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6/12/2020 c12 14elizasky
I'm so glad you gave Shirley a friend! A slightly annoying, hyperactive friend, but a friend nevertheless. There's no way Una will be able to avoid parties altogether with Oliver and Pauline around. Also, it's a relief to know that Una will have a companion who is fluent in French. I was a little worried about her getting lost or overwhelmed. With a week at sea and a month in Paris, perhaps she'll learn to speak a little.

One thing I enjoyed about this chapter is how you showed that the trip isn't just about France. Una is getting out and seeing a lot of interesting (and overwhelming) new places.

I also appreciated the little bit of insight into Shirley. I think your interpretation of his age is fair — it makes better sense than having him be three months older than Rilla! He understands that his friend's joviality is covering up some of his scars from the war. I wonder what Shirley's experience was like. He mentioned in the last chapter and in this one that he had more time to prepare, and he seems to have been comfortable in the Air Force if he went to Camp Borden after the war. But I wonder what returning to France will be like for him.

Bon voyage to them all! I am looking forward to getting to know Oliver and Pauline better.
6/12/2020 c11 elizasky
They're off! I'm excited for them, but also relieved. I liked the bit where you showed how relieved both Una and Shirley were to be on the quiet train after all the goodbyes. Of course, it is very sweet for the families to bid them farewell, but you showed how difficult it was for Una as well, to have all those people crowding around. Luckily, Shirley was able to support her silently.

I'm glad to see that Anne has been thinking about the ways she could have been a better parent in the last few years. It makes sense that Walter's death knocked her down, but it can't be comfortable for her other children for her to resist them going on with their lives. I hope she will find some peace along with Una.

I'm very curious to know what book Shirley chose and what he intends to do with it.
6/12/2020 c10 elizasky
I'm really excited for Una to make this trip. I know she is nervous, and it is definitely a huge journey for her, but it is still exciting. I tend to agree with Jem that it's better to go sooner rather than wait and worry. Faith is doing a great job listening to Una's fears and I can only hope that Una has a chance to wear the blue dress.

You do a good job of showing Una's compassion through the conversation about moving Cousin Sophia's bed so she can see out the window. If someone can show kindness and thoughtfulness toward Sophia Crawford, knowing that she'll get nothing but abuse in turn, she may in fact be a saint.
6/12/2020 c12 74kslchen
This isn't Paris yet, but we *are* on the move, so that's definitely something ;). They're making friends, too, which is good on several levels. There's having travel companions, of course, but it also helps with the question of appropriateness. From now on, whenever someone tries to make a snide comment about Una travelling with Shirley despite not being married to him, she can point to Pauline (a married and "respectable" woman) who travelled with her and functioned as a kind of chaperone for Una. Not that she needs one and not that she can't travel where she wants to, but having Pauline there could do a lot to silence the more critical voices at home.

Pauline seems like a nice woman, too, and a potential friend for Una. They're similarly quiet, but Pauline clearly isn't afraid of standing up to her more boisterous husband if his actions call for it. Una hasn't stood up to many people in her so far because it's not in her nature, but she's on a steep learning curve right now, so she might yet become more confident in her actions as well. This story is about Una learning and growing and yes, also changing, and it looks like Pauline could be a good role model for her. After all, she did make the reverse journey from France to Canada before, which is quite telling.

Shirley and Oliver make for an interesting pair of friends as well. Oliver is definitely the boisterous type, so while Una and Pauline are somewhat similar, Shirley and Oliver clearly aren't. They do seem to understand each other though, as shown by Shirley musing about what Oliver is trying to hide with his laughs and his joking. War does touch everyone and everyone deals with that differently, but it would be too easy to judge a laughing, boisterous type like Oliver and forget that deep inside, he might look different, too. It makes me wonder where Shirley's scars lie and how the war and his experiences affected him.
6/8/2020 c11 Andrea1984
What will happen in France.

I enjoy this chapter and can waite for the next.

Hsve a nice day.

