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8/8 c14 5Smthnborrowediamblue
I LOVED THIS! And omg I am so touched and honored that you used my suggestion! This was great and Niles getting out of it was really smart. Before I read it I was expecting something so different but this was much better! Great job!
7/31 c8 Smthnborrowediamblue
I have an idea:
Do Daphne's room! From when Daphne finds Niles, Frasier, Martin and Eddie in her room to the scene where they pick up (aka car dealership scene)
Just a lil suggestion lol (;
7/29 c12 Smthnborrowediamblue
I love your ant metaphor. Can't wait for pt. 2!
7/8 c1 Smthnborrowediamblue
This was a really good idea. You should do more episodes!
6/22 c11 723iloveromance
This is one episode I haven't watched much so I don't remember a lot about it. But I love the end of this chapter. Very sweet.
6/22 c10 iloveromance
This is heartbreaking and I kind of wish they would have shown Niles' emotional state after Donny proposed to Daphne. Too bad Mr. Bill wasn't in the show either! )
6/22 c9 iloveromance
I liked Cora too and I was disappointed that they never followed through with her relationship with Marty. I never liked Ronee to be honest. Martin watching McGyver makes me laugh! I can see him watching that kind of show. It's a pretty good one!
5/8 c8 iloveromance
I feel the same way about that episode where they first made love. It always irked me that they would show Frasier in bed with women but never Niles and Daphne. I thought that episode was a little rushed as well. After all they'd been through you'd think they woudl havfe made it more romantic. I'm glad you did just that in this chapter!
5/5 c7 iloveromance
Oh I love the way it turned out and the ending is perfect! I kind of wish they would have finished that episode a little better with more of a resolution but the bus I used to take to work downtown went right by that spot where Frasier left Niles stranded and I looked for Niles every day, but he was never there! )
5/5 c6 iloveromance
Thank goodness for Mrs. Woodson! I loved this episode, and I'm glad that more is coming!
5/5 c5 iloveromance
I always loved that scene with Niles and Daphne on the couch as well. She was under a lot of stress in that episode, that's for sure!
5/5 c4 iloveromance
This is really sweet and I feel the same way about "Room Full of Heroes" although I do love that episode. I love the idea of Niles writing Martin a letter and mailing it to him.
4/14 c3 iloveromance
Great story! I enjoyed it!
4/14 c2 iloveromance
Oh no, Frasier, you've done it now!
4/14 c1 iloveromance
I always wished that Daphne would have come home to see what happened to Niles on Valentine's Day.

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