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11/18 c13 Cauti0n
10/10 so far
11/10 c13 kuro yaksha
Liked it hope you update soon
11/6 c1 Amun565
prestigious not prodigious
10/30 c4 LordPunGaster
Okay, this book is amazing. People can crap on the filler all they want. This shit is god-tier. Perfect balance of comedy, exampleMine has a Moke in my pocket, so I win by default.
10/30 c3 LordPunGaster
I just realized, Yennefer, Triss, and Geralt. Trio of lovers, his father was a god damn witcher! Subtle, I barely noticed. Epic Work.
10/28 c13 Primarx
I usually don't like HP fics but yours became an exception. great work
10/27 c1 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
It's a really interesting concept!
10/25 c13 5Pokepercutopotter
What a great twist on the Gamer genre. Just finished binging this, please update milord
10/15 c2 Nobels
So, an AU where most major characters are female, and his mum is testing his control by literally sensually grinding against him for half the chapter before literally saying she wants to do more. I don't think I'm a fan of where this is going, and I don't think this is my kind of story. I'm sure others may appreciate it though, so good luck with your ventures.
10/15 c1 Nobels
So, after finishing the chapter, I realise I'd originally misunderstood the premise. I thought he was reincarnated through some pact with the devil, not that he was a magician who upgraded his magic.
I'm unsure about whether combining all of that with the normal hp magic will work out well, but I'm looking forward to what you make of it. I'm also not sure I really agree with all the philosophy and sins being necessarily evil and all that, but I'll keep an open mind. I really hope the sin of lust won't make this into a harem story, or worse incest, and those elements were just to demonstrate a struggle.
10/15 c1 Tactical-Magician
Good story so far.
10/15 c13 1WhiteWolf65
I love this
10/9 c2 Tony McNucklz
Up front, Lockharts books were all true. every word of what happened. The lie was that gilderoy did it. he took what other people had done, whiped their memories, and replaced their names with his when he told the story. if all you did was read the story, he'd seem incredible because the deeds and how they were accomplished really are spectacular. meeting the fop in person is what pops the bubble of belief, realising that such a twit could not possibly have done any of what was written, usually leading to the belief that he wrote fiction and called it a documentary. The potter fandom, including you, seems to have collectively forgotten all of this.
10/6 c13 Charly88
i just realized that all your MC's names are colours so is Grayson some sort of Clone/Child of Shiro and Kuro ?
Shiro (White) Kuro (BlackGrayson (Grey)
10/6 c13 1gearhead2177
TBH i was worried about that when i was reading your other stories I was very temted to pm you about updating so often. as an aspiring author of a series I havent yet completed I know how exhausting it can be when you make unreasonable deadlines for yourself I have a tendency to tell authors that depending on how much they write they really should do two things one; dont post as you write write the one chapter ahead so if you ever decide hey im gonna take a month off you dont have to feel guilty(not that you should in the first place) for not posting a chapter to keep fans happy. and two I think a chapter a month is completely reasonable for me but you have to think what time period makes me comfortable in writing on my own schedule only when I want to whether that is once a week once a month or even once every six months mostly because most of us want the author of whatever works we are reading to enjoy there writing as much as we do and i prefer to wait six months for a chapter than see a story end because of burnout. I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors and I would also like to say that im not at all a harry potter fan I only started readingb this beacause I have read your other stories and enjoyed them so much I just started reading this one and I only started reading this like three days ago and I have been completely sucked in. this is amazing and I can only hope it turns out as good as your other fics. BTW sorry for the super long review.
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