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for My Hero Academia: Unchained Predator

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To Splivit:

i see what you're saying, but Mirko in canon is always over the top and boisterous. Having her origin being about a murdering vigilante would fit her character in nature. She's not afraid to give it her all and kill when necessary. When the fight calls for it, she will not hesitate to squash heads like melons, not a mere execution.
2/29 c19 OddCombo
Also, this is an added point from my comment on the former chapter, but please stop using exclamation marks. They're useless when describing action, and they add nothing to the tension, it just feels out of place. We can imagine what the scene looks like normally without exclamations outside of dialogue or monologue. Have more faith in your readers.
2/29 c18 OddCombo
I've read the story so far, and while the writing is good, I think you're making it overbearing and tedious with this "ultraviolence" you keep writing.

For one, wee know the Slayer would never be this brutal with humans. For two, his executions are way faster and not as drawn out as here. It just makes no sense to make him as indifferent to killing other people with no regard as you wrote him here. I'm hoping you tone it down to reasonable levels, cuz that's what's hurting thos story the most. We know the Doomslayer is capable of sympathy and being gentle with humans. His whole crusade began because he wouldn't shppt at civilians whem he was ordered to. Don't sully that with mindless violence like they're demons.
2/29 c31 Guest
Rip and tear until it is done
2/29 c31 Marco98
excellent episode, I hope to see more
2/29 c31 Guest
Aww no guess I have to wait until Christmas, but that's okay. A polished time-taken story matters more than a rushed and unrefined one. I just hope this doesn't go to an unannounced hiatus like The Hunter Amongst Villains.
2/29 c15 OrchiLinger
I meant To Splivit, sorry bout that.
2/29 c15 OrchiLinger
To svetlanaoliveira:

Dude missing the point of this fanfiction. It's the only way to make Miruko work with the story and how to possibly pair her with Doomslayer. The author's allowed to do what he wants with the character regardless and I think he's doing a good job with it.
Sadly I think Miruko's character in the manga/anime is lacking, obviously because the series is focused on the kids, but I appreciate the author putting it out there to give Miruko more depth and have it be faithful to her character and its refreshing. I do wonder how the author is gonna handle her transition from Profesisonal Hero to Vigilante on-par with Doomslayer's standards. It would strike me becoming a hero is no simple task and requires a lot of personal management, so Miruko's fall from her Pro Hero status would be kinda difficult to write I imagine.
2/28 c31 BigMfrfr
Yo g, I really, genuinely appreciate the work you give this story Been reading since day 1.
I'm really enjoying this story and look forward to seeing where you take it. You are one of the two writers I've come across that have actually taken this crossover to the peak. but you haven't given up yet, and that's real.
Praying for the future of this story and your well-being, keep it coming
2/28 c30 7Dragomemoirs
loveing the inclusion of bibilical stuff and mythology in general
2/28 c31 Splivit
Rereading this fic, I kinda feel like people miss the point with Miurko
I mean she's not not afraid to blindly but not recklessly step in when someone's in danger and she's always giving it her all despite being out of her league in most cases when there's a ranged fight. she stil ldoes it anyway and is not afraid, which shows her as a true hero. Don't know about the battle-craziness either, but I know that she's unwavering and formidable so undermining her by throwing bloodlust and recklessness into the mix doesn't sit right with me
2/27 c1 Bruhman
To For'Sleep 3rd:
Yes i think doom slayer have every right to say stain's morral and code is wrong, stain has no power to judge who is a fake or not at the end of the day they are still people and stain kill them out of his useless ideology and beliefs, doomguy will despise him because of how stain operates and maybe doomguy will kill stain because of his idiotic belief that got people killed, slayer will kill stain because of this and stain will pay by being judge in the afterlife.
2/27 c30 Techgabe
2/27 c31 Techgabe
Found a mistake!There was no was we couldn’t have known about this before hand.”
Should beThere was no way we could’ve known about it before hand.”
2/27 c31 Techgabe
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