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for My heads above the water but there's water in my mouth

6/23/2020 c1 357BobWhite
every time I read this story, I get a twinge in my chest, like I can feel the pain.
5/30/2020 c1 Bohogal1998
Loved this story! Now I cant wait to see the episode.
4/23/2020 c1 143writeallnight
This is the sweetest! Love seeing the brother/sister relationship and the surprise of Eddie and Christopher at the end.
4/17/2020 c1 91kensi54382
This was too cute! I love that Maddie was there for Buck, just like he was for her with Doug, and I love the end so much!
4/15/2020 c1 Shut-up-i-m-jay
Aw that was so sweet ️
4/10/2020 c1 viggochk
OMG, I LOVED this story. I wish there had been a little more Buck and the 118 fam moments during this episode.
4/10/2020 c1 9Navyfan
Damn. If every of your story's is that good you should be an author! That was so sweet and I would really love to read more of this type. I've had the feeling that buck got over the tsunami fairly fast and without much fuss but you made clear how hard it is to overcome the fear and the trauma alone. And I loved the scene between Bobby and Buck where he thinks that huck could be his son. I think that is how they feel and that should be included in story's more often so if you have the time and the willingness to write more Buck whump and Bobby caring about him I would love to read it :)
4/10/2020 c1 3Thebookworm33
I should’ve known it was you when I came across it on Ao3. I should actually be thanking you. A while back I saw an ad for the tsunami episode of 9-1-1 and decided I wanted to watch it. I forgot all about it until I saw you posted a fic and since I already have you as a followed author for marvel I for an email about the 9-1-1 fic where buck and Christopher fall. This made me rmeber how much I wanted to watch it and so now I have watched duo to season 3 episode 9 and am reading more 9-1-1 than marvel which is weird becuase I didn’t think it’d be possible for me to switch. You mentioning it was also posted on Ao3 got me to go on there for the first time, idk why I just always thought of it as wierd and never wanted to but I’m glad I ddI becuase WOW there is so much more fics on there than here? Crazy. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks becuase I wouldn’t have been reminded if it wasn’t for you and I love the show and love reading the fics. I’ve always liked your writing. Since this fic was so good I scrolled up to see who wrote it to see if they had written more for 9-1-1 and was pleasantly surprised to see it was you! Thanks for sharing your work they always exceed expectations!
4/10/2020 c1 1Sarai
I like it.

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