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7/19 c13 Winter Metor
Can u pair Percy with caren or Medusa
7/4 c13 Guest
Well, I'm sure the person before me is much more knowledgeable than me and his points makes lot of sense. But, on the other hand, I think that you should keep Percy as he is. In my opinion, I always felt that Demigods from Riordan's verse is criminally underpowered. Like, aren't they supposed to be Half-gods? The power-ups in this fic is a well-deserving one if I reckon.
6/17 c13 coolfire364
Hey author. This is a bit of an unnecessary comment as you already made the stats up for Percy, but as a extreme fate fan and a Riordan fan as well, I gotta say you pretty much inflated Percy's stats. His stats would be much lower as a servant, his mounts would also be much weaker and while I haven't seen the other NP's, there probably jacked to the extreme as well. if we follow canon, his stats would kinda look like this.

Strength: D (C if submerged or recently submerged in water)
Endurance: E (A with Curse of Achilles)
Agility: D (C if submerged or recently submerged in water)
Mana: C (C if submerged or recently submerged in water)
Luck: B

Now, this may seem very fair off from the current Percy, but as a reiterate, Percy alive would've never hold a candle to any f/sn servants. I think strength is justified, as E- is basically the Olympics/human peak of physical parameters, and Percy could even be argued with only having E or D- as normal strength. Riordan demigods just never have been extremely strong is what I'm saying. I mean, the greatest feat of any demigod would be Percy summoning a small hurricane, spanning around central park, which is extremely small for a hurricane. Percy has always been described as agile, but again, even giving a D or D is still probably what he really was. Endurance was only given a E because of godly heritage, they were never described as resilient. Seriously. A strong blow from a cyclops with a club and D strength can easily kill most demigod, while servants with a C or even D in endurance can shrug it off with minimal damage. Percy has never done anything strenuous with mana or even learned magic, but simply his heritage of the son of a big three gave him a pretty boost in mana. You can say that he use mana all the time while controlling water, but most of the time he used his water power was just to recharge his stamina. Despite him claiming his luck suck, it was just his smell in his childhood, and you can say he was lucky to even survive in his childhood. Then you had all these adventure, especially Tartarus in which he survive, where he totally should not have. You might explain his extremely jacked up stats as for being a famous hero, but first that's another universe so it doesn't work the same way, and second, if Percy can defeat Hades with just the Curse of Achilles, they weren't that strong to begin with. Also his fame is only limited to the supernatural, so yeah.

