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for One Last Play

7/31 c14 41Blondie 20000
I like this story so far. I love how you tied it with the current crisis. I love the location you picked. I live in London and now I really want a season where the Prison Break crew go to London lol. It's a good storyline I love that you show Mike's intelligence you can definitely see he is Michael's kid. I also love how their father and son relationship is not perfect it is strained which is expected considering Michael hasn't been there most of Mike's life. Oh God I am so worried about Michael is the brain trauma back? He can't work for the CIA like that. You had to end this chapter on a cliffhanger damm it. I need more. I wanna know what happens next.
7/12 c14 6Gimlifan8
This looks really good so far! Everyone is acting and talking almost exactly the way they do in the series. That's a very hard thing to pull off, and on top of that, the plot is very, very solid and also feels like something that could've happened in the show. I'd love to read more!
6/15 c14 5scoffie05
I love this fic! Can't wait for the next update
4/15 c3 79stilljustme
Wow...very intriguing so far, looking forward for more!

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