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10/12 c18 90mille libri
Good for Daisy, going to look for the clues to her past and stepping into her future at the same time.
9/24 c18 12KayCee1951
Big step for someone who was 10 only a year go. Daisy has chutzpah. Not sure how gracious Melinda’s going to be or how Enos is going to react when Daisy shows up but it will be interesting!

This is one of my favorite chapters so far but I’m thinking the next one is going to be even more interesting. Enjoyed the second read as much as the first.
9/24 c17 90mille libri
I love to see Daisy starting to put the pieces of her past back together - and to see her run into someone who doesn't treat her as though she's so fragile she might break. Meanwhile, Enos looks like he's finally leaving his life in Hazzard behind ... which is likely just when it will catch up with him again, I imagine. Looking forward to seeing how that happens!
9/17 c18 HGRHfan35
This chapter rocks!
So much content and, I think, little hints.
Melinda... I so do NOT trust her. When she stuck out het thumb to Enos jokingly... I was like “F**k! It IS her. She just came to ‘help’ him out to check if he got any further with his investigation. He did screw up. He let a civilian in to the investigation...one he likes and maybe even trusts.

Daisy...seeing her wreck of Dixie, talking to Rosco (gosh, you do him so well!) and reading Enos’ file... the beneficiary...it is her.
That is what is making her go to Michigan...to get more answers to a past she shall never remember. And probably walks right into danger in Duke fashion.

Thank you!
8/28 c17 HGRHfan35
All these people moving around. I am so boring. I was born here, I live here, probably I will die here as well. Which is fine by me, I am happy here.

Daisy is really trying to find out who she was, and she is now, perhaps one day she will find she can become taking all the experience from this. One day she will find in us again but will he have moved on finally? This Melinda, she seems nice but still, there is something about her that I just don’t trust.
8/28 c17 12KayCee1951
So weird how memory works...Daisy better start encountering more memory joggers pretty soon or she's going to miss her chance. Hopefully, Rosco will break down and let the proverbial cat out of the bag - he's good at that. Lovely imagery, BTW!
8/11 c16 90mille libri
So beautiful to have that image there right at the end of the chapter. You can see the fields, and the three cousins, all so happy, like a snapshot.
8/7 c16 10JenD16
Glad that Bo’s crop is coming up for him. Interested to see what happens next!
8/7 c16 HGRHfan35
I saw the intro to this chapter and before I knew it, I was singing along...only to see it was a bible quote. I am such a heathen. But love the song by the Birds.

Things are slowly progressing in both states & lives. Bo, I do love Bo. The blond hunk who seemed simple but there has always been more to him than meets the eye. A little impulsive, perhaps. But if this works...Dukes are going places.

Enos...the farther he digs, the more danger.

So how will this all come together...
8/6 c16 12KayCee1951
Bo being responsible...I like it! I was hoping to read more of the journal, but I guess we'll have to wait for future chapters.

Great imagery in this chapter BTW.
8/5 c15 HGRHfan35
Memories are creeping back in a little perhaps?
Now that she has found the diary...
It is interesting to me that I can hear her 'voice' while she speaks. That means you are doing an ace 'Daisy'.
8/2 c15 10JenD16
Yay I’m so glad she found the journal, I hope it helps her remember.
8/1 c15 90mille libri
Now what will Daisy do with all her newfound knowledge? I like that it's bits and pieces over time here, puzzle pieces that she has to try to put into context, and that her spelling and grammar improve incrementally over time. (Proofreading note: You have "lightening" here when you mean "lightning", in your description of the storm.)
8/1 c14 mille libri
So exciting! I love that Bo's the one who retains his ties to the land. And I'm anxious to see what Daisy finds inside her lost journal.
8/1 c13 mille libri
I like the hopeful lift to the end of the chapter - life goes on, and people try new things, even in the face of terrible grief.
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