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11/21 c15 Guest
Ah, I had a bit of catching up to do, so I read the most recent three chapters at once! Poor Lucario, he was one of my favs D: It seems like the leaders of the group are all falling (Fox, Peach, Lucario...) until only the selfish and chaotic remain :P Lucina should be worried since she seems the most leader-like of the ones left! I’m also curious as to how Isabelle will fit into the whole story. She seems very laid back and not too relevant to the plot yet, so I’m theorizing she’s either 1. Going to go far to get more character development 2. The ‘comic relief’ character that’ll fall near the middle 3. Most interestingly, she could be The Mole and this is her disguise to stay in the shadows with a weak act. Wonderful work as always and I’m excited to see what comes out of Wii Fit’s and Kazooie’s falling out!
11/19 c15 Mr. Rainbow Dude
and its lucario who gets the boot. unfortunately, he had it coming. despite the fact that he made a noble move, he missed out on two exemptions, and that came back to haunt him. the first offer doesnt really count because he failed to reach the flagpole, but still. now, there are two things ive realized. first, the team is quite dysfunctional without a leader, but thats everybody's fault. dk, wii fit, pittwo, kazooie and joker are always making mistakes and if you think about it, isabelle and lucina are the only people who can whip some people into shape, as they are the only "kind" people. second, every victim so far has fallen off something: fox fell off the castle, peach fell into space and lucario fell off the stairs.

i can suggest that, if you are going to have your next victim have screentime, try doing it at the start of the episode, then not in the middle, and at the end have them relevant but not too relevant.

i feel that our next location is at a pokemon place or someplace that resembles lucario, since the stages the characters go somewhat link themselves to the previous victims, since after fox left they went to space, and after peach left they went to mushroomy kingdom
11/16 c15 D4 Ghostwriter
Ngl as soon as you announced the names in order I was 90% sure it was gonna be Lucario. He got more attention than any other character these last few chapters and was legitimately one of the most obvious non Mole characters. Transparent and honest. Tbh I kinda loved the guy, a little sad you killed him off so early.

Now I'm sorta sus of Lucina and Isabelle, two "characters" found to be rather innocent by Lucario. Rip my man
11/16 c15 FFWF

Alas, poor Lucario! Only the good die young. So, I was right, then; Lucario was the next player to be executed, and the theme of the losers so far has indeed been that they are the best of the group, the heroes. Watch out, Lucina! With that said, I think the actual theme is that these characters are eliminated because we can no longer suspect them. As an audience, we have no use for characters who are cleared from suspicion.

Tense final stage to the final game, though; what a negotiation! For once, Kazooie was the one to come to the forefront and seem seriously dangerous... for a cap she didn't even hold onto. I think maybe she felt a little guilty about how things went down. Well, the Mole wouldn't need that cap, but for that very reason, the Mole would never give it up. It's a strange thing, but for how dramatic a sabotage Joker and Kazooie were ready to pull off, I felt like they, and indeed Lucario, all came out looking a lot less suspicious than they went in, for having managed to pull off an equitable and profitable outcome.

It's been too long since I've done a suspect breakdown! Time to review:

Donkey Kong: He had a bit more low-key a chapter today... but I think, on balance, he's still at the top of my suspects list. Making himself the centre of attention even as he sabotages so badly and so often is a fascinatingly safe strategy for the Mole, because it can be overlooked so easily as part of his character. And if he is the Mole... then dropping the Yoshi visor on his departure during the storybook game was an incredibly smart move. It engineered a situation in which the pot would definitely lose money no matter what the outcome, whilst drawing attention away from himself.
Joker: Joker... is an incredibly important character in this story. He doesn't dip in and out of relevance; right from the start, he's been the wild card, flirting freely with suspicions. At this point, this is what I think: He is going to be either the Mole, the winner, or Execution #7. That's being a bit farsighted about things, and analysing this story as a story rather than a game... but I just don't see him making a low-key exit like going home as the runner-up.
Wii Fit: Events feel like they're slipping out of her control. She's spent much of the game seeming supremely capable and above it all, but Kazooie's suspicions and the general antagonism caused by her repeated sabotages are starting to isolate her and drag her down. Things are going to hit a boiling point with her; it could get ugly if she doesn't shape up. But she's Wii Fit Trainer, right? Shaping up is what she does! The fact that my write-up is going like this says that I don't think she's the Mole, I guess. She plays the game too much like a player.
Isabelle: She's still mostly a background figure, which I think is why she draws a lot of suspicion from readers. She rarely makes it all the way to the foreground. For that reason, I think she's going to stick around for a good long while; long enough to become important and for the characters to start paying her more attention. Right now, nobody seems to really notice her when she's not in a game with them. It's a standard Mole strategy, to be forgettable; and yet I think she's exactly what she appears to be. Well, either way, I don't think she'll be going home until she's made a bigger impression.
Lucina: A good person defined by her insecurities. That's who she is so far. But as every potential leader topples like a domino, I think it's going to have to be her turn to step up next; I think she will feel obliged, almost, to be what Lucario wanted her to be. The longer before she comes into her own, the more suspicious she looks - because her anxieties are quietly damaging.
Dark Pit: Another insecure character, in a strange way. He's becoming more comfortable, more resigned, to being an object of suspicion; but unlike Joker and Wii Fit, he doesn't revel in it the same way - or rather, he doesn't attempt to actively fit that character. He always tries, sincerely, in the games; and he always fails. Will the big twist be that he actually knew exactly what he was doing all along? He's good at going along with other people's bad ideas. What's he's less good at is suggesting them. That's why I don't think he's the Mole.
Kazooie: Heh. For all that her partnership with Wii Fit dissolved because of her suspicions, what an irony it would be if Kazooie herself was the Mole! But if that were the case, would it not be that Wii Fit would have been eliminated already, for trusting her too much? Kazooie is definitely becoming more savvy, though. I feel like she could come into her own and might even outlast Wii Fit.

