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11/20 c3 CatScratcher
Sorry, But whut!? Mass Effect ship weaponry isn't that powerful.
Creaky old Galactica with half its armour plates gone is shown tanking repeated nuke strikes, Though the yield of Cylon Basestar nukes is never given, 38 kilotons is given ingame as the yield of a Systems Alliance dreadnought cannon thats slightly less than 3 times the power of the Hiroshima nuke.
I just can't see a bigger, Stronger ship like the Pegasus getting oneshot by that.
11/20 c2 CatScratcher
Space Battle Ship Yamato ships are great especially the ones from the new animes, Those and the ones from the various Macross animes are some of my fav spaceship aesthetic.
9/28 c2 1AresStar
Got a good idea on whom the centaurions are as I've read the book series by K.A. Appleby back in the late 90s about them and their human compatriots.
7/26 c4 EvilTheLast
Good update. Well, I'm happy to see an update. When I read the first 3 chapters, I was like "This story is a crossover with...ummm...what was the name of the show?!" It took me a few hours of thinking of what that show's name was before noticing the name of this story. Duhhhh.

7/24 c4 ReviewerDWJ
Glad this is getting updated. This chapter provided to why the 12 Colonies will go to war. Looking forward to the next chapter.

7/24 c4 Chloe
Interesting story, look forward to the next chapter
5/28 c3 Blaze1992
Hmm interesting but surprise how under-defended this branch of humanity was. I mean you typed out they had decades of time and yet not even defense frigates were made at all.

Screams ST mindset aka doomed to win maybe but with massive amount of death's that could've been avoided.

I would've thought they would at least made manticore's and vipers for defense.

Now since you said you using multiple tech/aliens from different verses, such as the mention of the SDF-1 from Robotech at the end of this CH
4/24 c3 cruzcartoon
Where did you get the Prometheum from?
4/24 c3 EvilTheLast
Good update. Interesting crossovers so far.
4/23 c2 Ghostly
They left the colonies for a good reason, and the colonies wants to annex their children back to a government they don’t even know! They are not property, they had a a right and a choice to leave the colonies for a new beginning so, they took it. Just give them that.
4/23 c3 ReviewerDWJ
Okay the SDF-1 from Robotech/Macross is a good choice for the Rangers. Definitely a hero ship(s) for an organization like the Rangers.

Now for the story. I like that there is an off shoot of the 12 Colonies that left due to both the belief that war is inevitable (which it was) and being tired of the division/discrimination based on planet you were from. Love you included the aliens from Defiance with their technology because of the system is as big as it is said then there should be plenty of room to go around.

No complaints on the Colonial side of things except that you may have messed up Pegasus Battlestar Group number but that is an easy fix if you said in the next chapter that Pegasus original Battlestar Group is ready to take revenge.

The only problem is the Mass Effect side of things. As a Mass Effect fan, I find it hard to believe that anyone from the Mass Effect side would act like this. Granted wanting the Votan’s warp drive so they can expand without relying on the Mass Relays (due to fear of repeating the Rachni incident/war) would be in character. Calling the Votans anarchist, the prayer the Turian Specter said, and the opening firing on the Battlestar Group is way out of character. If they are going off Aria’s information and the Salarain STG confirm they are there, they would of send a Asari ship with a Turian fleet to reinitialize contact; NOT open fire on the Battlestar Group thinking they can take technology even if they saw evidence that Humans and Votans work together even if they confirm the Battlestar Group was run by humans!

The only solution to justify this behavior it would go back an re-explain the relationship of the Citadel species. Something along the lines of they met 50 years before the end of the Votanis system. To see so many species that evolved in the same system must of made the council nervous because in the grand scheme of thing the all Citadel species are technically independent but answers to the Council (consisting the Asari, Salarian, and Turian) who have a lot of say in their politics. The Council thought if they can get the Votan collective to join and under their thumb so they can not be a threat. But when they didn’t join it left them furious cause a multi species power could be a threat to the status quote. So when they found out about Voltanis fate they probably thought they can muscle in and ‘save’ them while taking their technology. Only for the Votans to destroy the Mass Relay. Now they are paranoid of what the Votan Collective represents and conflict with them is inevitable.

