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for The Many Faces of Hermione Granger

7/4 c40 Wildcatatheart
thank you...I loved these so very much. there are few Avenger fics I really like esp. Bucky/Hermione ones. I reread those so thank you again. most excellent and stay safe.
6/25 c16 Wyrmraker
Yeah, you're gonna have a bad time when Captain America's bro's sort-of girlfriend's goddaughter is kidnapped.
5/23 c23 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Wait, so was the cheating part of the nightmare? I hope so!
5/20 c40 BiBuggles
It took me a few chapters to figure out the whole story was linked together. But it was a wonderful read, I like how you paired Hermione with Bucky I could totally see that working.

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that your whole family finds peace and comfort.
5/11 c18 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
That was cute bonding! Great changes to the tent!
5/11 c16 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Despite the severity of the situation, I loved the teamwork and action it provoked.
5/11 c14 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
That was so sweet!
5/10 c40 13Stephanie MRV
I loved this so much.
I cried.
Thanks for this
5/10 c23 peachx89
5/10 c22 peachx89
Damn that’s sad
5/10 c20 peachx89
5/10 c19 peachx89
5/10 c18 peachx89
This is so sweet I love it
5/10 c16 peachx89
Great work.
5/10 c15 peachx89
Wow lol great chapter
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