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2/1 c2 1Christfollower316
This is beautiful!
2/7/2021 c21 8anneomine
I love this story so much. I hope you do continue it. All the details are so well done I can imagine the scenes before me
11/12/2020 c21 Milena
In the middle of pandemic I read this beautiful story and I'm so happy. I love Una and Shirley, I love their silent characters and your story is very touching.
11/5/2020 c21 Andrea1984
What a chapter.

I hope the best for Una Shirley snd their friends.

And for you too.

Watch out.


10/18/2020 c21 74kslchen
I really enjoyed the beginning of this chapter, with Una listening to the violin being played and thinking of home. Or, to be more accurate, thinking of home at a time when life was not only easier but also much more innocent. They call those born in the 1880s and 1890s "the Lost Generation" and I've always thought that is because they lost a certain innocence and perhaps also a certain hope due to that war. Una wishing herself back to a simpler time before the war blighted their lives fits with that sentiment, I think.

Despite the shadow over them, I do like what you're doing in the way of characters supporting each other. Last chapter, we had Una supporting Shirley and this chapter, we have first Pauline and then Shirley supporting Una. In a way, she's even getting a sort of remote support from Faith through the dress and from Cecilia through the pearls. She's clearly feeling more than a little wistful in this chapter, so she needs the reminder that there are people caring about her and looking out for her, both near and far (and very far, in her mother's case).

The dinner doesn't seem like it's unenjoyable, but our characters do seem to feel like fish out of water a little. Except for Oliver, I think, who's again approximating an eager puppy, as he's wont to do. Una seems to feel especially out of place, because despite her smart attire, this is not really a situation she feels comfortable in, especially not with young French men throwing around innuendos she doesn't understand. The confusion about the chair was a good way to show how flustered she is, but also brings us back to the support theme when Shirley steps in to safe and reassure her. They're having each other's back and that's a lovely thing to witness.
10/4/2020 c20 Guest
Wow, beautiful chapter and some insight into Shirley's pain
10/6/2020 c20 Andrea1984
An interessting chapter.
I like this.


10/6/2020 c20 kslchen
Sorry for not getting to this sooner! I read it on the weekend and I meant to review last night but I was dead on my feet, so unfortunately, that didn't happen. Alas, I'm here now, so it's onwards with the commenting!

I found it very realistic that Shirley clammed up here in the beginning. He and Una have a connection and she helped him here, but facing your inner demons is hard and talking about them is even harder. He made a step when he revealed his secret to Una, but that doesn't mean that the dam is suddenly open and everything becomes super easy. They both have a lot of grief and pain to battle through and here's hoping that they find a way to fight it together, but it's a long process. We saw the first step in the last chapter and it's perfectly realistic that there needs to be a break now. Perhaps for the time being, sleep really is what Shirley needs, provided he can find some.

The scene of his return to Ingleside is very interesting and also perfectly heart-breaking. I have enough faith in the Blythes to know that they wouldn't have left Glen if they had known that Shirley was about to come back, so I wonder what happened to that letter he sent! Still, even if their absence wasn't intentional, for someone like Shirley who's always felt a little overlooked, it must have stung terribly to come home to an empty house. He likely envisioned time and time again how it would be to return home, only to find those hopes dashed cruelly. Even if no-one meant any harm, that's got to hurt.

It also explains the significance of Una, or at least the importance she has for him. In a moment when he felt lonely, neglected and rejected, she was there to support him. She intuitively knew he needed someone to be there and she rushed to his side (as she probably would have rushed to many people's sides, because that's the sort of person she is). For Shirley, I'm sure that meant an awful lot, especially coupled with the way how she organised him another sort of homecoming at the manse - not the same, but perhaps the next best thing. I dare say that in that moment, Una came to represent home to Shirley and I hope he can turn that feeling into something that allows her to support him, because he needs help, despite what he thinks!
9/13/2020 c19 Andrea1984
Shirley gets drunk.
Why did he do that?
Did he think about the war?
Una is a good help for Shirley.


9/11/2020 c19 YodaChick
Quiet, dependable and reliable Shirley is really struggling, trying to put a very brave face and crumbling behind closed doors. He's obviously suffering from PTSD, but not much was known about PTSD (or what they termed 'shell shock' ) after WW1.

Una and Shirley have both in a way changed in a very short time on their travels, Una is becoming more confident and adventurous outside the comfort of the Manse and Glen Mary and we are seeing hints that behind Shirley's bravado and cool and calm mannerisms he's a shell of a man inside.

