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for She is the Sunlight

10/3 c16 laurzy12
This is the best CTM fanfic I've read. Please keep going, I love the way you write.
9/19 c16 8Lady Levinson Turner
That chapter was so good! I love how Sister Bernadette went straight to Dr Turner’s surgery and the emotional turmoil she is in was wrote amazingly! Absolutely loved this and can not wait for more!
9/16 c16 7MyDarlingRose
Aaaaahhhhh! So much tension haha xx
9/16 c16 8AussieFicReader
I do a little leap of excitement every time I see an update for this story in my inbox. Thanks for another lovely chapter. You write SB’s thoughts so we’ll.
8/16 c15 8Lady Levinson Turner
That was amazing! I do not know what else to say other then it was absolutely amazing!
8/8 c14 Lady Levinson Turner
This chapter is amazing! I think that was perfectly done and oh I just love it! x
7/12 c13 7MyDarlingRose
Oh I loved this! It was so lovely. You write Sister Bernadette and Doctor Turner together so perfectlyxxx
7/12 c13 8Lady Levinson Turner
Oh that chapter was amazing! The fact Patrick’s hand went over the button is something I have never seen before and it is PERFECT! x
I love this story so much!
6/19 c12 Lady Levinson Turner
I love this so much!
6/14 c12 7MyDarlingRose
Awww this was so good!xx
5/27 c11 MyDarlingRose
Another great chapter!xxx
5/9 c8 MyDarlingRose
Oooh, Sister Bernadette is indeed an enigma :o I really liked this chapter
4/30 c6 Inactive456
Really loving this! ️
4/24 c4 MyDarlingRose
Yay! Another lovely chapter! :))
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