Just saw the Mole's latest hints in your profile. They line up to me with my suspicions. Psyched for next time, though - I knew we'd be in the city before long! And so Pokemon are going to be involved, too? Oh Lucario, you were so close to reaching your home series! I'm looking forward to this. Your city challenges have always been excellent, Kris.


11/15 c15 LuaisyLover
Me: BATCHES, THE NEW CHAPTER IS UP! Now, we are going to see someone die the same way Daisy died in Traitor Aboard! Haha, embarrassing!
Daisy: EXCUSE MEEEEE?! *backhands me*
Me: OOOWW! Daisy, it was just a joke! Besides, that diamond in your wedding ring hurts like hell!
Daisy: Oh, sorry. Almost forgot about that. *looks at her ring* I'm just not used to it yet. And I'm sure Luigi isn't either.
Luigi: *throws the ring to the air and tries to grab it, but slips and falls and the ring lands inside his mouth, so he chockes and coughs out the ring while Toadsworth sprays him with disinfectant*
Daisy: ... I'll take that as a yes. So, who do you think will go home.
Me: Um, Lucario, maybe? The thing is... all of the others still have mysteries and confusion around them, and he's fits the criteria for executed players so...
Toadsworth: Makes sense, boy.
Snifit: Of course!
Daisy: Look, he's back to his normal voice and normal self!
Snifit: And besides, we need at least ONE CREATURE to be eliminated because creatures are weird. WHO'S WITH MEH?!
Daisy: ...call Tails the Fox here. To fix him and his racist comment...actually, to just fix him, period...

COMING IN WITH A LIVE REVIEW! Not semi-live, but live-live!

So, the way Lucario says he took the Yoshi Visor off the ground makes sense (DK is dumb, so...) but I found it funny when he said "Swiping feathers out of people's heads" and Kazooie is like 0_0. The Pokemon was like "don't take an exemption and take a Plus 1!", which in truth, isn't helpful. By the looks of it, Kazooie is greedy and Joker is a living flirting and murder machine, soooooooooooo I didn't see the point. I'm starting to wonder now as to why didn't Kazooie leave earlier. Did she know about this? Did she not? Is she an actual bird? Is she the Mole? Does she work at McDonald's? W-


Apologies. So, the bargain was going well, since Joker was accepting it and Kazooie against two strong bois wasn't going to work (I loved it when she said she could beat Joker in Smash! Btw, who is your main fighter? Mine is Daisy... obviously) BUT THEN KAZOOIE PLAYED US ALL! She's like "Well, yes but actually no", and did that offer! HAH! SHE GOT YA BOOOOOOOOOOTH! She , is in truth, MORE deceitful than JOKER! Funny when he's like "Ugh, whai?!" but then he accepts defeat. Kazooie's line "I feel like an innocent creature with this on" was something I found weird, especially with Yoshi's Mole-ish reputation, but honestly he looks like a cute innocent dino. And then they posed like models (Lucario doing the peace sign, lol) and the game is done! I agree with Isabelle: that game was very dramatic, lmao.

The results:

Page 1: So, the melon and the peach we're switched, eh? That sucks, bit then again someone is suspicious, and that is Isabelle and Lucina. Isabelle was saying the order of the fruits and was basically the leader there. Then again, Lucina passed out the fruits. Maybe we should blame Joker, because maybe he knew? Kazooie is, and will always, be to blame because that was HER page. And the pear/papaya mixup. Honestly, there's nothing really blatant about THIS point of sabotage, BUT it's weird. Dark Pit saying "sus" Is practically what an Among Us player says. Did he ever play the game?

