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for Rikudou: The One Above All

5/10/2022 c3 moontheir4
Pity he focused on chakra combat magic instead of ninshu... which would have let him grant chakra to his brother and excised all this angst.
4/22/2022 c7 brandonmunoz499
Nah dont teach anyone thats not the live interest chakra
4/22/2022 c5 brandonmunoz499
Stop crying
4/22/2022 c37 brandonmunoz499
Whoever the love interest is has to be strong
4/22/2022 c37 brandonmunoz499
Whos the pairing?
4/22/2022 c37 kyuubiko
I was wishing for madara x melissa but oh well. What is madaras pairing anyways?
4/19/2022 c9 vbmenzel
Sounda like Itachi
3/30/2022 c15 5blackcharizard762
8th gate Guy moved so fast he bent space, not a chance Izuku ever gets close to that. Though I definitely agree All Might is a match for at least the 6th gate if not the seventh. 8th gate Guy is 100x stronger than base Guy.
3/30/2022 c14 blackcharizard762
You know plasma is stupid hot right? Like 6000 degrees Celsius, the sheer heat alone would do damage.
3/30/2022 c5 blackcharizard762
He's progressing a little fast isn't he? It took Naruto I think most of a week to learn wind release and that was with way more clones and on top of that he could maintain those clones longer than Madara. If he keeps going at this rate he's going to run out of shit to learn as the story progresses.
3/29/2022 c3 1imjusttryingthings
About the chakra reserves, it's kinda to be expected for him to have large amounts since he is a reincarnator. As stated earlier, total chakra is a combination of Yang(physical energy) and Yin(mental energy). Without even mentioning that he is supposed to be a once a generation type of genius, he would still have a large chakra reserve simply because of the memories of his previous life.

Your punctuation was fine this chspter until it got to the conversation, then you seem to suddenly forget that sentences are supposed to end with a period.

Also, could maybe use a line break when transitioning from first pov to third, just so it looks better and not to confuse some people.
3/29/2022 c2 imjusttryingthings
Your grammar seems to be on point for the most part, just a few little mistakes like the one I pointed out earlier. However, your punctuation could use some work. At least for this chapter, that is. The conversation at the end barely has any periods.
3/29/2022 c3 imjusttryingthings
Unless this is a reference/joke I'm not getting, you've written "witch" every time instead of "which"
3/18/2022 c37 4Monster King
Awesome work
3/17/2022 c3 1Johnmau
so much destructive techniques...
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