of Hate made him strong for a time, it left him as a wreck of a man and caused the only precious thing he had left to slip through his fingers. Redeem by forgetting revenge and protect instead of Avenge

Religious fanaticism cannot save people or defeat evil, and a dogmatic religion will either be used as a cover for corruption or lead to the methods of a torture and imprisonment and murder and so on. Genuinely believe in misguided delusions lead followers to doom it's okay to believe in the supernatural, but you have to be open minded about it and see the world beyond ours for what it really is instead of what dogma tells you to see.

People can decide to change themselves, no matter who they were before or what they've done in the past. Running away from problems and drenching yourself in revenge and hate, to the point where you almost become as big a monster as the ones you're fighting. But realize how actions have distanced him from someone and put them in mortal danger, drop everything including revenge in order to rescue them before it's too late. From that point on feel the burden of responsibility and is tortured by the lingering consequences of past actions, but those who witness his gradual transformation can attest how much he's changed through sheer willpower and become a far more admirable person. after spending whole life being protected and cared for by others rise to the challenge of being responsible for someone else. Even an evil being who seemingly has no redeeming qualities can do something which—even if it's far too late to make up for their crimes or save them from damnation—can still express their humanity through a last act that will change how people remember them. Cast away humanity and morality long ago, and could have kept on living if he had sacrificed a loved one, but instead consigned to eternal torment out of love for someone else. All of this doesn't change the fact that a lot of characters in the story stick to their evil ways until the very end, and the story focuses heavily on the Freudian Excuse and cruel circumstances that would drive a person to villainy, but there's an implication that whatever the circumstances, doing evil is always on some level a real choice.

There could be a huge difference between what God is and what people want or believe Him to be.

Everything you do has an effect on you or your surroundings. Everything.

Fighting destiny is all well and good, but even a Determinator isn't assured to win in the end. It can go either way. Fate isn't always victorious but neither is willpower, no matter how strong.

There is no external reward for good actions. The only reason to do the right thing is because you choose to. Do not expect the universe to give you a pat on the head, or even refrain from kicking your ass. Likewise, there is no external punishment for wrong actions. The only reason not to screw your neighbor in the most horrific way possible is because you choose not to. (Interestingly, The Bible expressed much the same sentiment in Matthew, often quoted as "the sun shines on the righteous and unrighteous alike.")

Humanity is responsible for its own suffering

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