They say there is truth in wine (or in this case whiskey) and I can't wait until the next chapter and the implications for Una and Shirley. Did Shirley just reveal that he **likes** and in feels something more for Una?

Shirley just needs to sleep off his hangover, go to dinner and have fun, maybe have a dance with Una.
9/10/2020 c19 kslchen
I know it's annoying and exhausting for Shirley, especially in his current state of mental being, but I can't shake the feeling that Oliver was bugging him with the tuxedos on purpose. He's a loud and somewhat brash person, but we know he also suffers mentally from what he experienced in the war, so he understands that on a fundamental level. At the end, when he offers to talk with Shirley, he shows that he realises that the day was trying for him, so he definitely knows something is not right. It feels to me like he's trying to keep Shirley company, distract him and maybe cheer him up a little, but couldn't think of another way to do it but with garish clothing. He didn't succeed, but his attempt already counts for a lot and I applaud him for it.

Now, Shirley is truly in a bad place, isn't he? In true fashion, he's kept his struggles close to himself and also managed to hide their extent from the reader so far, but it's clear that he's not doing well. Unfortunately, alcohol is and was an all too common way to ostensibly escape problems, but the unfortunate thing is that the problems have a nasty habit of still being around when people have sobered up the next morning. Drinking never solves anything, but when you're desperate enough, a few hours of respite already feel like a lot. Shirley appears to be at that point and it sounds like he has been there for some point. It's understandable, but also truly worrying.

He isn't all alone though and that counts for a lot. Una is unusually persistent when she stays outside the door, which shows how much she cares. She worries about Shirley and she stays long enough to actually look and see his problems. By the sound of it, she's the first person to do it. Quiet Shirley is always overlooked and while I don't think there's malice to it, I think his family does tend to overlook him at times. He, of course, feels like they don't understand him anyway, so he doesn't open up on his own. It's a dangerous situation, so it's very important that Una knows now and that she's so willing to offer her support. That must mean a lot to Shirley and it is very, very kind of her. I only hope she isn't making promises she can't cash, because nothing about this will be easy!

Now, that last sentence though is very, very intriguing! You could still go several ways with it, but it feels like Shirley was showing some of his hand here and I'm *very* curious to find out the true extent of what this means and where it leads!
8/26/2020 c18 kslchen
Now I'm the one being tardy about reviewing. Apologies! I had this thing today and needed to get it over with before I could focus on fanfiction in general and this excellent chapter in particular.

I enjoyed the introspective beginning that has us follow Una through the Paris garden in the rain. I like that Pauline offered to go with her, but knew to give her some time alone when she asked for it. I also like that Una herself knew what to ask for. She often tends towards doing what's polite and that would have been to tell Pauline to go with her, but it's okay to want to be alone as well sometimes. It's a good sign that Una recognises that in herself and feels comfortable enough to say so to Pauline. Nice progress there!

Paradoxically, I also think the French parts work in this chapter. (Yes, I know, I know. I'm being contrary. But hey, what can I say? I *am* a woman and we reserve the right to be contrary at times.) In an earlier chapter, I felt I was missing something by not being able to read the French, but here, because we're so firmly in Una's head and Una doesn't understand it either, it works well. It also doesn't really matter what the girl and her mother say, I think. This is about Una and the girl finding a way to communicate despite having no shared spoken language and that is a beautiful thing.

That said, I do appreciate Pauline getting into the habit of speaking English, because I liked understanding what came after the scene in the garden. Again, I also like the Pauline is mindful of Una's wishes and doesn't decide anything without talking to her first. The dinner does sound daunting, but it's a very good sign that Una takes a heart and agrees to it anyway. It's not her natural habitat, so to speak, but she's willing to give it a try anyway. That looking at the rose reassures her creates a very nice bond between the two scenes of this chapter and the sentiment of having Faith and Cecilia (alongside Pauline) there to give her courage and company is beautiful, as is the memory of her mother's old dress. Lovely work with images!
8/24/2020 c18 Andrea1984
An interessting chapter about Una and her friends.
Whats about Shirley ?


8/23/2020 c18 YodaChick
Wonderful update. Good to see. Una becoming a little more confident! Can't wait until the next chapter. I hope she meets someone who will sweep her off her feet (or maybe she's already met someone but doesn't know it!una is worthy of love of love if she just opens her heart
8/10/2020 c17 Andrea1984
I like this chapter so much.


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