Page 2: WROND NUMBER OF YOSHIS?! Oh dear, how could've somebody missed that?! Well, duh, Wii Fit and Kazooie did sabotage on purpose and DK is DK. Kazooie's bad acting made me wonder if it's a clue to her NOT being the Mole. And then Isabelle said what EVERYBODY was thinking, so I salute her *salutes Animal Crossing*. And Dark Pit saying he sabotaged. Okay, Dark Pit, just STOP. I like him, but sometimes he needs to get hit by a Hammer Bro., because he gets annoying when he XONTINES to say I'm the Mole. But, wait! Maybe he's doing it on purpose, because then NOBODY is going to believe him if he continues saying it and then he turns out to be the Mole! Dark Pit made a good point on saying that DK is suspicious because it was his page. And then the sword sabotage was weird, but like the papaya and the pear, they were either honest accidents or super coordinated sabotages. And DK is like "HAH! MOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!" Kazooie continues to be the star of the show by saying "Why is everybody the Mole? Me not included" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

Page 3: The batches didn't jump with their tongues out, and that showed, literally. Honestly, it IS weird how Joker chose these both players, specifically. But you have to look at both Kazooie and Dark Pit weirdly, because it makes no sense for the former to not do the task and for the latter to... do nothing. Something is off about Dark Pit, especially since it feels like he doesn't want to be there anymore. Maybe he did want to play BEFORE, but now he doesn't, because everybody bullies him? If he feels bullied, be friends with Isabelle, because she's adorable and nice, but he doesn't like nice people, so...

Page 4: Everybody happy. Hooray.

Page 5: Everybody happy again. Hooray.

The Mole: F*** YOU, LUCARIO!

"True DK-exaggerated fashion" LMAO! Even YOU know what's going on, XD. Then, he feels his head and... you know what? I'm just going to say that it got ugly, because to express what DK was feeling is going to take me a century. I guess once somebody explains everything him, he felt better. Then, Smash Host says "no lol" and takes away $5,000, SURPRISINGLY! Did NOT expect that to happen. Anyways, they still get money and Kazooie says "Take it DK", which I found that she did so as an act of guilt for the $5,000 or as an act of "Okay, I did drama. I don't need this no more".

Kazooie and Wii Fit are now a fake coalition, so to speak. And Wii Fit saying that Kazooie shouldn't suspect her was WRONG, ESPECIALLY because in THIS same chapter, she made a confessional that KAZOOIE was being suspicious. STOP IT, BABE! JUST STOP!

Lucario and Lucina's conversation was quite heart-warming, and I couldn't help but raise red flags there. Something seemed so off... either one will die or they would make a coalition in the near future.

Joker and Dark Pit seem to have the same mindset, so to speak. Maybe Joker will make an alliance with HIM and not Lucario?

The quiz was taken. Everybody talk about suspicious people, except Isabelle. Before I read who's safe, why not take on the quiz?

1. Female
(Top 3)
2. Coin Me Down
(It was weirder than the other games, so...)
3. The Mole didn't blah, blah, blah
(Isabelle did not get a role)
4. A Coin And A Hat
(Both Lucina and DK fit in this category)
5. The second three
(I have a theory: the order in which they were carried is about the same order of the character introduction in this episode, except having Lucario up front, because they followed him, so it's Lucario, DK, Wii Fit, Isabelle, Kazooie, and the rest follows, and seeing Isabelle amd Kazooie in the second three, well...)
6. The 4th Page
(Lucina and Isabelle, obviously)
7. The Mole never left the story
(Not only is Kazooie there, but with Lucario mad Joker there ALSO, I needed to put it)
8. No
(Out of the eight of them, five weren't offered exemptions, so I need to go to the one with the most players)
9. Near the water
(It fits Wii Fit, Kazooie, Lucina and Lucario)
10. Isabelle

DK... SAFE. Well, whatever.
Isabelle... SAFE. YEZZZZZ!
Wii Fit... SAFE. UGH!
Dark Pit... SAFE. Cool.
Lucina... SAVE. Kinda obvious
Kazooie... SAFE. Ooooooh!
Joker... SAFE.

There it is: Lucario is now dead. I was figuring out. Not only was he a leader and had bunch of screentime, BUT he also help win money, like Peach before him. And his retrospective was so sweet! I felt bad for him, but he was like "Eh, no biggie" which was even MORE sadder. Part of me felt as if maybe Lucina was the Mole, because he believed she was innocent, but he did mentioned he suspected her in a confessional while taking the quiz, so it's a mystery. In truth, I remember doing a The Mole series in Flipnote Studio (from the Nintendo DSi) and one of the players suspected both a female player called Marina (as you see, I made many many OCs) or the actual Mole. He chose Marina in the quiz and was the second victim, but take in note that he suspected Marina during the beginning of the game, so it was a trick I played, especially when Marina made it to the Final 4. By the way, I made many missions there that were awesome, so if you are at a disadvantage at making missions, you tell me and I can help ;). Btw, the season was called "The Mole: Traitor's Flipnote" because it sounded classy.

ANYWAYS, what IS it with Smash Host? Even LUCARIO is suspicious of him! Fox wasn't, but I guess that's because he is dumb, and that is why he left first. I'm going to keep both my eyes on him.

Suspect List:

1. Isabelle: She's a legend, she's an icon and she is the Mole. I mean, come one now!

2. Lucina: She's weird, but maybe that's because she's friends with everybody and so that's why she always has a little bit more of screentime than others.

