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for Fumbling Towards the Light

8/7 c9 3Alyssa Belle
love this! (song at the bottom is also a fricking bop!)
8/7 c9 3NaoSa
Loved this! Can’t wait to see where it goes! I am a sucker for mythology and social studies, so I love how this inspired by a myth. Well written and thought out! Amazing job!
8/7 c9 20Yakall
I saw the notification for this and I like died of happiness. This is such an awesome, well written story!
8/1 c8 Katie
I LOVE this! I love the way they interact and how Seth’s all like not actually answering the questions, it’s fantastic!
7/31 c8 3Alyssa Belle
loved seeing Eve's life fleshed out even more! and I love the dialogue between her and Seth! it's so natural and well done.
7/31 c8 3NaoSa
Love this story so far! Very fun.
7/31 c8 20Yakall
This was awesome! Lia, you are literally so talented! And oooh what’s her plan? Can’t wait to find out!
7/24 c7 Katie
Wow! So amazing! And I’m totally checking Jose song out!
7/24 c7 Yakall
I loved it! You did so good!
7/24 c7 3Alyssa Belle
so good! love the dynamic between these two, especially with the memory loss! can't wait for the next update!
7/17 c6 Katie
I would love to see that story! And as always this chapter was amazing!
7/12 c6 1AslansPrincess19
Tho low-key disappointed he wasn’t like
“I’ll have my servant show you around,” then pretended to be that servant so she had no idea Seth was the underking
7/12 c6 AslansPrincess19
You sneaky little sneak leaving me at a cliff hanger like that. *shakes head*
Well if you need to know someones following along I’ll do just that ...(cause I’m the same way XD) so yeah keep going I wanna see what happenes next
6/28 c6 Katie
Oh I can’t wait to see what happens next!
6/28 c5 Katie
Ooh the interactions! AGHHH this is too good!
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