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for MURD 201: Exam 3

5/26/2021 c9 gms1976
Fantastic story and outstanding writing. I have been reading ALL your MacGyver work - I'm completely addicted to your stuff. I'm hopeful you'll write more soon! I really enjoy your work. Great job! You are one of my top favorite authors! Encore! More please! You and Haven have filled the hole from the show cancellation. CBS seriously sucks! Please keep MacGyver alive in your writing!
Thank you for providing me with an escape during a really stressful time.

All the best
5/2/2021 c9 7milkysupernova
it's short ya I'm not complaining. why not involve Jack being rescued instead?
3/18/2021 c9 apbassett
I really can't wait to read the final story you've got! Hope you're posting it soon! You've got me hooked :)
2/25/2021 c9 Chlollie Blackwater
Oh I love it so much. Riley is my favorite character and knowing that she's one of the main characters is so cool. In the TV Show, I would like Riley and Mac to be in love. I hope Riley won't heal too quickly. I like it when people worry about her like she is very fragile and in overprotective mode. but I still wonder if she remembers all her waking up with Brandon since he made her forget, he could have done anything to her. Let's hope she can find out one day. I don't even dare to imagine the psychological and physical trauma she may be feeling. It was so well described all the scenes. I wonder what maybe this video sent by Murdoc. I await the rest with great impatience.
2/10/2021 c9 Guest
Half as pumped? More like 1000000X as pumped. So excited and absolutely can’t wait! Brilliant as always :)
2/9/2021 c9 kuku25
Sorry, I was... MIA?

I can't believe I READ most of the chapters... a few were very hard to digest, but I sorta made it!
whew! What a dark beast to conquer! You wrote one with Haven126's 'undying support'! hooray!

So relieved that Mac and Ri are back at Phoenix in one piece... at least physically... not sure about mentally. I need to recover mentally and possibly emotionally, for my heart is just soooo heavy for Mac. I can't imagine all the physical pain and the emotional pain he and Riley endured. Not to mention all the collateral damage done to others. You have a be a super hero to last. Anyways...
Thank you for another well written and well plotted out story. Worried for Mac.
2/7/2021 c9 7Maren1978
AAAAAAAAAAAHHH, I can't wait for the next one!
2/7/2021 c8 Maren1978
Ouch! Jack attacking Mac like that is hard to take! I understand that he's pissed and why and I think he's partly right, but still... :'(

Good to see them finally out of that hellhole, though. And Riles is gonna be fine! I hope...
2/7/2021 c9 Guest
I'm SO happy to have gotten a lot of chapters of this fic in the last few days! You cannot know how hyped i am! With Murdoc this ingenous and competent i'm almost afraid to see what's gonna happen in the last exam
Stay united Phoenix team! UNITED
2/6/2021 c9 Patti Prinzivall
Oh I absolutely cannot wait
2/6/2021 c9 FanofallTV
SUCH A GOOD STORY! Ahhh I love all these stories! I’m so sad at how Jack is treating Mac :( BUT I am SO excited for the final exam! I hope there’s a lot of jack and Mac whump! And I hope it’s up soon - can’t wait to read it!
2/6/2021 c9 Guest
Cant wait for the final. Poor Mac. I dont see how he could trust Jack again. Great writing. Love the details. You capture Mac so well, but you sure are putting him through the wringer.
2/6/2021 c9 Mei.Dan
Whooohooo, finally it's tagged completed! :D
Last summer I read all 4 existing stories in just ONE week and I'm not a native english speaker. Ever since I waited for this story to get updates. I download all the completed stories on my kindle so I can read them in my on time.
Your stories are amazing and you portray Murdoc so well and creepy. I just can't get enough of it.
I can't wait to read this one.

Am I get this right? You will write another story?
2/6/2021 c9 Montauksea
Loving this story! Your character development us spot on, a d the tension is palpable. Just one "shallow" question. Are Mac and Riley going to get together romantically?
2/4/2021 c8 Patti Prinzivall
Wow this chapter was so good. I found myself holding my breath while the 2 of them were yelling at each other
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