3. Kazooie: I find her as a lesser Mole now. We'll see what happens next.

4. DK/Wii Fit: Players or Moles. Who knows? Only you.

5. Joker: Weird boi.

6. Dark Pit: No. Just no.

UNTIL NEXT TIME! *takes a bow with Daisy and Toadsworth while the crowd applauds and cheer*

Peach: Guys, I'm back! Umm, where's my castle?
Me: Heh... *looks nervously at Toadsworth who is staring at me menacingly as Daisy tries not to laugh at my misfortune*

Meanwhile in Smash Battlefield:

Bowser: WE'RE HERE! Now, where is that dumb host. I TOLD HIM TO NOT TAKE MY CASTLE AND HE STILL DID!
Kamek: You know the host?
Bowser: Oh, yeah. Me and him go way back. I still remember when he told me I couldn't participate and I told him I COULD because there were only nine players, but he told me he needed another female player. I told Wendy to join but she was like "No way, Jose!". When the next season was coming, she complied and enjoyed it. But I'm upset I couldn't enter. IN FACT, I was going to enter the third season, but accidentally wrote Bowser JR. in the list instead of just Bowser, so... you know.
Kamek: ._.
Bowser: Okay, kids! DON'T WANDER OFF!
Koopalings: *wander off*
Bowser: Crud. Eh, they can defend themselves. Let's go find this Mole, Kamek!
Kamek: ...coming.

(I'm gonna write the journey of the rest of the Koopalings with my review. It will continue on until the very end of the story, so you know.)

LuaisyLover ;D
11/15 c15 1Darksymphony777
(at the same time as the previous two parts, somewhere in rogueport)

Vivian: (holding up a paint set while wearing a pink and white beret) now Marilyn are you ready to help me with my art project for professor Adeleine?

Marilyn: GUH!

Vivian: good now hold still (starts painting for a bit before beldam storms in)

Beldam: VIVIAN! (vivian cringes and drops her paintbrush before turns her beret back into her normal hat) why didn't you spend your winnings on getting a bigger house

V:because i wanted to save it for a special something.

B: sure you wanted to save it, if mom beat mario we would not have had that problem

V:are you still mad about that!?

B: of course i'm mad, think about it. world domination and condemnation. the world in perpetual darkness, and all the hunky men you could ever want (becomes wistful)

V: zounds! i mean really sis, i know i got more confident with what happened and the contest and all but i don't want to waste my money especially with this project happening.

M: guh?

B: ah yes your old professor what's her name with the ten vacuum children, last i heard she broke her nose running into a tree or something along those lines (sees vivian nod) so beside my gripping about what could have been. (goes to a nearby table and grabs a newspaper to read) so besides that have you spent time with any of those contestants on the show

V: just luvbi really, we have our weekly tea time tomorrow, yoshi is too busy working with the mushroom kingdom tax agency (B: ironic) wario...he's been busy running his company in diamond city. though he did mention he's planning on filing a lawsuit of some kind (B: interesting) Goombella is finishing up at goom u and will be back next month (B: with what degree smack talk) and bobbery...it's a shame what happened (B: he was a sailor, he knew the risk) ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP BEING SARCASTIC ABOUT MY FRIENDS.

B: (lowers newspaper while taking off her hat to show a sapphire eye at vivian) i'll stop being me when cheep cheeps actually fly. so what about that lawsuit.

M: guh. guh? guh.

V: ok get back in position Marilyn (turn her hat back into a beret and starts painting) he was secretive about it something about the director of show and a possible gambling ring, wario is just upset

B: let me guess, he lost money because he was not there

V:...yes sis, a new company opened in diamond city and took some of his staff, he's blaming the show for what happened. especially since he found out the guy who ran the show had stock in his new competition.

B: mmm possible motive, fatman must of pissed whoever that person off something fierce to cause that.

V: yeah...is there something your not telling me, we know when you hide behind the newspaper your angry

B: grrrr. sigh i got into an argument today, another complaint about your catfishing habit. seriously not everyone is into chicks packing down there, so why don't you spend that money on surgery or something.

V: (blushing red while putting her hat over her crotch showing her ruby eyes) BELDAM! THAT'S EMBARASSING!...(quietly) and i don't want to get rid of it. people like it

(across the mushroom kingdom carpaccio quickly switches screens)

Carpaccio: i did not need to know that

(looks at screen showing tiny being held back by Mason while sherry is holding back a new girl dressed in Egyptian jewelry and Piantissimo is crying over two broken watermelons)

C: hello what's going on here. (presses rewind ready to watch it)
11/14 c15 Derick Lindsey
Damn Lucario is out of the game but it felt like the conversation he and Lucina had might had been a bit of foreshadowing of how sometimes his aura sensing will be incorrect if his mind and insecurities take over skewing his senses and how they both talked about needing to pass in their confessionals makes it sound like one of them was leaving. Damn it seems like the people who could help keep the peace together are leaving and could have helped lead them during challenges Fox, Peach, and now Lucario (make me worried about Lucina and Isabelles chances now since there the last 2 now to help keep the peace on the team or help lead challenges), also did you really put an last among us reference here with Dark Pit of all people it doesn't sound like something he'd say that sounds like something DK would say or if Pit were here instead, also more foreshadowing of the host not being what he seems and I guess the ending implies that we have the reality changing thing from Agent's elevation here too based on how he said the ocean looks beautiful even if it's fake.

