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for Rikudou: The One Above All

1/19/2022 c36 Poseidon3000
good fic
1/12/2022 c33 AlphaZwei
It's Official.
This is gonna be Asura VS Indra.
1/6/2022 c3 Guest
Not gonna, this is pretty terrible. The characterizations are contradictory and as flat as soda left out for days. The grammar is horrendous and I am not gonna start on how your OC is as dumb as a brick when he is supposed to be the smartest child in history. I'm out, I ain't wasting time on this.
1/1/2022 c36 maxwelld728760
You should ship Madara with Ibara because she would be the light to his heart
12/5/2021 c7 2RTWilliams
Overpowered Problem Child. can really feel the CAPS there. ha! I love it.
12/3/2021 c36 Guest
Bruh why would the media and the masses not understand that madara lost his mother (by his hand no less) and his kinda dad (might)?

The sheeple would freaking love him right now and support him...he’s all might “child” and “legacy” after all

And he should seriously rename the tower lol (wait nvm it could be a tourist trap for tours and shit) or atleast make another tower with his name
12/3/2021 c36 Guest
It would be super funny if madara gets shot (impossible right? Just a what if) by the quirk erasing bullets

And just act weak and shunshun infront of the shooter sharinganing him to shoot the other vilains

I hope he makes a jutsu to “erase” quirks, ya know? Like a genjutsu making them forget how to use their quirks or something
12/2/2021 c36 Ed
will story led to final battle of brother vs brother "Light vs darkness"?
12/2/2021 c35 Ed
will izuku sharingan be new version that never been seen beroe power by his light or him overcome the curse of hated?
11/30/2021 c9 1Jpx0999
i see the parallels between madara fitgh agaisnt the shinobi aliance and madaras figth against all of ua
11/30/2021 c36 9Dregus
damn was this a good read
glad i found it and had the time to catch up
11/29/2021 c36 Ed
will certain events lead to more people that can use chakra or will your oc take on personal students to train such as kota or eri?
11/28/2021 c36 Destrusto
Hey, please tell me that the fact that hagakure is a traitor would still be implemented into the manga and what would likely happen to shigaraki now that even gigantomachia is gone, what of stars and stripes?, would she be any diffeent in the following chapters to come?
11/27/2021 c3 8marsolino
What’s the official word on his quirk? Because as soon as he starts displaying powers there’s gonna be questions lol
11/22/2021 c36 ArashiNokitsune
the order okay I may be a bit biased but Shady organization is kind of putting up some red flags in my head
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