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for Rikudou: The One Above All

2/1 c30 Torhelm
This is the first chapter I didn't like. Flashing his Sharingan at his mother and threatening her with taking away her legal rights as a parent to Izuku? What an asshole.
2/1 c22 Torhelm
This story is great; the only complaint I have is Madara's interactions with Izuku. 90% of the interactions are cringe, and the other 10% borders on Yaoi.
1/11 c1 FuckerFish
is being a dumbass character the consequences of all op FanFiction?
1/10 c33 Lkenneally
Holy fuck. Hands down the best mha fanfic i have ever read and by far the best AFO fight. Looking forward to the rest
1/10 c28 Lkenneally
Kind of forgot but is izuku gonna get sharingan bc now that he can use chackra it would be awesome if they both get it and then mangekyo and swap eyes go get EMS
1/10 c27 Lkenneally
Ok this seal is basically an auto win against AFO
1/10 c24 Lkenneally
Fuck me. Is naruto foing to be the ancient past of mha. If so how is the world goong to deal with more people getting chakra. Is it at least going to have limits on the amount if people that can actually use chackra.
1/10 c17 Lkenneally
Lol really hoping that madara lets afo try and use his quirk on him and then just laigh in his face when nothing works.
1/9 c7 Lkenneally
Ok so thought about how the eternal mangekyo could come about. This might have already been written by now but whatever. Anyway since izuku is his twin and can awaken the sharingan could he transplant his mangekyo into izuku and take izukus eyes to get ems. If that does work for madara that would be interesting but would that allow izuku to use the sharingan abilities. Bc hear me out. He doesnt have chackra and hopefully he doesnt get it bc he would be to op but if he could use limited sharingan abilities like up to 3 tomoes and power it with OFA power.
1/9 c1 Lkenneally
Im just confused why hes such a genius but he is really only 2 years ahead of most people. If ur gonna write his character as being a genius like this why not just say he graduated college at 14. Tony stark graduated mit at like 15 or 16 i think in marvel.
12/14/2023 c39 Mapalo
This is a great story keep it up
11/13/2023 c5 UZT
I love this aizawa
10/15/2023 c4 mannersmakesaman2002
Is it really necessary for him to shout the name of his power moves?
9/29/2023 c2 Guest
What’s the title of Madara reincarnated into Izuku fic?
7/9/2023 c2 Guest
Author must be Naruto fan but bro do you not realize how bad and disgusting it sounds "Madara Midoriya"
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