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2/22 c1 23Kifo Entiegon
I know this is completed but I would have loved to see where this went, with Lloyd explaining what happened to the others and with Cole raising the young.
12/23/2020 c1 89Skylark Starflower
Y'know, this is a really neat idea you've got here. I'd be interested in seeing more if you ever decide to pursue it further. :D
4/11/2020 c1 23CheezPretzel
This is the cutest thing... please write more.
4/9/2020 c1 22no-longer-active-boi
I- I- I just-

This was really interesting. I'm not gonna lie, it's weird, but it's an excellent weird. I cannot imagine what went through Lloyd's mind at first, and thank you Wu for telling him BEFORE it happened.

No I'm just kidding. I like the idea of Cole missing baby Wu, and now not only does he get to be a father, he gets dragon/people babies. XD I think it's his dream come true. Now he and Zane should go get married and raise their dragon children.

I'd like to see this continue. Good job and keep writing!
4/8/2020 c1 21Nuppa Nuppa
I don't know what your brain cells are but I like their ideas!
Also just assume I made a joke about Cole and Wu having a two sided father son relationship.
And does Wu basically have a child or did he destroy the eggs, or lay them in the first place?
4/8/2020 c1 Tex1412
Loved it! Please continue with this idea please! I wanna see Cole being father. And I want to see the other ninjas reaction...
4/8/2020 c1 1TheBrickSisters123
I thought this would be weird but honestly I liked it! Will you continue? I would like to see Cole as a dad and the rest of the ninja’s reaction to Lloyd laying his own eggs :p

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