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for God of Magic and Master over Death

9/13 c13 Sisyphus Incarnate
love this story! hope you keep updating it
7/16 c13 Guest
this is very good my guy keep going
7/4 c13 ShadowNephilim
Eine sehr schöne Geschichte die sie da geschrieben haben! Sie hat mir sehr gefallen. Das Harry in die Vergangenheit gereist ist, war ein kluger Schachzug von ihnen. Ich hatte das jedenfalls nicht kommen sehen. Als er nach Hogwarts gegangen ist dachte ich das es ein Hogwarts 2000 Jahre in der Zukunft sein würde aber nein, es war immer noch dasselbe Hogwarts. Eine sehr gute Geschichte 5/5 Sternen!
Gruß ShadowNephilim
6/26 c13 qwertyuiop123214685
this is where you end! update!
6/20 c4 Trainion
Poke around with one of the strongest objects in the universe and see what happens right?
6/10 c13 BRICKDUST
Brilliant story so far.. thanks
5/21 c13 LittleBoyDeath
Please continue!
4/28 c13 glenn1970
I love this story! Thanks so much for all your hard work.
4/24 c13 B
This is an awesome story
4/9 c13 Robert77833
I liked reading this! Hope you continue it soon
3/30 c13 jcampbellohten
Yeah, there's no point in adding a new character to plot-relevant events if their presence doesn't change anything. Haraldr's AoE burning was a cool new move.
3/26 c2 jcampbellohten
I dislike the use of "Character X didn't know why, but they felt like doing this thing that's out of character for them" with Fury. Thor's reaction to Haraldr crying is corny to me. However, overall I like this. I like the premise of the story so far and look forward to more.
2/4 c13 Melissa Moyer
This is a wonderful story and I hope you pick it back up again!
1/3 c1 IdolaCandrie
12/17/2022 c13 yudhazebba
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