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for Time to Grieve

4/24 c1 LaRon
That Was Good
4/19 c1 LaRon
That Was Great
4/11 c1 geminijune
Little did the two husband realize that some one was watching them. This some one looks exactly like Bonnie Lockhart, she utterly believed she was Bonnie Lockhart. She walked up to the grave & when she heard her son speaking to her headstone & that her son-in-law speaking to the headstone, it all came rushing back, a crying, blonde woman, seeing the love of her life just standing there, while she was on the park bench & the most beautiful Grecian man standing in front of her, she remembered her entire life, every bit of it, her laughing at her son's wedding, thinking that Will was wrong for her boy, now she knows that was a big mistake to think about. She realized that she is Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis, now & forever.
4/10 c1 didinou

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