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for A Sorcerer's Ambition

5/19 c10 Charlesincharge3
Would anal count as losing their virginity?
5/7 c20 Guest
his to weak
5/7 c20 SurplusHook
I am so happy this is not abandoned I hope to see more
5/6 c20 abrickner815
This is getting really good. But I do have a few questions.

1. When Morrigan does the ritual with Gray, will they share the power, or will it all go to Morrigan? Because that seems unfair to Gray.

2. How much power does Gray get from followers? Does he get an income of essence the more followers he has, or do his magical reserves and magic potency increase over time?

3. This isn't about this story, but do you think, after finishing at least one of your ongoing stories, that you will ever write a Percy Jackson Gamer story?

That's all, keep up the great work.
5/3 c1 Guest
A Sorcerer's Ambition...more like trope bullshit
5/3 c2 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
You once mentioned putting Rin and Luvia in this story. Are they still a thing? Especially Luvia since no one actually uses her for some reason.
5/3 c1 Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
About demons and hell, how would you feel about putting characters from Iruma-kun like Ameri or Crocell?
4/29 c20 RuneFather
4/27 c20 sirius711
can i have the link to the thread for reference images please i can't find it :((
4/24 c20 Guest
Awesome man
4/26 c20 1J.L.A The Prodigy
I thought I read this on hpfanficarchive, so I was a bit upset when I couldn't remember the name. Never thought you'd update...
4/25 c20 shepard53
after reading all so far all ima say is... DAMN this is good hats of to you my good man.
4/25 c20 scream sky
4/24 c20 1alexquack99
Thanks for the chapter!
4/22 c20 Guest
This chapter has a lot of excellent setup. Interest in where you take it next!
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