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for SAO: The Worst One

8/7 c33 seanmcsherry123
Great and like the little Itsagi x Sinon moment i mean Shin-ji and Shin-o have a nice ring to it
8/2 c32 seanmcsherry123
So is Shinji back to normal?
7/12 c31 seanmcsherry123
This story is complete?
7/9 c30 seanmcsherry123
Great Chapter keep it up love it
7/6 c1 Treott
ok pretty good
6/16 c27 seanmcsherry123
A really big YEP he has lost it prison changed his friends abandoned him basically he is broke it would take a miracle to get him back to who he was. But seriously a Welcome Back party after they shunned him did they think he would not forget?
6/16 c26 seanmcsherry123
A Welcome back party? wasn't the last things that happened before he went to prison was just full of hate for Shinji cause they thought he was Laughing Coffin? I would be pissed too
5/28 c25 seanmcsherry123
WOW thats all i gotta say about this just WOW
5/22 c24 seanmcsherry123
What what just happend?
5/17 c19 seanmcsherry123
Welp that's done Yuuki was best girl man and she's gone

So Shinji threw away the Caffeine Pills so he won't get in to some accident driving?
5/17 c18 seanmcsherry123
Well she's dead :( man she was best girl
5/7 c16 seanmcsherry123
Shinji still got his Caffeine Addiction? he had a race the night before
5/2 c15 seanmcsherry123
Usui Pass is that a Initial D reference?
4/30 c14 seanmcsherry123
I like the OC X Lisbeth pairing great but i just wanna say Shinji and Shino have a ring to it i mean their names Shin-ji and Shin-o LOL
4/30 c12 seanmcsherry123
So is our OC back to normal?
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