When Dark Pit talked about not caring if he left tonight I said "don't you dare get eliminated Dark Pit you need to beat Wii Fit and shut her up" which by the way damn that coalition lasted all of 1 episode I do wonder if maybe you flirted with the idea of eliminating one of them here but changed your mind to Lucario instead and yeah I got the eyes of a falcon (their eyesights are way superior). Also if it wasn't for it being DK I would think that the visor being on the ground for Lucario to take was something of sabotage but it might just be him being clueless about it (imagine if he is the mole and him being a goofball was all a clever ploy by him so people wouldn't think much of him Jesus Christ he may become my favorite mole in your series). Finally nice little joke for the chapter name by the way I just noticed it now lol, weirdly enough yesterday in the anime Ash's Riolu just evolved into a Lucario so talk about perfect timing.
11/14 c15 12Masking What Remains
Oh man! Lucario saved the pot and the other 5, but ended up getting eliminated himself! That’s a rather bittersweet way to end his game. But dang, I never thought anyone would be so reactive to a game element (coughDKyellingaboutthevisorcough). Still though, it turned out for the best for the team.

Hmm... My top three suspects...

1. Isabelle
2. Donkey Kong
3. Wii Fit Trainer

I’m much more convinced with Isabelle and DK as opposed to Wii Fit Trainer, to be honest!
11/14 c15 1Cavin856
Well, another execution, another live review.

Oh snap! Lucario already pulling out the bribery! But really though, I'd take the exemption in this situation probably. More potential money means nothing if you get executed.
Now I really do like Kazooie's ploy there from a narrative standpoint. Breaking down of communications in a deal like that, so much more realistic than if everyone agreed. It really brings out Kazooie's personality. That being said, I didn't expect Joker to fold like that.

OK so the first page, Lucina was holding the wrong fruit, and it was the peach fruit. That's very suspicious. VERY suspicious. Lucina was one of the ones passed out the fruit, and she grabbed the fruit first, even. So it would be very easy for her to just hold onto the peach subtly and stand in the wrong position. The other's would be too concerned with getting their own positions right to contradict her.

Dark Pit's line here, "Isabelle gave the wrong order ... so she was sus". That's rather... modern language for Dark Pit. But I suppose he is the "edgy teenager".

Oh and Lucina included a papaya. That's just blatent now.

So, the second page. Obvious sabotage aside, Dark Pit's sword wasn't high enough, which is interesting, but I think a very very easy to make mistake, especially considering that Dark Pit doesn't really give a damn. He put have an effort into a posing/acting challenge, and his mistaken sword position was shown as a result. I think it was a genuine accident.

As we see the third page, yikes. Kazooie in the fire once again. You know, I get the feeling that Kazooie is thinking to herself "What exactly was the point of me sabotaging again?" Makes her feel slightly more likable, but only slightly.

OH but the host coming in with the reality check, retroactively losing a challenge, ouch. Makes me wonder if DK really lost that visor by accident or not...

Personally, the idea of this bonus 10,000 is kind of silly imo, because it obscures the true value of the challenge in a disguise of claiming that they got extra pages right. Because the bonus money was forced to be obtained or lost, with no middle ground of winning the challenge without the bonus.

OK hold up, but why did Kazooie give the visor back?
Hmm, it was probably an attempt to regain some sort of, not face, but true reputation. Kazooie knows she screwed up badly and wants out of this "gang" that Wii Fit had her in. That shows conscience. Very interesting in all...

Kazooie is giving off REAL big red flags right now honestly, and I actually dont want her to be executed. She's starting to redeem herself, and I want to see where her character arc will go. Wii Fit can still take a hike off the nearest bridge though.

OK quiz time. I think Lucario and Kazooie are the biggest risk for execution. I'm going to try and split the votes for 75% Lucina, 25%... oh lets go with Kazooie anyway.

1) The Mole is definitely female.

2) Coin me Down. That was just too fishy I think, what Lucina did there, tricking DK into getting the wrong number of coins.

3) Peach roleplay. Lucina refused the crown. What else is there to say?

4) This feels like a trick question, but lets go with A Coin and a Hat. Lucina grabbed the hat and handed it back, right?

5) Ah yes, time to guess! Lets go with the middle 3 players.

6) OOh, ok Kazooie was page 1 right? or 2... but Lucina was page... 4 I think?
I'll go with page 4.

7) Tricky answers here, but I gotta vote for Kazooie ocne or twice, so lets say The Mole never Left the Storybook Game

8) Yes, lets go with yes. Also I liked DK's musings during this question. Rather scatterbrained, that one.

9) What!? A question in the quiz ABOUT THE QUIZ!? Quiz CEPTION! Well fortunately, I know that Kazooie took it By the Shore, so I'll go with that (And no, I didn't scroll up).

