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for First Time

7/19/2021 c1 47Le chat et l'abeille
Oh, Asami en vez de "venirse" casi "se va" jajajajajaja
(Un juego de palabras en espaƱol)
3/6/2021 c1 Azuki Saishi
I'm crying because of this two dorks, I love them
12/6/2020 c1 Anciem
This story is so cuuuuutteeeee
7/6/2020 c1 Fauxrebel
I've been waiting to find a Korasami fic make clever use of the avatar state! I really enjoyed this :)
4/12/2020 c1 No name guest
Asami must be that good to trigger the Avatar state and for Korra to embarrassed about it. I did find Asami teasing over the top as it could hurt Korra since it was her first time but a nice story

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