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7/16 c2 Somerandomperson
nice chapter man and can't wait to see more of this and your other stories so have a good day.
7/16 c2 Janny092
Oh! A Female primarch, now that is a very interesting concept I am not against as we know gender or sex does not matter in 40k only how much you can bring to the wider galaxy with your appearance.
7/16 c2 1Magos Halcyon

Looking forward to the next one.

May the Omnissiah Bless your work. Oh Wordsmith.
7/16 c2 Brother Bov
good chapter, your beta missed some stuff like had awaken(ed), meny when it should be many. etc
On the other hand an original story that i want to see continued, if people complain about female primarchs and give you hate for them, ignore them. After all ot is your story not theirs.
6/19 c1 Somerandomperson
also slim it fine with the female primarch just don't make it weird or appointed that there female and it means they are automatically better because their female just have then act how they are in cannon also please continue this story along with your other ones thank you. P.S please no harems
5/3 c1 Somerandomperson
hey the "guest" guy if you don't mind doing that for any other primarch about the information please continue it it really neat.
5/1 c1 Guest
Leman Russ
Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3; Should be comparable to Custodes), Regeneration (Low-Mid), Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception (One case of his abnormal senses is when he received Gungnir from the Emperor, when he touched it he felt it change his fate), Martial Arts (As a Primarch, Russ is one of the best close-quarters fighters in the entire galaxy. He was also one of the best fighters among his brothers, superior to even Horus and was responsible for exterminating the two Primarchs of the Forgotten Legions. He can easily defeat a Dreadnought capable of killing him without any equipment. The drone had a specialised human brain which was modified with every single combat technique and art from humanity), Weapon Mastery (Extremely skilled in a wide variety of weaponry to an extent far greater than what could ever be achievable by a regular human. He favours swords and axes), Vehicular Mastery, Mind Manipulation (When Russ' mannerisms change he seems to swell in size in the minds of men. His attacks also work on a mental level, among others), Clairvoyance and Precognition (With Rune Reading he can see different possibilities of fate. Russ is also skilled in predicting various possibilities within combat and is a strategic genius), Overwhelming/Explosive Aura and Fear Manipulation (His aura is described by Ahriman as a supernova which caused him to feel nauseous and see afterimages, he passively caused Ahzek Ahriman to kneel to him. When Garviel Loken approached Russ it felt as though he was striding towards a storm, Loken's intuition warned him of impending doom. The world became a different and primal place in Russ's presence. When Russ's mannerisms change, he swells in size in the minds of men and is described as fear and death), Information Analysis (Glanced at Ahzek Ahriman and knew his body better than Ahzek knew it himself. Can accurately analyse any chemical he eats/tastes and break them down if required), Soul Manipulation (His attacks function on the spiritual level), Conceptual Manipulation (His attacks also function on a symbolic level. His battle with Magnus is described more as a battle of concepts. His fight with Magnus was so significant it played out the same way across an infinity of existences. He shattered Magnus' essence into shards which spread across reality. He fought Morkai, a Fenrisian personification of Death. He faced various trials from the Fenrisian deity and reflection of Russ himself, Erlking, who made him wrestle an entity Russ named "Bad Wyrd" who is a personification of the inevitable death of old age and bad fate and Morten/Morkai again, though he failed to defeat them), Reality Warping (Warped reality in his fight against Magnus), Ice Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Limited Memory Manipulation (Can eat creatures/people and absorb part of their memories from their DNA/RNA), Technology Manipulation (His skin can directly connect and interface with his armour, among several other pieces of Astartes equipment), Forcefield Creation (With Iron Halo), Durability Negation and Teleportation via Dimensional Travel

Resistance to Magic, Telepathy, Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Reality Warping, Existence Erasure, Aura, Conceptual Manipulation (Resistant to all the myriad of different attacks that can be made on him by the powers of the Warp, as well as most of the powers of other Primarchs), Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Astartes are practically immune to all diseases and poisons, and their Primarchs should logically be even tougher), Corruption, Radiation Manipulation (Should almost be entirely immune to the effects of radiation exposure, thanks both to his Power Armor and enhanced physiology), Heat Manipulation (Astartes are incredibly resistant towards extremes of hot and cold, and logically their Primarchs should be far superior), Pain Manipulation (Astartes possess the physiology and mental training to shrug off debilitating injuries, and their Primarchs should easily scale)

Sound Manipulation, Power Nullification (He can nullify Psychic Powers with his shouts), Death Manipulation (Instantly killed those who heard his shouts including Athanaean Thousand Sons), Mind Manipulation (His shouts staggered multiple Thousand Sons Captains, they described it as psychic might that overpowers the mind and senses) and Madness Manipulation (His shouts induced insanity in many of Phosis T'kar's Athanaen fellowship), Biological Manipulation (He caused Lemuel to have spastic fits by shouting from hundreds of miles away)

Arcane Energy Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Metaphysical Manipulation (The Emperor's Spear is a metaphysical weapon of truth which is bound to Russ by fate through The Emperor and will always come back to him no matter how hard he tries to lose it, it is hailed to never miss and always end up in the target, when the enemy is pierced it shows their "truth", it contains a portion of the Emperor's "sight" and reveals the truth of all men. When false Russ pierced Russ with the spear it revealed the origins of him and all the other Primarchs and how they were created. When it pierced Horus it almost reverted him back from being a pawn of the Chaos Gods), Soul Manipulation (It pierces the soul and reveals the truth of their being), Light Manipulation and Purification (The light of the spear sheared Horus' unholy light and repels corrupted warp mutations), Conceptual Destruction and Void Manipulation (Gungnir contains the Emperor's essence which can erase even Daemons who exist as concepts, metaphors, ideas and contradictions from The Warp, it was also able to bypass the shields and defences of Chaos-empowered Horus), Matter Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (It contains a shard of the Emperor's essence which can manifest as a ward), Durability Negation, Power Nullification

