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4/2 c116 Jordan Hinkle
I hope you start writing again
3/1 c116 1The DCG
More fun stuff. Looking foward to see if you drop some Abyss into the mix. Would really freak out the shards.
2/17 c2 ShadowCub
Liking this a lot.
2/2 c116 Jordan
I hope you start this up again
1/28 c116 13bearblue
Half the time I don’t understand what is going on, mostLy because I get swamped by the jargon. But other times, I groove with where you seem to be going. So, all in all, I really found this fun to read. You got some interesting ideas going, but I wish they’d get to Simmie quicker. :)

Thank you for sharing this story.
12/22/2021 c116 Jordan
When are you going to start writing again
12/3/2021 c6 Difdi
He probably just walked across the border. Most of the US/Canadian border is just specially painted residential-grade fences, occasionally just a row of flower pots or a painted stripe on the ground, to mark where the border is, without a single guard or even a camera for dozens of miles.
11/19/2021 c1 Ripica
Re-reading this story again for the n-th time. I just love how its crack-like but has actual good story progression.
11/14/2021 c3 2CMVreud
This was propably the second best end for 'Saint' that I ever read.
11/6/2021 c116 GrimmKenway8646
Yes! We're back baby! Thanks for coming back with another great chapter. The dents were hilarious. Hope to see more Amy/Taylor love. Continue making more wonderful content and stay safe!
11/5/2021 c116 firelordeg
thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter as well as for all the time and effort put into this story please continue to update as soon as life allows
11/5/2021 c116 Eriktheviking70
A great return.
11/5/2021 c116 46Hikari Nova
nice update! :D really enjoyed the fluffiness and juggernaut's "cruisers" comment at the end made me laugh
11/5/2021 c116 KongoBongo
oh new chapter, nice, look forward to more
10/6/2021 c3 Sierratuere
pacing on dialogue is wayyy to fast holy shit
you've taken the speed and cranked it up to eleven for dialogue so now everything's blasting past at 80 knots
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