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4/7 c1 Guest
Hobbs already has a sister. Her name is Lisa.
4/7 c1 Guest
This is stupid. Samantha is the name of Luke's daughter. If you're going to name an OC, don't use a name that already belongs to a canon character.
4/8 c1 justagirlonfire
You hate plot holes but write Samantha as old enough to run with Dom's team when she'd be about 10 in the year of these events and she'd have to be somewhere around 30 to fit in. She was also Hobb's daughter. I can hear your little fanbrat cry now, it's jUsT FicTIon1!11

You also write this like a 12 year old had a daydream and decided to write it out. It's so juvenile in tone and writing. The "OC" is a Mary Sue already. She's saving the day for Dom, who managed just fine in this scene on his own as I recall, from the opening 200 word chapter. If you have to take away from the canon characters to give an OC a point the OC still doesn't have a point and the scene would be better without them.

The fandom needs something good, mature and new. Not the same children's fantasy reposted by a new wannabe who couldn't characterise an OC to fit in or plot their way out of a paper bag if their life depended on it. The OC saves the day in a fast film has been done about 3200 times before. If you can't suit the tone of the films and bring something original to the table, why are you here? If I'm going to read about an OC I'd like them to have their own purpose to the story and for that to be interesting. Regurgitating the film through their pointless mouth while they steal canon lines to have a point is a cringy yawnfest.

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