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9/6 c3 Guest
Seems solid
9/3 c10 Alya1188
schöne geschichte, mal sehen wie es weiter geht. solche geschichten liebe ich.

LG alya88
7/6 c10 Guest
1. I hope Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Totodile, Corphish, Buizel, and Snivy don't evolve at all and that Pikachu, Bayleef, and Oshawot Don't evolve pass their 2nd forms.

2. Ash never promised to get Pidgeot back he promised to visit her that's all he did which he probably did offscreen.
6/15 c3 Passing guest
Kind of sad that Ash lose even with Infernape and Sceptile on his team, Pikachu doesn't matter much because he is weakened at the moment and always loses despite being Ash supposedly strongest pokemon..
5/30 c1 Vonta01
This really good story
5/18 c10 The Guest
I didn't think it was possible but you actually made Ash even more pathetic that canon.
4/19 c10 20TheSparklyKitten
The feels when he was thinking abt Pidgeot ;-;

Also Rufflet is such a gremlin I love him XD
4/19 c10 UltimateCCC
Rufflet is tenacious but has potential to mold.

Feels like Iris is somewhat flirting on Ash.
4/18 c10 1PokeKing Charizard
Yay! Yea Rufflet definitely needs some words. But, he is a child, and children think they’re invincible.
4/18 c10 29Luckenhaft
Nice, Trip's actually tolerable and Burgundy's... Well, she's less a pain in the neck than in canon.

Curious if a Desert Resort Trip involving Teams Rocket and Plasma awaits us in the future.

I a
4/18 c10 Doc of 102
It's great to see this story finally have a new chapter after being on hold for a long time u did a great job on this chapter definitely enjoyed it looking forward to the next chapter and is it possible to have iris and ash paired up together in this story because it's rare seeing them paired up together these days and never really get any new ash x iris stories at all these days and for cilan u could pair him with burgendy since she dose have a crush on cilan she just has her own way of showing it
4/18 c10 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
4/18 c10 Reader
Great to see an update
4/18 c10 11stars90
Great work. Those little pieces like Ash's handling of Rufflet and the question about the leader of the Venipede were great for showcasing he actually is a veteran trainer at this point
4/18 c10 1Faranon423
I really like how Ash is actually using his old pokemon in this fic. I may have left a review like this before, but I'm gonna do it now, and I'll probably do it again lol
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