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for Something Immortal

10/4 c10 25missemmatorchwood
I'm glad Ianto is able to visit his mam's grave, to care for it... very moving.
10/4 c9 missemmatorchwood
Quite the back story this time around! Horrible, but in the end, lovely and well deserved.
10/4 c8 missemmatorchwood
Very apropos.
10/4 c7 missemmatorchwood
I am bawling like a baby... what a beautiful service.
10/4 c6 missemmatorchwood
Sounds like a truly lovely, peaceful, domestic family evening. Right up to the very very end...
10/4 c5 missemmatorchwood
Yeah! Together?!
10/4 c4 missemmatorchwood
Dementia is a horrible, insidious bastard that destroys lives, minds and families. It stole my grandfather from us without regard for anyone or anything else in its path.
10/4 c3 missemmatorchwood
Not sure who I feel worse for, Jack, the kids or Ianto!
10/4 c2 missemmatorchwood
It's got to be so hard for Jack to be bombarded by memories of Ianto, even more so when he sees Mica and her family.
10/4 c1 missemmatorchwood
Very intriguing beginning... looking very forward to seeing where this goes.
9/21 c10 6SciFiGirl88
I have been really enjoying this story. An intriguing concept of the different Iantos. I wonder how Jack will feel meeting this Ianto (and hope he doesn't join the other two!)
8/17 c9 SuziH-J
Ianto needs to get away from Richard ASAP. Why do I get the feeling that Daffyd’s grandson works for Torchwood - just the whole secrecy thing. And Ianto opening a coffee bar - that will be how Jack finds this Ianto Jones.
8/17 c8 SuziH-J
How sad that Jack got to spend so little time with Ianto again. But lovely that he gave Ianto some peace in his final moments.
8/8 c9 1FranArian
Richard needs an intimate date with a Weevil. Nobody abuses Ianto and gets away with it.
8/4 c7 SuziH-J
Im enjoying this story, looking forward to reading more. Also hoping that Mica recovers, her husband seems a complete bastard.
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