Lastly NP. While I can't claim how much you're planning to make, I do want to make some criticism and suggestions. Blackjack dodging Hrunting is extremely improbable. At max speed, Blackjack could only go up to Mach 1 is we're generous. As for Pegasus traveling long distances, that's some mumbo Greek magic crap like the Centaurs, but in direct flights they're usually travel like 100 mph, which is far from Mach 1. So C is my rating for Blackjack. For Ms. O'Leary, the most special thing about her is shadow traveling. Beside that she's just another big monster that would've been easy to kill. I mean, big size, so slow. Maybe E or E. Decent strength, but only because of size. So C or C. Her endurance is only of being invulnerable to almost anything non-magical, but servants are magical, so yeah. E at best. So B ranking for her, only because of shadow traveling. If your gonna include the Argo as a NP, well here's some clarification. None of the other fate original Argo members had a NP related to the Agro besides Jason, Percy himself have no idea on how to use it or steer it and he was out of it for half its journey. So yeah. But otherwise, it's a pretty strong fortress NP, with decent defenses and weapons. it even have a dragon head. Of course, a pretty weak dragon (in terms of fate dragons and other phantasmal, it's weak). I rate it A rank NP. Now let's get into the last possible NP I can think off, and that's Riptide. Riptide itself isn't very special besides it being made of divine metal, can return to user and for some reason is just right to Percy. In terms of ranking, it'll be B- just because it has really nothing going for it. I mean, Gae Bolg is pretty much superior in every way and is rank B. Riptide would probably rank as C if it wasn't for it being made out of Celestial Bronze. Now there's other possible NP, like the purifying stone Poseidon gave him (not really useful though) or Curse of Achilles (that's more a skill in my opinion) but that's up for debate. Again, I believe you should limit Percy's NP to just 2; Ms. O'Leary and Blackjack, since Heroic Spirits are limited by class. Thanks for reading this long comment if you did, and maybe you can put some of my points into consideration. Goodbye and have a good day.
5/11 c10 1dandragonmc
how did hrunting not explode? it's still packed with mana
4/24 c13 brade1991
Its great i love it, please send more chapters.
4/23 c13 1KiteRider
why don't you make a true assassin out of Kama or Semiramis, and pair either of them with Percy, cos it'd be cool AND funny to have Percy go back to Olympus only for aphrodite to be fuming that a love goddess, like Kama, is arm in arm with Percy all of a sudden?
4/23 c13 iVas
Oh god, please let Percy and Medea team up be successful. Medea had a pretty shitty end throughout Fate route despite her wish - living/marriage with Souichirou. In addition, she was completely misunderstood through the routes:
1) The people she drained mana from lost consciousness but it was because she thought that they had the same mana capacity from her era, she overestimated the people. But she didn't drain them until they were dead like Gilgamesh with little kids and Medusa attempt with the blood boundary in school
2) She knew the the grail was corrupted as hell, and had a way to control it and turn it from a single corrupted wish machine to unlimited wish machine (provided that your wish doesn't go against/interfere with her). The only sacrifice in her plan was Illya who will automatically die upon the end of war due to the grail being inside her, even if Medea didn't sacrifice her - so I never understood why people are against it.
3) Let's be honest. Gilgamesh is pure bs, nobody could win against him in the war except Shirou due to being MC. To go against Golgamesh, Medea transformed Shirou into a wand to access the full potential of UBW (makes sense because can you trust in a complete noob in defeating a Hero despite his potential?). She won the war in that route, so you can assume that she became all powerful with the grail. Yet, Rin was able to break into her residence and save (kill) Shirou. Why? Because Medea allowed it.

Well, all in all, I just hope to see Medea being happy like that episode of Phantasm Carnival where she got married with Souichirou. At least her wish is better than Arthur's time-travelling wish. Her wish doesn't affect anyone else but Arthur's wish will cause a massive butterfly effect.
4/23 c13 3Momentei
Glad to see you aren’t dead. As always I look forward to your next chapter of this story. If you do decide on pairings I ship Medusa and Percy. If Percy was a ruler would he have a reality marble that is made from all of his books? Can’t wait for the next chapter
3/16 c7 RandomCoolGuy
Wait what? is it Divinity A or B? You wrote it both ways lol
3/7 c3 born2killl0007
Maybe you can give percy a skill in which percy summons artefacts he has been in contact with , kind of like in ryuugi's percy/fgo story. In it percy summons artefacts like the fleece and even pandora's box.
3/7 c12 born2killl0007
I hope you don't show camp half-blood side as it might be interesting at first but will be meaningless later. I kinda root for medusa/percy , a fling or something before returns to his world. The only preventing percy from this would be his relationship with annabeth, but with lower chances of him being able to return to his world might facilitate this.
I hope you to continue this story.
12/24/2020 c12 3Blindguy95
Interesting story update soon i like it!
12/13/2020 c12 7LoverOfArtemis
I want to see Archers reaction to Riptides history. Even better everyone's reaction to Percy Jackson's legend. I'm really hoping that he can summon Mrs. O' Leary. A giant hellhound would be awesome. I'm also wondering what his other nps are.
12/12/2020 c12 iVas
Belated Happy Birthday!
Thanks for the chapter, really loved it. Also, kind of funny how almost half of the servants in this war are Greeks, would be real fun (although impossible, then again Medea did create a infinite wish granting grail in one of the endings and almost everyone had a happy ending from it.)
12/12/2020 c12 3BigBoii225
Love it and don’t worry I’m still here to read and be a complete idiot :P
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