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6/6 c9 Vital Info
So far so good. I'm liking the balance Ash has maintained in rotating the newer Pokemon with the old apart from Gible. I think switching it out with Gligar who was the latest capture before Gible would be nice every so often and can still help Pokemon like Sandile work on Ground type moves. The Battle Clubs are a great tool used in this story and region but moving forward, assuming you do Kalos and other subsequent regions, what options are looking towards to give the older Pokemon a chance to continue being rotated and used to battle after Unova? I know Alia at least the Trials and the more experienced Pokemon can help with the more powerful Totem Pokemon and Galar has the rankings system to get to fight Leon but Kalos is a bit tricky to find something for the rotation system currently in play to work effectively unless you wanna consider making Battle Chateaus the option. It's only on Route 7 in game but am sure it can be expanded to be all over Kalos by the time Ash gets there and the challenges will get stronger as he gets ranks and those ranks am sure can come in handy at some point even if you ever wanna revisit Rota.

The captures so far are good. Liking the new addition of Rufflet vs the canon. Think the others would benefits from a few more captures. Like participating in capturing of the Munna and Musharna next to Striation City like the games and encountering Team Plasma as they've yet to make their debut or taking advantage of the books in Lenora's Gym. It shouldn't always be about the next city or next badge or next club. Chapters like the lastest one (9) are great character development filler chapters but the cities need to be explored especially if when and if Ash returns to Unova, it should change as the Black and White 2 did where you would now start west of Unova and face Cheren as Gym Leader but that was a 2 year jump in time.I think in game so that would that return unlikely until Kalos is done. Anyways point is the cities have a lot to offer other than Gyms. Explore them.

This Iris I actually like vs the canon. Especially with her: "Oh you're such a little kid." schtick given the fact Ash is technically older and way more experienced than she was (sans the whole Zekrom thing involving Pikachu) so thank you for that. If this had been the Iris we got I would have liked her from the get go. I almost thought you were gonna do to her what you did to Cilan and give her an Ice type like Cubachoo or a Fairy type, though am not sure which one as the type made its after Unova in Kalos, but I think a Ralts would have been a good option for her in either Gardevoir or Gallade form.

Hoping to see Team Rocket again soon with a twist though. I would actually like to have Ash bind them if he had Bulbasaur or other vine wielders and actually getting the straight up answer he deserves as to why they continue after Pikachu when they could have been helping Team Rocket in other ways including fighting against them as he knows they have good hearts and can be better than this cycle repeating every region where he stops them and they can't seem to move on. They would escape their restraints obviously but left to wonder if Ash's words held true. Would they be better off doing other Team Rocket tasks or even even leavi g Team Rocket altogether. Could even dedicate a. Halter to them and their decision later on. To give others a chance to shine i the story.

Hope all this helps and if you need to reach me feel free to PM me.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/31 c9 2Dark Serafina
That's cool that Ash has a Rufflet now.
5/31 c9 UltimateCCC
Purrloin, Deino, and Rufflet - Those 3 are going to be game-changers and will make their respective parent proud.
5/31 c9 Guest
Definitely a awesome chapter great job and could u have iris and ash end up together in this story please and will ash bring back some of his other older Pokemon he caught in other regions it be great seeing them at some point
5/31 c9 13TheSparklyKitten
Aww no Scraggy
But I really loved all the Pokemon in the eggs! I hope all 3 are really close
5/31 c9 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
5/31 c9 Reader
Great chapter
5/31 c9 11stars90
Nice! I really like Braviary
5/31 c9 3RHatch89
Ash has a Rufflet.. awesome :)
5/31 c9 1EmperorSnorlax
Huh was hoping for Scraggy but a Rufflet is also pretty Badass.

It has drive alright.
Staraptor and Swellow are gonna have a field day with this one
5/29 c8 OSR fanatic
Interesting story so far. :D

I'm wondering if Pidgeot will show up again? it has been some time since he released her to watch over the flock.
Plus if one counts the movies as canon then the Flock could of migrated to Unova of all places because of the Shamouti event in the second movie. Ash should still have Pidgeot's pokeball if she ever comes back. There is also Primeape and Squirtle in training.
Plus I suspect Charizard to show up in the future at some point.
5/24 c8 Guest
Love this story
5/10 c3 2Mason Oury
Are there any planned pairings, and if so, will Ash and Iris get together?
5/8 c8 1Faranon423
Interesting choice, giving Cilan a Purrloin. I can't remember if he gets one in canon, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't. I do wonder, though. Will you still be giving Ash Scraggy? I assume so, but it's not a given. I look forward to when you next update!
5/7 c8 Charmander17
Given the egg theming I guess iris will have a cubchoo.
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