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for My Hero Academia: Unchained Predator

4h c19 Guest
All For One's gonna be PISSED!
5/26 c19 GuestA
I wonder what the previous bears of One for All would think of the Doom Slayer. Any thoughts anyone?
5/25 c1 Weewoozesty
I shall now dub this fandom "My Hero Acadoomia"

I regret nothing
5/24 c19 Mr.Lazyman217
Love to see the hero side on the aftermath of this incident
5/23 c19 QuaZorKi
so good <3
5/23 c19 17DinoZillaPrime
What if for the next part a crowd of people who would be the familes of the Vicims of the Steel Saber crew anr Nine's thugs would hear about their demise and publicly applauded and get into an argument with the Heroes about it.
5/23 c19 TheWiseGamer
so glad this story is not dead
5/22 c19 MetroidDoom
I think it would be cool if you also put some connections with Quake in this fanfic.
5/22 c19 Guest
I think Doom Slayer's real name being William Blazkowicz III would sound more badass, but I think the classic Flynn Taggart works too. Regarding the demon invasion, I think you should not rush it. Just give some subtle hints of Hell gradually influencing the MHA universe. Also if possible, pls add more interactions between Doom Slayer and the heroes and villains. I wonder what are the reactions of every member of LOV on what the Slayer did in the island.
5/21 c19 2IceFireHeartandSoul
Can't wait for more!
5/21 c19 crusty mayo
Doomguy can talk. *see Doom ETERNAL, DLC: Ancient Gods Part 2 for more*
5/21 c5 nathan.pollock11
I am just imagining fatgum running around the room like a five year old seeing a fight sense in a movie
5/20 c19 Butcher Squad
I hope in the future we going to see epic battle where Doom Slayer fought wave and wave and wave of Nomu/Villians. That scenes remind me of Yautja fought wave of Xenomorphs on top of ancient pyramid in AVP or Jet Li(The One, 2001) who fought wave of criminal/inmate after get arrested and teleport to prison.

"More Nomu and Villians keep charging at Slayer. Trying to take him down only to be rip and tear one by one. No mercy. No pity. No holding back. Flesh and Bone. The more he killed, the harder they come. The harder the come, the more he killed. Each one added to the piles. The numbers keep growing and growing and growing. So much bodies that he's is already top of the hills. So much blood. The carnage could not be described. This is not even a battle. It's a genocide."
5/20 c18 TheCarcassKing
Hmmm... quite unintentionally heavy-handed. If it weren't for Doom, I would've found it tacky, yet can't help but feel as such. Would continue this, though. Small doses.

Oh, and physically, physically intimidating.
5/20 c19 TheCarcassKing
You know, there's no such thing as too many commas.
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