10) Mole is Lucina, final answer. Here's hoping I dont get ruined.

DK is safe... ok. Well the idea that they were being executed in order they arrived in chapter 1 is wrong, but I didn't really expect it anyway because that would exonerate Lucina from being the mole.

Isabelle... safe too! Not susprised. She needs to be a major suspect probably, and she hasn't had her plot arc yet. Nobody's getting executed unless their plot arc happens... maybe

Wii Fit is safe, darn! But not surprised, because the story needs a proper villain.

Dark Pit... YES! I actually breathed a sigh of relief here. I want him to win, damn it! This story has me INVESTED!

Lucina... oh you know how to make me nervous, leaving her so long! But she's safe of course, because she's The Mole! How could I doubt that?

Kazooie is safe! For once I approve! That means Lucario is wait shit, Joker hasn't... Oh no...

Joker ok yeah. No tricks here. If you had baited me into forgetting about Joker, yikes.

But yeah, Lucario is gone. That is by far the most obvious outcome, so much so that I started to dismiss it. Lucario has his character arc, he started to have meaningful emotional interactions, so of course he goes now. He was the hero, and the hero always gets executed. That's just how these stories work ;)

That, and he trusted his aura that Lucina wasn't The Mole. To be honest, that really never helps anyone.

OK bold text hold up. Was all flashback text bolded? That's suspicious... I need to double check the original quotes real quick...
Hmm... the words are exact, but the punctuation is very slightly different. A comma instead of a period, an exclamation mark instead of a period... But the bolding is inconsistent too, it's... it's too suspicious to not have me think its a clue somehow.

Oho! MAYBE, just MAYBE, my crackpot theory holds some water? The host is definitely a disguised somebody! But whom? This could change... well I'm not entirely sure what it would change, but it certainly would make a plot twist for something!

Until then, I'm off! Eagerly excited to prove my theories right in the next episode!

(PS: The music in the intro to my mole series is from one of the optional side stories in Paper Mario: Color Splash)
11/14 c15 6Dark Punxysaur
Just woke up to see this updated so it's time to read and see who is executed this time around.

On a side note, I been watching Wie is the Mol on Youtube, only those that I can find however so this channel I found only have a few seasons so I watched Season 8 and currently halfway through with Season 9.

Lucario making this offer is somewhat suspcious, Plus 1 can help or not depending on the person but Kazooie already have like a lot if I recall. That said an exemption is much better overall because it's a free round of safety. So it's not surprising Kazooie wants the exemption. But the threat of the exemption just for a plus 1? You don't need another one Kazooie.

So far, two pages in and they're not being so successful at this moment here. The big question being, did the mole even need to sabotage in this if everyone is just going to be messing up?

Wow, they lost 5,000 without even realizing it. So out of everything, they only managed to net themselves 5,000 coins overall? Nevermind just got to the bonus money they won, so 15,000 coins overall. Are they doing better than previous mole seasons is the question?

Well, that was nice of Kazooie there. Hopefully that doesn't mean she get executed, but she should still have enough Plus 1s if she haven't used them yet to survive I think?

I always tend to see someone in the group as the biggest jerk of them all, and this season I suppose that goes to Wii Fit. Man is she making it hard for me to somewhat root for her. I want to see her executed possibly but I can see her go far since she can bring a lot into the story. Especially with the rivalry against Joker.

At least the converstation with Lucario and Lucina was warm-hearted. Now that could just mean one is leaving sadly. Hope not since they both are trying hard for the team.

But now it's time for the quiz. I said that this time my quiz will be split between Joker and Lucina so let see how this one goes. I think I been changing my suspect every single time on these quizzes?

1. Male
2. Coin Me Down
3. The Mole didn't roleplay or was never assigned to roleplay
4. None of the above
5. The second three (I actually don't remember if they said which group they took off in so this was a guess. xD)
6. The 4th Page
7. The Mole never left the storybook game
8. Yes
9. Near the shore
10. Joker

Now that is taken care of, I will predict before going through the execution that Lucario is gone. Time to see if that is right though.

And I was right, Lucario the most noble of them all, was going to be the one executed. The trend lives on in this season of the mole. The one who helps out the most for the team or is the key focus, is the one that leaves.

And THERE'S STILL SO MUCH MYSTERY INVOLVING SMASH HOST! He's like a bigger mystery then figuring out who this mole is even though we're all being like it's MC Ballyhoo!

But good chapter, going to miss Lucario, but it's going to be something different now that someone who would keep the peace is gone.

My top three suspects

Well, I been changing my suspects left and right but
1. Lucina
2. Joker
3. Isabella

I think Lucina could possibly be the mole but it have me thinking back to, we already had a princess as a mole, but this one is a lot different than Eclair so maybe another princess being the mole is no different. Beside the two time when they did US Celebrity Mole, the moles were both models. Whoops Spoilers to anyone who read this and never saw those seasons.

Joker is a strange individual and someone I think have something to say in this story, I don't know if he is the mole or not, but he's on my radar.

Isabella, I just can't shake her off my radar as well, would she be the mole? That is what stumping me because she seems maybe obvious to us, but not to the players?

