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5/25/2020 c4 62usa123
Things are getting interesting! Love the interlude about the "non-standard" foods. I learned something today!
5/25/2020 c3 usa123
I'm excited Eliot finally got to go fishing. :)

Great update!
5/25/2020 c2 usa123
I love the little details from the show: the Otters, Eliot having his ears pierced. But I also really like AB and Hank. Can't wait to see where you go with this!
4/21/2020 c4 HC
Yup. Awe, this was so so cute. They just fit together. I have the feeling we are all going to be feeling bad for Hank very soon. Also, super excited to hear you've got another all, most ready to publish!
4/20/2020 c4 5Sam0728
Omg, the sisterly/friend teasing is the greatest!
I love it!
I can picture Eliot and A.B's interaction like it was an episode so easily, they flow so nicely together!
4/17/2020 c2 SR
I love it! I like where this seems to be going but if Eliot and A.B. is where you're headed, I already feel bad for Hank. I also like this side of Eliot.
4/17/2020 c3 Sam0728
Aww! This is sp freaking cute! I love their little texting teasing!
4/15/2020 c2 Guest
Love, chapter two. More pls!
4/14/2020 c2 Sam0728
I love that I know exactly where she is! I know those Duck shirts!
Anyway, I absolutely love their teasing of her! It's super cute!
Very well done, a round of applause for our favorite writer!
4/13/2020 c1 62usa123
I love it! Thanks for sharing!
4/12/2020 c1 Guest
This was fun! I really liked it!
4/12/2020 c1 5Sam0728
They flow so well together!
4/12/2020 c1 Sam0728
...I love them!
4/12/2020 c1 Happy Camper
Hey! Loula, I was so excited when I saw you had posted again! Doubly so because it's Eliot!

This is so sweet and made my day. I'm always hoped you'd explore them more!

Happy Easter!

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