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5/18 c33 zovumeAnjaa
love it!
5/17 c33 7Abbie Blizzard
Woohoo! You're back! I am so happy you are continuing this story. By the way, I totally get the editing thing. I have dyslexia too and drives me nuts when editing ;)
Now, while I do love this Whitmore Society Arc we're on, I am wondering when Klaus is going to come back demanding bags and bags of Elena's blood. I mean, he must have realised his hybrids are failing by now right? Or have you somehow resolved this already and I missed it?
The question of whether Elena's life would have been easier without her parents at this point is a fascinating one. I really think that things are going to come to head between Grayson and Elena. Especially if he threatens Caroline or Liz!
Looking forward to seeing what happens next! xoxoxo
5/16 c33 DBZFAN45
While our resident Non Elena Gilbert was very tvd verse dreams about recent event concerning bff Enzo and Augustine members faculty experiments.
As our Non Elena Gilbert voiced her opinion about the human vs monsters debate " abyss stares back at you" analogy, but the family dinner was anything but familiar vampire situation debated with no agreement " truce" between Non Elena Gilbert & Grayson Gilbert as supposed death date approaches, As Non Elena Gilbert wasn't budging an inch on the Bonnie Bennett debacle and thinking she's a horrible person ( I don't know why though?)
Unfortunately Grayson Gilbert is an jerk xenophobic attitude toward the supernatural and still hoping he gets what coming to him as figure out how to "See the light at the of the Tunnel ", right ( Hahaha!) When pigs fly Grayson.
Meanwhile, Non Elena was surprised by the recent return if bff Caroline Forbes the next day and mentioned that Enzo wasn't so bad and found his daylight ring too .
But Caroline Forbes bought more bad news as Augustine group were looking to summon an" ancient "vampire or Original Vampire but Non Elena thought of a multitude of ancient tvd verse vampire ( Esther, Mikael, Silas) that is another mystery to figure out later on.
Including Non Elena and Caroline Forbes spending time at Forbes home from the frosty tension between the Gibert household at the moment.
We'll see how it goes next time for Non Elena and Mystic falls gang in the next chapter episode.
Welcome back Author San
Catch ya later
5/16 c33 4ferallahey
i'm glad that non-elena is finally getting room to be her actual self and not having to pretend to be elena anymore. i hope she gets out of her house and that she can find a way for caroline and liz to be safe. and I truly hope they help bonnie soon.

now I'm wondering if the mikaelsons are coming back via Mikael and that's honestly terrifying because with stakes raised that high, somebody is going to die sadkfj
5/9 c32 MarMikaelson
Continue pleaseee
5/3 c26 kirosyamcha
hope anna comes back some day, always loved her character even with how short her time was.
4/7 c32 Angelicsailor
So no questions on why they both have blood all over them? Because I’m pretty sure Jeremy would have noticed and they didn’t get blood splatter out of their clothes
4/5 c31 Kiwi1310
And the tension between Non-Elena and Grayson rises even more with the weight of recent events, namely Enzos' freeing and the subsequent brutal murder of Graysons' colleagues...
Frankly speaking, I can't see Grayson living until the end of this series. When the other vampires he experimented on are freed, some (if not all) of them will be out for his blood and maybe even that of his family. I couldn't blame them for wanting him dead or to suffer after what they went through at his hands.
Him, a different kind of monster. A monster who tortured a girl he saw growing up allongside his daughter. The best friend of his daughter.
THAT and thinking it's fine to do so are the most revolting out of Graysons' deeds in my opinion.

While Graysons' colleagues arguably deserved what happened to them, Non-Elena is partially responsible for the death of at least two humans and has a hard time dealing with it. Won't be easy for her to overcome the guilt complex she shares with og-Elena, but she came this far so I think she can do it. I actually admire Non-Elena, her ability to improvise, adept and overcome. I would have been totally lost in her situation from the beginning.

This is one of my favourite fanfictions, for many reasons.
You really use the butterfly-effect and let the story take on a different direction from canon, while still keeping the characters true to their counterparts from canon. Or you flesh them out like you did with Greta (can't wait for her to show up again) ,your depections of Non-Elena and the other characters is human and that makes them relateable.

