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4/14/2020 c1 kalel7891
Gamer's Mind and Sin of Wrath, how's that gonna work?
4/14/2020 c1 1AspiringWriterInWayOverHisHead
Isn't having Judo redundant if you know wrestling, since they serve the same purpose in MMA? I would have thought that he'd be better off knowing kickboxing or jiu jitsu instead.
4/14/2020 c1 7absolute-insanity
more please!
4/14/2020 c1 Abeldrigo
Ok, les't see
4/14/2020 c1 NazgulBelserion
The skin color had me so confused he's like he's not black but he's not brown either I'm like da fuk is he purple haha I get he's Yorubae but lighter so he's hispanic lol
4/14/2020 c1 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
4/13/2020 c1 15UNHOLY LIGHT
Muay Thai is a martial are that uses weapons, sooo you can't really develop his ability with it and not have him use any weapons, it's parent martial art is a heavy lethal combat based martial art, and it was toned down to make Muay Thai
4/13/2020 c1 ArashiTyphoonus
This is a really interesting take on it, and even though I’ve come to see this Gamer UI as lazy, you definitely don’t give me that impression. Not to mention, those opening Traits were VICIOUS.

Never seen a Martial Artist fighter Gamer, and I like your writing style already. I’d love to see what you do with this.
4/13/2020 c1 Guest
Will they be inviting their father into the game? It's a logical situation a way for both to grow more powerful a blood related ally e.t.c.
4/13/2020 c1 Empyrean Asura
I really wonder how The Dark Wolf Shiro finds fics similar to his, does he just search A Gamers/Gamer's every few days?

Anyways curious to see how this plays out, I can see the logic why his background is as AFO's clone since with True Adaptation and Plunder he can really be said to have a toned down? or more limited version of AFO.

So he'll be a villain?
4/13/2020 c1 1metaltilldeath666
Yet again another author to beat me to something I was hoping to write in another fic. Damn you sir and well played.

Looking forward to how this progresses!
4/13/2020 c1 Shadowedwhole
Nice concept great idea i look forward to more
4/13/2020 c1 TheOnlyKing
You better not give up on this man, Evil MC's are awesome. Can't wait until next chapter, kind of sad about no lemons though :( that's fine though I'd rather have an Evil MC
4/13/2020 c1 khornesbezerker
You better thank shiro for recommending your story.
4/13/2020 c1 superpierce
liking this character so far he's detached and see's himself as a higher being from his internal monologue he reminded me of a few characters like Dio Brando because he believes he has transcended humanity.
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