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Comparable to the other Primarchs, such as Sanguinius, who managed to make a small crack in Chaos-empowered Horus' armor and had earlier before fought Ka'Bandha, one of Khorne's greatest Bloodthirsters, and broke his spine. Ka'Bandha is almost certainly stronger than lesser Bloodthirsters, who can grow to the size of star systems in the Eye of Terror, and the likes of Khârn, who can fight great enemies in the Eye of Terror). At least Solar System level, likely higher with Gungnir (The Spear contains a shard of The Emperor's spirit, and managed to significantly wound Chaos-empowered Horus Lupercal and would have killed him had Russ not been tricked)

Speed: At least Subsonic movement speed (Should be far faster than regular Marines), with Massively FTL reactions and combat speed (Comparable to Sanguinius)

Lifting Strength: At least Class T (Comparable to Angron)

Striking Strength: Solar System Class

Durability: Solar System level

Stamina: Virtually limitless (Likely superior to the Adeptus Custodes, a pair of which stood vigil over the Golden Throne for nearly 100 hundred year without drinking, sleeping or eating)

Range: Several Meters Melee Range, hundreds of kilometres with ranged powers, at least thousands of kilometres with teleporter

The Armour of Elavagar: An accustomed and illustrious panoply suited for all manner of need of the Wolf King while laid deep in the fields of combat. Such wear of battle has been trailed in its existence, decades into the usurpation of the Space Wolves Legion by the will of Leman Russ. Sowed deep in its metallic flesh, the armor stows rather exotic technologies of unknown origin, with every facet of it spewing energy of kinetic and heated nature, fabricating a rather fiendish aura when in the presence of the Great Wolf. In the native tongue of the Fenrisians,Elavagar, translates to a Wave of Killing Frost.
Mjalnar, The Sword of Banelight: A blade of rather mystic craft and essence once wielded by Leman Russ; though numerous in its names, with a rather notable epitaph being Banelight, always in the gaze of Emperor's Executioner has the armament been, Mjalnar, the very Fang of the Wolf King when enthralled in the most violent of conflicts. But even through countless battles and slashes, the origin or birth of the weapon is ultimately enigmatic in Imperial Records, only the crimson stains and maroon spots on its front tell its rather violent and brutal legacy.
Axe of Helwinter: An axe of grand favor in the sight of Russ; a weapon on own to be considered of prestige and rank among its contemporaries, but once gored in the entrails of a bestial kraken, with edge made of its very teeth a name true was given the blade in the escapade. With coming of the Emperor, further was potential for bloodshed amplified with the implementing of disruptor field generator allowing the capability of eviscerating the plate of battle-tank when struck in proper fashion.
Scornspitter: Bolter that was of atypical measure, but modified and girthed to match the very might of Leman Russ by his brother, Vulkan, of the Salamanders acting as a gift of sorts post a rather arduous campaign in San Katos.
Gungnir: A Golden Spear which contains a shard of the Emperor of Mankind's psychic essence within it, originally named The Dionysian Spear, but also known by a variety of names such as The Wyrd Spear, Wolfsbane, and later simply as The Spear of Russ. Gungnir is not only Leman Russ' most powerful weapon by far, being capable of piercing the armor and psychic defenses of the Warmaster of Chaos Horus Lupercal, but it also possesses the psychic attributes of never missing its target, and always returning to the hand of its wielder. Gungnir is also a Spear of Truth, and anyone pierced by its edge will be enlightened to terrible and horrifying truths about themselves.
Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Extremely skilled military leader and fighter with hundreds of years of experience. The Primarchs were all engineered to be the best generals humanity had ever produced and unreachable masters in their own brand of warfare)

Weaknesses: Often refuses to use his psychic abilities out of principle. Brash and fairly arrogant.
5/1 c1 2stormdragon981
This story is pretty good, keep it up. Will there anymore primarch povs like perturabo?
4/28 c1 1atchoum35
Fun start, thanks. Continue
4/26 c1 Somerandomperson
grammar problems that it but overall a very good story some please continue it.
4/15 c1 pittsacee
It’s spelled prey
4/10 c1 DemonAvanger
this is promising. i want more!
4/9 c1 1Magos Halcyon
Interesting premise.
Looking forward to see where this is going.

May the Omnissiah Bless your work, oh Wordsmith.
4/8 c1 Brother Bov
keep it up, has potential, so does this world have a New Man (emperor of man), if it does then you should kind of follow that one oneshot where the emperor is more powerful the them, at the level of being able to hunt down and destroy large groups of them but not all at once, and so they have this heavy tension and conflict between the gods and the EOM. If not then those Gods should be blissfully unaware. (trying to give my understanding on the powerlevels, up to you to take it or leave it)
But i digress, this story has potential and i personally believe that it is being written well, little grammer issues but no ones perfect, and i ask for forgiveness in intruding on your story, hence brother bov will wait anxiously for the next update.
4/8 c1 bluespinel
Great idea and writing. Can't wait for more updates and May the God Emperor bless upon you.
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