But take your time with these chapters. I don't mind waiting.
11/6 c14 15krisetchers
Krisetchers here! :D
I just wanted to say that I haven't finished the next chapter completely as of yet! So sad :( So unfortunately, I won't be uploading today Dx I apologize very much!
If you're reading this message, I appreciate it so much :D That shows you're a true fan! I thank you!
I will for SURE be uploading next week :) Stay tuned! Feel free to DM me if you wanna send a message or anything! Haha :)
10/25 c14 1Darksymphony777
somewhere else in the mushroom kingdom

?: sir, I've come to let you know about you appointment with mayor Pauline tomorrow at 2 (a blonde haired woman wearing a pink dress enters a large office looking at a blonde haired man wearing a purple suit starring at a computer and typing)

?: excellent, tiramisu make sure you get some rest for tomorrow we have a long day.

T: yes sir...(stops before leaving) excuse me sir, but may I ask a few questions, off the record.

?: we are the only one here, I don't care how you go about things provided you don't think about taking your home and leaving (lifts head up showing glasses on his face eyeing a large stone on the wall)

T: no Carpaccio I would do no such thing.

C: excellent, so what would be your questions, I'm a busy man so keep them quick, places to be. people to rob after all (goes to look back at the computer)

T: why did you make the purple wind compete in that competition of yours? (typing from computer stops as Carpaccio lifts his head to stare)

C: your not telling me your real question.

T: answer this and I'll give you my real question.

C: well let me answer your question with a question of my own. why do I keep you here? (smirks as he sees Tiramisu squirms) gotcha. well to answer your question, after the purple wind or wario as most people know of him and his little adventure for the wishstone (eyes large stone again) and despite him helping me defeat you Tira, or should I cut all hiding and call you Terrormisu instead I was still bitter at the money he cost me in damages and stock prices. I wanted to recuperate my losses.

T: you used him as a gambling chip to be bet on.

C: correct. I did a little digging and found out he always tending to have bad luck when it comes to expenditures outside of diamond city. either through choking at the last second or simply bad luck he never wins in the end. so I put about seven hundred k on wario coming in second along with another fifth thousand on yoshi being the mole, pulled the same truck many times so it was obvious. my only bad move was picking the pixel to win. then again my info has nothing on this Vivian shaden. one day appeared in the port town of rogueport and never really left. fake birthday. fake information,only known for being a painter of sorts, an anomaly in my eyes the I intend to know more about. as for the real question I'm not letting you out of my sight for one second, my family was raised to make sure you never destroy the world. now I have to go back to my inquiry before I leave is that clear.

Tgritting her teeth) crystal sir (leaves and slams door)

C: hmm (looks at computer showing Sherry and Tiny talking on top of a building while looking away) what are you hiding Mason (presses button switching to a little art studio showing a two shadowy women, a skinny one with a pink and white hat painting a portrait of a chubby shadow with a yellow and white hat holding a book and torch) and more importantly, what secrets you hide ms shaden.
10/21 c14 Mr. Rainbow Dude
if lucario, joker and kazooie don't get the exemptions, then one of the three of them will probably go home. yes, im still going with that theory. but i have a feeling that its more than that. i have a feeling that if anyone was offered an exemption in any way, but didn't take it, then they might go home. as such, it means that only wii fit, isabelle, dk and lucina are the ones that are safe. (dark pit kinda had an offer in the apple game).

another theory would be the leader theory, where anyone who has been a leader of some sort would go home. in this episode, lucario was more of a leader than we think, thus meaning he's probably going out. im not exactly sure who's going home, because i doubt you would continue eliminating players the same way.
10/19 c14 LuiasyLover

Toadsworth: BARBARIC!
Me: Let me guess. He figured out Éclair's the Mole.
Daisy: No, he started watching Deceiver's World.
Me: Wait, why didn't he finish Agent's Elevation?
Snifit: Beecuz u jass toel hm hu iz d mle!
Me: Can you stop talking like Honey Queen/Queen Bee?
Honey/Queen/Bee: Watz da prblm wih hm thlkng lala meh?

(I was going to say "cute, conniving little boy, btw. Toadsworth knows how to spoil stuff)

So, three weeks? Now I think you're torturing me, lol. But no worries! I WILL WAIT YEARS JUST TO CONTINUE READING THIS! Also, me doing four reviews. You call me too nice, I say it's too obsessive. The thing is, there's nothing in my house to drown myself in the despair of innocent people in the world of lies (huh, that's poetic), so I decided to continue finding clues here. And this story just EXPANDS my brain so greatly, my head is now super big!

Just kidding, it ain't big, it's still medium-size.

Soooo, we start with a CHANGE OF SCENERY! I wonder if the stages from Yoshi's Story are clues to other locations. We did started at the heart of Smash Bros (Battlefield), so...

The drama with Wii Fit is too much to handle, ugh! I like her sassy personality and her confidence, BUTT (yeah, I wrote that on purpose) she's making enemies out of people who aren't even doing anything to affect her! She reminds me of Melody from Toady's "Disguised Disgrace", tbh. But when Kazooie told her to leave, I knew the coalition was gonna crumble like a granola bar! Did... I just say granola bar?

