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for Rikudou: The One Above All

2/22/2022 c2 Dayside
the way he got his sharingan is so cringe lmao i'm laughing my fucking arse off
2/15/2022 c33 Guest
That was so sad good chapter
2/15/2022 c28 Guest
Please update
2/15/2022 c25 Guest
Nice fight
2/14/2022 c21 Guest
Bad ass dude
2/14/2022 c20 Guest
2/14/2022 c12 Guest
Pluse ultra
2/14/2022 c36 1Nagato-Senju
The story is great bro, keep it up.
2/13/2022 c28 sspokemoncool
i know u dont focus on romanticism give madara a love interest or izuku as it can work in favour of taking them hostage or kill madara's love for mangekyou
2/8/2022 c36 Oblivion196
God dammit! Don’t you dare stop now! I never read a story like this cause I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I was drawn in and I couldn’t stop reading. Plz continue this masterpiece.
2/3/2022 c4 Guest
I feel like the problems with fanfics and novels like this where the MC/Protagonist is a 'Super Genius' is the fact that often then not, the writer is to stupid to write such a character.
From what i can tell, that also sadly appears to be the problem here.
I never understood why people attempt to make characters that exceed their own intelligence and try to still label them as 'Geniuses'
I feel like theres an sense of narcissism here lmao
2/1/2022 c36 PleasedReader
Such a good story. Would be disappointed if it got a hiatus, or worse, discontinued.
1/30/2022 c23 Darth Zasheic
bakugou knows that he cannot see mount tai
1/27/2022 c36 Kuroshibou
PLZ BRO THE WRITING OF THIS STORY IS AMAZING if this story dont continue i will cry myself to sleep thsi is awesome plz keep writing this story but dont overwork urself ight
1/25/2022 c36 1MasterZap777
Just got caught up with your story... loving it plsss don't drop it though
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