Looking forward to the next three chapters.

4/23 c1 Guest
The ending is both very religious (a large part involves a literal Deus ex Machina, though admittedly this part of it had been foreshadowed for most of the series) and very Ludd Was Right, both attributes which pissed off a rather large portion of the sci-fi fans who'd watched it, but actually made quite a bit religious watcher extremely happy (some even call it the best sci-fi show). It doesn't help that without their modern technology, most of the survivors would have both greatly shortened life expectancies and greatly reduced quality of life. A large number of fans found it rather unbelievable that the entire population of Galactica would consent to giving up all their technology without any apparent major objections. Romo even points out the impossibility that it could work, but somehow it still apparently does

Or does it? No traces survive of the culture that they supposedly set out to build. Humanity would not reach a level of having things like agriculture or anything more than the most primitive tools for something like 140,000 years. The implication being that whatever non-technological society they attempted to create was an utter failure, with the entire culture dying out and the human race having to essentially develop everything from scratch over the course of a huge span of time

Of course, it's a matter of interpretation as to just how much technology was actually forsaken. When Lee Adama first brings up the idea, his stated intention is to bring the good of his civilization to the new planet, without the baggage. While finalizing the plans for settling on the planet, Bill even states that the fleet's resources will be evenly distributed among the population before it's jettisoned entirely. The only technology explicitly abandoned by the crew were space travel and the ability to create more artificial intelligence; everything else could very well have made it onto the planet, even if it wasn't shown onscreen

One wonders if the writers had any idea what they were saying when they tell us that the "fossilized remains of a young woman" were found: that Hera, for whom so much had been sacrificed, probably only lived long enough to have a couple of children, and quite possibly died in childbirth

Gina's entire storyline. Like Baltar and Head!Six, we're supposed to pity her for all the abuse she's suffered at the hands of The Pegasus crew. This is a women who is not only directly complicit in the genocide of their entire species, but used the woman who's abusing her to help kill over seven-hundred of her lover's men, and Lieutenant Thorne notes she personally has killed seven of his crewmates, basically completely justifying why they keep her locked up in chains. (And it is shown in Razor that she kills two marines and holds Cain at gunpoint after Cain asked she be removed from the bridge, this coming from a woman who just straight up executed her XO for not following an order) Head!Six's reaction is especially grating, since she was rather flippant about the idea of a Cylon prisoner being on the Pegasus, (as she is about all the human suffering up to this point) and it comes across like she is only sympathetic towards her because she learns it is another copy of herself. Baltar seems to be channeling his feelings for Caprica Six onto Gina, (and the fact that he later sleeps with her seems to back up this interpretation) and he lets her loose only to have the unstable Gina detonate a thermonuclear device on The Cloud Nine luxury liner, destroying three ships, killing hundreds of people, and depriving the fleet of a precious warhead, all because... she wanted to be dramatic about her suicide? If anything, Admiral Cain losing her entire family to the Cylons as a child and then being used by one romantically after they all but wipe out her race and kill hundreds of her men comes off as much more sympathetic
4/23 c3 ReaperDrone
Great chapter also I agree with the mixed tech base. Missed the chance for the infantry oh though I suggest the Halo UNSC looks nice since most except for the Volge and the Gulanee maybe some Covenant Brute or Hunter armor for the Volge. As for the story itself yeah a war on two fronts is gonna be near impossible to win on one side the nuke happy colonials and on the other the mightier than thou citadel fleet.
4/19 c2 Marisares
"Space Battleship Yamoto" are you f#$king serious?! I was starting to like this story for God's sake! The battlestar is an excellent design for anyone using aerospace fighters and let melt they would develop something similar and not some weird ocean vessel in space thingy! Whatever, I like it form the most part but don't really see the Mass Effect part.
4/17 c2 Guest
Continuation to my previous review.

All af the factions in the homeworld series have well designed spaceships. As they do not really use guns but missiles and ion weapons. Having turrets I'm that case is far better than long tail guns that travel trough the entire ship. However if you compare mass effect ships and homeworld ships you will soon discover how small the ships from homeworld is in comparison. They are however more massive in comparison to the rather thin designs of mass effect ships.
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