Daisy: *nods while frowning*

And DK is... GAH! I HATE HIM! Ever since he's got the Yoshi Visor, he's pretending to be the male Palutena version of the Mole! IT'S SO ANNOYING! I mean, what's the point of staying if you already did your part? If he was the Mole, it would've made sense since he would've wanted to stay to sabotage some mo'.

Then was the Dark Pit/Kazooie/Joker drama. We don't need drama! Lies, I love drama, and a I love hating drama. Anywho, when I think about it, it's understandable for Dark Pit to not do it (he's angsty, obvi.) but KAZOOIE?! THE SMALL AND RED VERSION OF NIG BIRD WHO'S NAME IS AN INSTRUMENT?! Let me just say that, since then, I've lost hope for this team. Maybe Joker did it on purpose but I'm not sure exactly... And Dark Pit joined the Mole's side. Ya know, I have a theory: Let's say that Dark Pit suspects Isabelle before in Episode 1 (he did mention that the Mole might be a female). With a bundle of sabotage he found against her, and with the craziness the doggy did in the Super Mole Bros. mission, he probably found her to probably be the Mole. So, he lies saying that it was his fault when it was Isabelle's so that NOBODY would suspect HER, so he can be a definite winner, AND he joins the Mole's side because he thinks that Isabelle is an awesome Mole.

I found it odd how Lucina INSTANTLY wanted to leave the island with Isabelle, but it makes sense since she and the doggy don't really have any use at all.

Then, it's the mystery dialogue... it seems like they are coming in the chapter before the executions.

So, I've made theories of this one and the previous mystery dialogue. I'll start with the latter:

So, I feel like it's Lucario, Peach and Lucina respectively. First off, the question came off naturally and there's only two players who I feel would ask that: Lucario and Joker. Yet it seems more likely for Lucario to say so. Then the second person seems to APOLOGIZING for any deceit. The Mole would definitely NOT say that, and since we are talking about secrets, and the voice seems formal, it's only natural for Peach to have said this. Then the third part is talking about how the person looked up to somebody, and I feel like it's definitely Lucina.

The second one was a bit difficult at first but the answers came to me so quickly: Lucina (Part 1 and 3) and Joker (Part 2). It's obviously about trust, and since there seems to be more than what meets the eye for them and their future, well...

Then there's the box of exemptions (MORE?! ARE YOU KIDDING! JSMIVJEUWBQOZPXKSPE!)
and the visor. Question: What in the actual f*** is Lucario doing with the Yoshi Visor?! And why is it important?! Now my mind has been obliterated, thank you very much, lol. Clue: the visor sticks it's tongue, and that points to Joker, Dark Pit, Lucario (I think) and Kamikaze Kazooie.


As for who will be the next victim, I dunno. Lucario, Joker and Wii Fit have been the stars of the episode, so they might die. However, maybe Dark Pit will take the axe, since he just said to the world that he was the Mole... but know that I think about it, maybe he's more important, and nobody believes him when he said so.

Suspect List:

1. Isabelle: It's obvious this episode shows nothing of her so impacting except for the block disaster, but Fox and Peach were the clue that no matter how much screentime and sabotage you did in an episode, it doesn't mean you're the Mole.

2. Kazooie/Lucina: It's hard to say who's more suspicious in this episode. So, I'm gonna wait out the execution.

4. Lucario: I DON'T UNDERSTAND HIM! He be like "I'm gonna be honorable" and he steal the visor from DK (Not that I care that DK got stolen but you know).

Snifit: Hippocrth
Me: You mean "hypocrite"?
Snifit: ...

5. DK/Wii Fit: I dunno, they seem like players. But they are starting to get weirder by the minute, and it's hard to figure it out.

6. Dark Pit/Joker: The dark bois are in the bottom. If they are the Mole... I wouldn't know what to do with my life.

*chokes and coughs loudly*

Toadsworth: *sprays alcohol (not the beverage) into my face*
Me: YOW!
Daisy: Don't be like this dude that ships me and my boyfriend. Stay safe and stay home.
Daisy: Eh, I went with the script.
Luigi: And besides, she probably won't be my girlfriend anymore.
Daisy and Me: ?
Luigi: Daisy, will you, um... marry me?
Daisy: YES!

*pops confetti*

Meanwhile, in Bowser Castle:

Kamek: Let me get this right. You want to invade the game "The Mole: Deceiver's World" just to get an autograph whoever the Mole is.
Bowser Jr.: I get to meet Lucario! He's so cool.
Ludwig: I could drown myself in the boredom that is that game...
Morton: *burps*
Iggy: I think I killed Larry, by the way.
Kamek: ...
Kammy: Get used to it. It's happened before, and it will happen again.

LuiasyLover ;D
10/18 c1 Guest
Also actually nvm it 's between Lucario and DP for the next one leaving. rip, I kinda like Lucario tbh
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