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for Fumbling Towards the Light

3/16 c23 Guest
Awww! This was such a wonderful story! I'm so sad it's over! I look forward to any future stories you may write! Thanks for a fantastic fanfic!
2/22 c23 22Yakall
This was gorgeous! *claps like way hard* This story was so fun to read! I really, really enjoyed it! :D
2/12 c22 Guest
Update? I think it's been about two weeks now! Just a friendly reminder before the yelling starts! :)
1/24 c22 Guest
Yay! An update! When I saw this, I literally jumped up because I was so excited! :D

This chapter is so sweet and was very fun to read! It's probably the most enjoyable the-characters-confess-their-love-for-each-other chapter I've ever read in a fanfic! Just the right amount of emotion without being overbearing (because it can get a bit awkward, at least for me) or mushy (I know some people like sentimental scenes, but I'm not one of them) or cringey (did I spell that right?). Absolute perfection!

Can't wait for the next update!
1/23 c22 Yakall
Ooh another amazing chapter! This was great! They’re both such dorks :)
1/20 c3 Guest
I just finished re-reading all the Dragonwatch books, and I have a comment: I know this is an AU, but Selona is a country in Europe, and Titan Valley is in New Zealand. Just wondering if that was a mistake on your part, or if it was deliberate, because you said that Selona was in Titan Valley.

Random suggestion: you should have Eve have a flashback/recall when she thought she saw Seth in Selona, just for some backstory, or create a separate short story for it, kind of as a prequel of sorts. I think she was 13 in all the Dragonwatch books. Dragonwatch 1 mentioned that Eve is around Seth's age, but I can't remember if she's older or younger than Seth, who was 13 in the last two books of Fablehaven and all of Dragonwatch.

Another question: does Eve still oppose the Fair Folk's neutral status? I remember her being very against it, but I can't tell if Eve was angry when she told Seth that the Fair Folk were neutral. Anyways, just a question I had.

Also, just a thought I had while reading this, but I feel like it's kinda odd for Eve to take months to find the old hag in the forest. I mean, it might take a while to find out that info since she's stuck at home mostly, and there are probably a lot of books to look through and research to be done. But maybe it should only be a few weeks instead of months. Plus, I'm surprised that it was almost 5 months before Eve could sneak away and meet Seth in person again. Again, I think there should be a week gap, not month gap.

I think it was super clever to have Seth pretend to be the Underking's servant, and to have that magic boat from Dragonwatch 3 make an appearance. Maybe Seth should show Eve the boat while they're on an adventure together, or have it transport her to a meeting in the Under Realm, since it's probably a lot safer than going through the Blackridge Woods.

I love Seth's perspective and thoughts, especially since he's super compassionate and funny despite being the
Underking. I wish you had included Eve's thoughts on being stuck in the Under Realm in Chapter 20, like if she thought it'd be ok because she was with Seth, or if she was super worried about what her family would think when she didn't return.

Also, did Eve spend the whole night reading the book? Seth took care of the "urgent trouble" and then went to sleep, so does that mean Eve was there the whole night?

If I could change one thing about this story, it would be the length of the breaks between some of Seth and Eve's meetings. But overall, I am literally in love with this story! Please update soon! Wow, I just realized how much I wrote! My thumbs are so tired since I'm typing this on my phone, and I am terrible at typing on anything that isn't a computer. Anyway, update please!
1/17 c21 Guest
OMG OMG OMG! I just finished reading this and was literally on the edge of my seat! This is such an amazing story! Please update soon! It's been a while, but things in the world are crazy right now, so I completely understand if you've been busy!

Eveth forever!
1/17 c21 Guest
1/15 c21 Guest
12/29/2020 c21 Yakall
I’m kot sure how I haven’t reviewed this chapter. Wild. Anywho, This was awesome! Seth is so great XD Wonder What Eve is gonna do...
12/11/2020 c21 12NaoSa
Oooooh! Nice chapter, I love it!

Shoot... I just realized I have 6 assignments due tonight. *sighs*

Well, amazing job, I loved it!
12/4/2020 c20 22Yakall
Dun, dun, dun! This was awesome! :D Snapping out of the book trance though! I really enjoyed this!

My favorites are Seth and Bracken (Especially when the two interact, I die)!
12/4/2020 c20 12NaoSa
Oooh! Nice chapter! I have to say my favorite character is Ractus because he’s adorable!
11/28/2020 c19 22Yakall
Boo-yeah. New epic chapter, man. This was great! Hopefully all the notify stuff will work and such. (Probably good you told me about your oneshots XD I did not get any emails bout those) Oh, and I’m thankful for weirdo family who make me die (...with laughter)
11/27/2020 c19 12NaoSa
Yeah, I didn’t get the email again. It’s strange, but I read it and loved it, nice chapter! As always! :)

Love the new cover art! :)

Aww! That’s a nice question to ask! I’m thankful for my family!
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