In short, I really enjoy your story.
4/4 c31 1PrincessMagic
and yeah i def agree with the hypocrisy of it and like I said it definitely jarring to see this whole other side to a person.
the tvd world is def darker with grayson still alive!

and honestly, I love how you portray the vamps to actually be scary - like they have so much power and advantages over us, its awful! the anxiety and confusion that elena feels comes across so well!
3/31 c3 1DarkAngelmi818
I just want here to be Hopes' mother, I really think they wrote Hayley who they wanted Elena to be, but they wrote here in a corner so they poured all their wish-fulfillment into Hayley. I also love Hayley, I only hate on Julie and Micheal for continuously screwing up their own great characters. I'm nervous about reading bc I have only read 1 ONE! good Si/Oc. i hope this continues to be good.

sry for the fan rant, but im seeingg a lot of Elena haters lately and it makes me defensive.

your writing is very good i look forward to the storylines you have for us.
3/31 c30 zovumeAnjaa
oh wow one hell of a chapter! great job!
3/30 c31 lillen20
3/29 c31 3Dark Angels and Light Angels
I have to say I really love how realistic your character is. She feels human. She feels like a human thrown into a world that is completely different from there life before. So many authors write characters who are randomly okay with violence even though they've never seen violence at all in real life which makes no sense.

And I really like how you portray vampires as not human, and show how easily violence comes to them. I mean you showed Caroline breaking a man's bones when she's only been a vampire a short time. I truly think that becoming a vampire changes how one thinks and violence and killing becomes easy to them. Especially to old vampires. New ones usually hold on to some of their human morality but I notice old ones kill as easy as breathing with zero remorse.
Even Finn who hates being a vampire had no problem killing people to get what he wanted.

It's interesting though how Elena is trying to put human morality into the conversation with vampires when I honestly wouldn't personally be trying to appeal to their human morality as that is almost guaranteed to fail. I'd try to make myself interesting or useful to them which would keep me alive longer. Anyway in Canon in the beginning I noticed Elena tried to bring human morality into the conversation with vampires while as the seasons past she turned a blind eye to the terrible things Stefan and Damon did while judging the terrible things that say Klaus or Kai did. An interesting evolution in my opinion.
3/29 c31 4ferallahey
i'm interested to see what happens if and when she finally turns! it might give her a sense of control back, being able to help protect the people she cares about.

enzo is freeeeee! are they going to become friends? maybe they should all leave together or something. get out and away from grayson and go to NOLA lol

are the mikaelsons going to be coming back into the picture?
3/29 c31 DBZFAN45
While I speculating here that our vamp Caroline Forbes will be alright with new freed vampire Enzo as his unwitting partner Caroline is not be in a mood for the newest released vampire Enzo attitude ( I'm expecting a lot of sass by the young baby vamp Caroline) while on the search for Bonnie Bennett whereabouts and if she is a vampire or witch when they fight. While on the undisclosed road trip and being somwhat allies ( cause if Caroline finds out that dearest Enzo heart Non Elena Gilbert, she's definitely have his balls . ( but that my headcannon if and when Caroline Forbes wakes up) in the upcoming chapters
Whilst Max Greyson got what coming to him was an unexpected early Christmas present for vamp Enzo and some of Augustine members were there with for our Non Elena Gilbert POV ( shout out to Abbie Blizzard) for properly conveying Non Elena 's Terror, horror and confusion .
We can perhaps all don't agree or like old dad Grayson Gilbert xenophobic attitude toward the supernatural world in the Tvd verse universe. to protect daughter Non Elena Gilbert doppelganger , even though Grayson Gilbert is right about the Vampires being dangerous but exactly excuse his actions either ( which will bite him in the face sooner or later) and the missing whereabouts of Bonnie Bennett location. As Grayson Gilbert doesn't know that this just is just the tip of the supposed supernatural iceberg that Grayson Gilbert knows but Non Elena Gilbert is very much informed what lurking in the Mystic falls town and hasn't arrived yet for now ( Here's looking at you Klaus Mikealson and Original Vampire family) Hahaha!

Especially when Non Elena Gilbert mentions that bff Damon's Salvatore is still in town when Caroline & Enzo returns back to Mystic falls town with Bonnie Bennett in tow my best speculation guess. Well the reunion between Enzo & Damon Salvatore is gonna be explosive with Katherine Pierce in the mix too ( for shame Non Elena)( trying to unsuccessfully for new bff Enzo not to torture former bff Damon ) spoilers?
Otherwise waiting for that (Klena)( Klaus & Elena) Shippers , as Klaus Mikealson probable return won't be for a while as Non Elena & Klaus have some serious slow burn chemistry with each other even if Non Elena doesn't recognize it by her first hand fear of the Original hybrid to notice for obvious reasons. Besides needing the his new possible girlfriend or bff Non Elena Gilbert blood for his new hybrids.
While Non Elena & dad Greyson Gilbert becomes even more divided or strained between the Gilbert family father and daughter duo and see what the rest of the Mystic falls gang is doing in the meantime.
See you again soon Author San
Catch ya later
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