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for Rikudou: The One Above All

8/4 c37 1Andreasv2
Espero que tu y tu familia esten bien y que continúe la historia
7/20 c31 NatePog
I’m kinda hoping you make it so madara is Indras reincarnation and Izuku is asuras reincarnation so one of them can gain the rennigan hopefully izuku
7/14 c37 imAwonder
Wohooooo! Looking forward for more
7/14 c33 imAwonder
Ugh such a wonderful and amazing fic lovelots️️️️️
7/13 c7 imAwonder
BWAHAHAHA Love me some OP protagonist
7/11 c1 teamo12peri
This story is fucking trash like your dumbass is telling people to commit suicide in their own comments fucking little pussy
7/7 c11 Guest
7/4 c5 Guest
You are defecating on madara's name with a garbage mc like this, stop writing and delete this shit show please
7/4 c4 Guest
Mc beta fag?
6/21 c1 Guest
Far too convenient power gain.
6/19 c2 Guest
O dear lord here we go dude gonna do everything for his little brother smh
6/18 c7 AMurder0fCrows
now I know I can't read this. the Chakra revolution. everyone gets Chakra abilities! all might! eraserhead! midoriya! A-1 class!
6/18 c6 AMurder0fCrows
kinda sucks to read this if he only lives for izuku. living for oneself is more interesting. izuku is his life and I find it disgusting
6/18 c5 AMurder0fCrows
the dialogue is a lil embarrassing to read. can't just ask for it to be better
6/18 c3 AMurder0fCrows
well hopefully izuku doesn't have Chakra.
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