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for God of Magic and Master over Death

5/11 c10 4BROMBROS
An interesting story so far.
4/26 c1 TBWL713
Insane! Keep it up.
4/26 c10 TBWL713
This is brilliant, but I hope you do not forget the power scale that has been established. Harry is far beyond any of the avengers, including Strange, Wanda, Captain Marvel, and Hulk (Seen by using Thor as a comparison). I am interested to see Harry vs Hela. I am pretty sure that Hela is only called the Goddess of Death due to her ruthlessness on the battlefield. Harry, however, is actually the Master over Death.

I am curious to see how many infinite stones Thanos must wield to not get clapped by Harry. Dr Strange and Iron Man somehow lasted about 30 seconds each against a 4 stone wielding Thanos (Although neither got anywhere near even hurting him).

A good question would be: If Thanos, wielding all the stones, attempted to kill Harry with a snap, could he? Will the infinite stones overpower Death's magic?
4/26 c7 TBWL713
Wtf. This is so well done. Got me crying lol.
4/15 c1 majikss
3/24 c10 1ShadowRealmComics
Hmmm, interesting concepts you have here and look forward to seeing what else would happen.
3/15 c10 1inuyasha16451
Omg. This story is bloody amazing. Please update this soon
2/22 c10 17Emperor Vanquest
This is lovely!
2/15 c10 mrhunterjdavis
Nice! Can't wait for the next installment! It's ramping up to be a rad time!
2/14 c10 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
2/13 c10 Hello1894
Great story! Can't wait for more updates.
2/12 c10 RatherFabulous
Sæhrímnir has the suckiest fate, don't he? Killed and eaten every freakin' NIGHT. Wow.
What ancient did HE get on the wrong side of? What insane stunt could he have pulled?
I mean, come on, really, he's just a PIG.

That said, I guess you can' expect Aesir warriors to eat nothing but Pop-tarts.
2/12 c8 RatherFabulous
I’m really enjoying your story, and I am going to keep watch for further chapters. Thank you for writing and posting it. And remember, there are always trolls, you should never feed them. Much like cockroaches, which thrive in darkness, anonymity and s***, they will always come back. Just stomp on and keep moving. Play don’t require, nor do they merit, acknowledgment.
2/11 c10 rich.salber
Please update soon love story hope u come back to it
2/9 c10 Guest
Great story, need more chapters asap.
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