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for A Subdued Celebration

6/12/2020 c1 fanficloveryeah
Poor King :).

Well, King's undergarments are very feminine I am sure (opposed to her masculine looks)

To me tho, she does not dress 100% male tho.

By the way, since you are a fan of her...I don't know why but sometimes King reminds me of younger Madonna...

Well, it is kind of embarrassing to admit that '.
4/27/2020 c1 iwewia
King and Mary's epic bromance is the human connection we all crave~

At first I thought the mood for this one-shot would be the same as "Netflix And Nagging" due to the focus on how our daily lives have been during quarantine but Miss Mary decided that there's a lot of anxiety already and we should be able to celebrate the existence of our friends. She loves breaking the rules, doesn't she?

It's a delight to see how the sass that surrounds King can also be used in a lighter way with Mary as opposed to how it comes out in conversations with Aunt Maddy. The characters' personalities are both solid and fluid, the duality that makes us so complex. It's only in an established friendship that the subject of tacosaurus and panda panties can be brought up without a single pause of awkwardness (Ryo could neveeeer!).

Happy belated birthday, Miss Kingy!
4/12/2020 c1 Guest
You are a tease, illyrilex! A tease x(

Ah, but that was beautiful. There was something so SATISFYING about King being lonely and miserable, with dark clouds, and then Mary just comes in like a golden ray of sunshine to brighten her day. It truly made me feel happy inside to see her fortune change.

Also, shoutout to #pantsarebullshit. T shirt and undies and a beautiful lady mmmmhmmm~ I love it.

Glad to see you're having fun during this quarantine illy. Keep it up!
4/9/2020 c1 39RobertCop3
I am not just saying this because we're friends: You have done an awesome job channeling this pandemic into your writing. Whereas most of us are just using the quarantine to focus on our projects, you are making new fics inspired by it. And I love it.

In this case, you made arts inspired by King's canonical birthday. And then you wrote a fic to go with it. And it was amazing. I love this bromance you have concocted. I love it even more now, because Mary risked a lot for her friend on King's birthday. And the way everything played out was awesome.

And I love the shout-out to one of your past fics with that very last line. And how it's left up in the air. I don't care what you say, these fics prove you are coping with current events, even if you don't believe it.
4/9/2020 c1 36Nanomemes

Aww man that's so cute.

Mary can get away with breaking social distancing rules cuz she's responsible for enforcing them lol. Tbh, the bar mention made this too real. :( Is business going to be okay?

This was adorable :)

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