6/7/2020 c11 kslchen
Hmmm... I'm a little torn about Anne here. On the one hand, I liked her words to Shirley and that she acknowledged that she hasn't been the best possible mother to him, giving more attention to other children of hers, specifically Walter. On the other hand, I don't think she has any right to unburden her sorrow on Shirley, even in an unspoken way. Yes, she lost her son and yes, that's beyond awful, but Shirley's experiences during that war were awful, too. I don't subscribe to the idea that Anne's grief supplants the emotional struggles of others in her family. It's not Shirley's job to save or reassure Anne, yet one could get the feeling that she's in his room mainly to make *herself* feel better, even when she asks his forgiveness. I don't think I am a fan of her behaviour here, nor of the way she makes Shirley break his confidence to Una.

However, having said that, I did very much like the little scene of Shirley going to Walter's room and remembering his brother. Of course it would be the books that bring the memory of Walter back! It's a lovely thought to think that all of the siblings go in there sporadically to remember Walter and the phrase of not wanting to wake the ghosts was very poignant.

In comparison to Shirley's goodbye scene, Una's is more... not more cheery, but more active, I think. Bruce does the thing kids do and say what they're not supposed to say, but he's heartfelt in love for Una and her assuring him he'll be her best man if she ever marries was very sweet. I also enjoyed the conversation between Una and Carl. We've mostly seen Una interact with Faith so far, but I always thought she and Carl must be close as well, being the younger two of the older Meredith children. Carl has some sincere and very truthful words for Una here and I enjoy the way he encourages her. That's some excellent brotherly support right there!

They're off! How exciting! I don't envy them their journey and frown at whoever planned it this way (they'll probably spend several very long days on various trains before even reaching New York, when they could simply have grabbed a ship from Halifax instead), but they *are* off and that means Paris isn't far anymore!
5/31/2020 c10 YodaChick
I'm really enjoying this story. I wonder if una will develop feelings for Shirley on her big adventure
5/29/2020 c10 Andrea1984
You are welcome - I like this story so much.

What will happen to Una and Shirley in France ? Will they finde the grave of Walter ? Does he have a grave ? I'm not sure.

I like Una, because she is quiet, not "wild" as Faith.

I think the story started in the 1920s.


5/29/2020 c10 kslchen
I really enjoy the sisterly bond between Una and Faith. They're incredinbly supportive of each other in a way that harkens right back to the Rainbow Valley days. With Faith off on her adventures at Redmond and in England before and during the war, it would not have been unthinkable for them to grow apart, but they clearly didn't and that's a lovely touch. A good, strong, sisterly bond is something very nice (and not found as often as you'd hope).

Faith is really kitting out Una in the finest of fineries, isn't she? It's very generous of her and a tangible sign of her support of Una's trip. It also makes me hopeful that you have plans for Una to get to wear the dress and the pearls in Paris. It sounds scary to her now, but this trip is a grand opportunity for her to come out if her shell and live her life more - and where better to do that than in 1920s Paris?

Other bits I liked in here where Jem's supportiveness, Susan and Cousin Sophia being their usual selves and that you didn't shy away from showing Faith's tiredness. Babies can be exhausting and even the happiest of mothers needs sleep to exist on. I liked this bit of realism. I also liked the ending, which was very Una and both reassuring and hopeful.

Looking forward to Paris!
5/27/2020 c9 Andrea1984
It's really. Una and Shirley go to France. But it's a good way or bad way ?
Shirley never talk about much and not much about his problems. He also never forget Walter.


5/27/2020 c8 Andrea1984
Nan and Jerry are married. Yeah. I like both and wish the best for all.


5/27/2020 c7 Andrea1984
What's that. Una will go to France, together with Shirley. What will Miss Cornelia say about this ?
It's the right or the wrong way for Una ? Que sera, sera ...


5/27/2020 c6 Andrea1984
Oh no, poor Una to talk with Mary Vance , pardon Mrs. Miller Douglas. I hope the best for Mary and her child, I think it will be a boy, look like Miller.

What will Una do? Stay in Glen ? Go to Redmond or go to France ?


5/27/2020 c5 Andrea1984
Oh no, please not to much Susan, because I don't like her.
Shirley will go to France and work there, why not. I hope the best for him.

Miss Cornelia ? As far as I know, she is married and named Mrs. Marshall Elliot. What's about Mr. Elliot ? Is he still alive ?


5/27/2020 c4 Andrea1984
Lucy Blythe (born 1920/1921 or later?). I like the name better than the same Anne, Faith and so on.
I'm right about Una. She will stay at home, it's better for her, I hope so.


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