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for A Sorcerer's Ambition

4h c17 lonetigar20
Awesome can't wait for more :)
18h c6 olympaforged
does anyone else want him to bang maze in the future?
5/12 c17 smokeapound
ok dam your ass to a San Francisco gay bathhouse bathroom. I need more. so you can update soon or ...
5/11 c1 smokeapound
interesting let's see how it goes. and God yes on Morrigan
5/11 c17 TigerJacob
Long enough I couldn't remember where we left off, but it is what it is. Then I lost this review in my 20 tabs open on my phone, whoops.

Vampires and mutagen are always interesting, but I just googled shani and shes a redhead...was she ever described as a dark skin brunette in this fic or did I just totally imagine that?

Regardless thanks for the read!
5/10 c17 ManticoreBlues
and with this chapter finished I've binged every single chapter of every single fanfic you've posted in order back to back. I love every single one of them. I was somewhat hesident getting into this one because I don't like Harry Potter but I loved this fanfic as well
5/9 c17 viniL98
Finally another chapter! I missed this story very much(your best work in my opinion) Thanks for bringing this one.
5/9 c17 Krystian Garlicki
finally. I am waiting for the continuation ... A question that interests me ... When will the war be? and rape of the angells
5/9 c17 ygrekks
Ah, so glad to see the update to this. Can we expect Maze and or Luci to visit little Grey to find out a few things?
5/8 c17 9Argonian Dovahkiin
With the way Gray seems to make supernatural enemies without meaning to, I wouldn't be surprised if Mrs. Norris turns out to be a demon in disguise trying to kill him.
5/6 c17 Guest
Hope you do more for this story and kuro
5/8 c17 Dark.Lord0
Great chapter!
5/8 c2 3MGStarFire
the super easy barely an inconvinience line made my day
5/8 c17 9Storm.nnick
Would Geralt be able to be in heaven? I’d imagine not, because of his demon bloodline, no matter how small
5/5 c17 Guest
I'm down for Lucifer vs Michael: the Reckoning
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